Humari Adhuri Kahani(RagSan) Chapter 6: Sanskar’s treatment

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Heya I’m back again, sorry can’t help it??

Mrs. Saraswati Jaiswal’s pov
“I hope that I can heal Sanskar!” “I want him to be happy in his life!” “Mom, you are a great doctor, you will be able to cure him!” Ragini said. “What about your Sameer opps I mean Vivek?” I asked her, while I raised one eyebrow and she replied back: “I will break up with him!” “Yippie!” I said, while I jumped up and down like a child. “Mom, you’re not a child anymore!” “Yes, I am in my heart!” “Mom!” “Okay, I will stop behaving like a kiddo!” “That’s my mom!”
End of her pov

Sujata’s pov
“Sanskar, are you ready for the treatment?” “I am mom anything for you and for your happiness!” He replied back. “I love you my dear son!” “I love you mom!” He said, then he hugged me and we decided to go to Jaiswals for the treatment. “Welcome Sujata ji and Sanskar!” “Thank you so much!” Sanskar said. “Do want something to drink?” Raj asked and Sanskar replied back: “no, thank you!”
End of her pov

Sanskar’s pov
“Sanskar!” Ragini shouted, while she was running towards me like there was no tomorrow, as soon as she reached me, she hugged me very tightly and I hugged her back. “I love you Sanskar and I’m breaking up with Vivek as soon as possibl, after you get cured.” “So, you are planning to annoy him even more!” I said and as a return gift she punched my chest with her small fists. “Calm down Jaanu!” I said and she gasped out of shock. “I love you too Ragini and I will marry you soon after I’m cured!” “I will be waiting for you even if it takes an enternity to get you treated successfully.” She said and I kissed her cheek. “Ahem!” “Ahem!” We are still here!” Mom, Raj uncle and Saraswati aunty said, we both got embaressed like hell.
End of his pov

Meanwhile at Vivek’s

Vivek’s pov
“How are you mom?” “I’m fine my son!” “And who is it?” “Your stepfather!” “Like the 50th husband of yours.” I mockingly said. “I hate my mother!” “So what do you do my stepson?” “I’m a businessman!” “That’s great!” He said fakely. Then I went to my room. “How can I kill my new stepfather and my mom at the same time?” “Think Vivek think!” “Oh yeah, I have the perfect plan, hahaha!”
End of his pov

Back to RagSan

RagSan’s scene
“Sanskar, I’m sorry for the way I behaved with you!” “You don’t need to say sorry, because I have already forgiven you for it.” “How can you be so kind?” “Because I have learnt how to be kind with everyone, even if they don’t desserve it, like Vivek!” He replied back. “That’s the quality that I love about you!” She said and then she kissed his cheek with a lot affection. They hugged eachother and then he went for the treatment.
End of their scene

After a few months Sanskar was fully recovered from his illness and he was living his life happily with his girlfriend Ragini, until Vivek came back into their lives to destroy them, so let the twists begin?

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