Hum Hain Na 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 9th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarik and Bunty reaching home. Amma performs their aarti. Dad tells even judge pronouced that Sagarika is a symbol of naari shakhi/woman power. Amma says he is right, whole world know about her bahu’s qualities except her and tells Sagarika that she is perfect for Bunty. Sagarika hugs her aunt. Aunt says her mom would have been proud of her. Sagarika says she is like her mother. She then hugs Swara. Swara cries and apologizes her for the mistake she made. Sagarika says black clouds have vanished and new brighter day is ahead and says they should never hide from family. Bunty comes and asks if she does not want to get ready for holi celebrations. She asks him to wear white clothes and leaves.

Sagarika tells Bunty she will get him tea. He holds her and gets romantic. She hugs him and says she has now realized that she should not hide anything from him and promises she will tell everything to him from hereon.

Daadi calls whole family to join her in holi celebrations. whole family joins. Daadi says Bunty will apply holi on Sagarika first. He does. Whole family apply holi to each other and dance on holi khele raghuveera…….

After celebrations, Pappu brings bhang to Rani. Rani at first complain about oversmearing of holi and then hesistates to drink bhang. He shows her how to drink bhang. she drinks in 1 gulp.

Whole family and guests gather after drinking bhang and being inebriated. Dad’s friend tells he wants to have bhujia made by Amma. Pappu also insists. Sagarika says she will prepare and goes into kitchen. Amma says Sagarika is bengali and cannot prepare bhujia like her. She goes into kitchen and enquires Sagarika about recipe. Sagarika says she knows to prepare bhujia well and asks her to go and rest. Amma says Bunty may not like her bhujia as he likes only her bhujia. Sagarika says let us see. Amma challenges her and they both prepare individually. They then serve it to whole family. Whole family like it. They both ask whose bhujia is tasty. Bunty acts as getting stomach ache. They both get in to get medicine. Dad asks him if he is really having stomachache. He says no and says he does not want to disappoint anyone. Dad asks what will he do after they bring medicine. He asks him to give an idea. Dad says he is expert and will teach him from tomorrow. Bunty gets nervous thinking about his previous drama.

Sagarika goes back to her room and sees notes everywhere. Bunty comes and holds her from behind. She asks what is it. He says these are 7 oaths made during their marriage. She sees 6 oaths and asks what about 7th. He gives her insurance papers and says she is his nominee. He says he did it right as whenever he gets injured, they can claim insurance.

In the morning, while working in kitchen, Sagarika shows insurance papers to Ratna and tells Bunty has proved that he loves her a more than anyone else. Amma gets irked hearing that and thinks till now Bunty was considering as nominee, now he made Sagarika as nominee.

Precap: Amma asks Bunty why did he make Sagarikas nominee instead of her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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