Hum Hain Na 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika and Bunty bring Amma’s cutout out of house. Satya sees that and thinks she will use it in her favor. Amma sees main door open, thinks of scolding family in the morning for keeping it open, and closes door. Sagarika and Bunty are stuck outside. Satya thinks why are they not going back in. Sagarika says if they don’t get in, they will freeze in cold. He suggests they can go to her father’s house. She says they will get worried if they go at this time. He says they can go on a long drive. Sagarika agrees and leaves with him. Satya thinks god is in her favor, so she got a way to ruin Sagarika’s image in front of Amma again.

Bunty brings Sagarika to a roadside tea stall and gets her tea. Tea smears her lips, and he wipes it and sucks it instead. She smiles and shivers due to cold. He drapes her sari over her back and takes her to a garden. Saanson ko saanso ko dhalne do zara….song plays in the background. Bunty gets intimate with her. She also reciprocates and kisses him. He both French kiss then and continue their intimacy. He removes his shirt, and drapes her sari over him, getting her near him. She sleeps on a bed. He removes her jewelry, and they both consummate their marriage.
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Neighbour comes home and says Amma that they needed a representative like her and she got happy hearing that she is standing in election. Amma asks what does she mean. Neighbour takes her out and shows her big cutout. Amma is shocked to hear that and thinks why did Bunty keep it outside. Neighbour asks why did not she tell that she is joining her sasur/father-in-law’s party. Amma angrily gets into Bunty’s room and sees it vacant.

Sagarika wakes up in the morning after consummating her marriage and kisses Bunty. She ishes him good morning again and is about to french kiss her when she realizes it is already late and if Amma finds they are not at home, she will get angry.

Amma gets angry on Bunty and Sagarika. Dad comes from bathing and asks why is she shouting. She asks him to go out and check. Satya provokes neighbours that Amma is standing in election. Neibhours says if she wins, they can their work done. Pappu comes from gym and is surprised to see Amma’a cutout. Satya says Amma is joining daada’s party. He gets happy. Dad on the other side laughs and taunts Amma that she will stand in election. Amma says Bunty made a joke out of her.

Sagarika and Bunty rushes towards home. Sagarika thinks what if Amam sees it and gets angry on us.

Bunty and Sagarika come home and are shocked to see Satya brainwashing people that Amma is standing in election. Amma asks Bunty and Sagarika where were they whole night and why did they keep her cutout outside in cold.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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