Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 8th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 8th August 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 8th August 2013 Written Update

Chitrashi tries hard to copy Sona’s handwriting and finally succeeds and writes a letter and decides to place it in the hall. Chitrashi checks Sunaina is sleeping. At night Kanhaiya and family arrives and Sunaina opens the door. Siddheshwar sees the letter and hands it over to kanhaiya. Kanhaiya finds that Sona left the house forever. Chitrashi comes and says that she felt sleepy sometime before and sees everyone upset. Chitrashi reads the letter “I am leaving this house forever as i was hurt badly here and have decided that i will never be back here again and thanks for everything”. The brothers smiles and Shakuntala says Sona has so much of attitude that she clearly said she will never return and this means Munna will never be able to meet her. Siddheshwar says whatever happened is for good and Chitrashi asks kanhaiya if he is alright. Kanhaiya says he is ok and babuji is right. If she had to leave after divorce then why not know and he knows one thing that Sona never loved him truly. Chitrashi sees the poison bottle near kanhaiya’s feet and intentionally falls at kanhaiya’s feets and cries for a sorry blaming herself as the reason for Sona leaving and saying so she smartly picks up the bottle. Kanhaiya says Chitrashi is not at fault and he is happy and Sona is no more in his life and it will be better if now onwards no one talks of Sona to him and saying so he leaves. Sunaina gets tearful and checks the letter. Chitrashi goest to her room and keeps the poison bottle in a drawl and tries sleeping and remembers how Sona took the poison and gets in tension. Then she feels Someone is at the door and gets scary and starts sweating. She gets Courage and starts moving forward when Shakuntala holds her back and she cries. Shakuntala asks why Chitrashi is crying like she has seen the ghost of Sona. Chitrashi says she is getting successful in her plan and once she marries kanhaiya, property will be hers and She will throw kanhaiya and family out of the house and will teach them a lesson. Shakuntala wonders how Sona suddenly left the house. Chitrashi gets tensed and decides not to tell anything to her mother . Chitrashi says Sona left as she accepted her defeat. Next morning Chitrashi prepares Rangoli and Shakuntala asks kanhaiya to take leave from work for 2-3 days. Kanhaiya gets angry and says what it means that if Sonaji is not in his life so he shoud leave his duty and then realizes and calms down. Kanhaiya asks Mummyji not to talk of Sonaji to him as he does not want problems in his and mummyji’s relation and Sona is nothing to him now. Chitrashi feels happy and looks at door and decides to make kanhaiya and Sunaina go away from hall as letter might come anytime. Postmaster comes and kanhaiya receives the letter and gives it to Sunaina since it was on her name. Kanhaiya leaves for office and Sunaina asks Chitrashi to come with her to her room and holds her and takes Chitrashi to room and locks door from inside. Sunaina asks Chitrashi where is Sona? And Chitrashi gets shocked. When Chitrashi tries saying that Sona Left, Sunaina takes out Sona’s Suicide note and tells that she got to it yesterday and asks where is Sona’s body as in letter its clearly mentioned that Chitrashi is responsible for Sona’s death and Sona smartly posted the letter to her so that when police comes for investigation, they get the letter. Chitrashi gets fully panicked and Chews the letter. Sunaina says eating up the letter does not mean that Chitrashi will be saved. Chitrashi falls on Sunaina’s feets and reveals that Sona drank poison infront of her and died and she didn’t knew what to do in such situation and so she burried Sona’s body at a place near the river and Chitrashi cries. Sunaina had tears in her eyes and sits on bed. Episode ends.

PRECAP: In the night, Chitrashi feels the shadow of Someone in the hall and gets panicked and sees the poison bottle lying on the floor and gets shocked and Suddenly sees the ghost of Sona in white Saree and cries out loudly in fear..

Update Credit to: Sonali

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