Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 7th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 7th June 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 7th June 2013 Written Update


Sona asks everyone as to how can they believe that she can file a complaint against mummyji. Govardhan and manohar says that sona can definately do this. Sona says that yes she knows that mummyji doesn’t likes her but it doesn’t mean that she can do all this. Sona asks neelam and uddham and both supports sona. Uddham asks everyone not to blame sona as she can’t do this and has anyone seen sona calling to policestation. Bindiya protests and asks if he wants to say that she and renu had done this. Neelam says that uddham doesn’t meant this and renu asks them to stop taking the side of sona everytime. Sona cries and says that she has not done anything then why will she accept anything. Uddham says he is going to police station and sona says that she will also come with him. Bindiya says now sona is going to meet mummyji to spray salt over wound. Sona grows angry and shouts bhabhiji. Sona comes to bindiya and says not to say something wrong otherwise she will forget that bindiya is elder to her. Govardhan takes the side of bindiya and shouts at sona for talking badly to his wife. Uddham takes Sona to the police station.


At the police station the lady inspectos says to kanhaiya that sunaina can’t get the bail as the case is big and she will be kept on remand and may be sona will change her decision which she took in fear of mummyji and go against her. Kanhaiya angrily says that anyhow he will get her Mother out as his mother is innocent.Kanhaiya and her senior inspector faces the questions of media and reporters asks him who will he support now..wife Sona or his mother. Uddham and Sona comes at the scene and reporters starts asking sona what she will do now and that his husband has stated that sunaina chaturvedi has not done anything so does it mean that sona is lying. Sona is shocked and both kanhaiya and sona tries to remove the media people and talk to each other. Finally they manage to meet and sona asks kanhaiya to let her meet mummyji once and kanhaiya denies and asks him to go home. Sona again asks and kanhaiya shouts at her. Bindiya, renu and their husbands sees the news and worries what if sona will file a wrong complaint against them.


Avinash comes home to meet julie in the name of sympathy about what happened in the house. He talks to neelam about and in meanwhile julie comes. Avi goes happy and neelam says to avi that he will have to wait for sometime till kanhaiya comes home and neelam goes to do some work. Julie asks avi why he came there. He holds julie’s hand and says that he loves her alot and he also knows that kanhaiya won’t ever accept their love. Julie tries to free herself and says I Love U to avi and Neelam listens to it. Outside the Home, Neelam slaps Avi and asks him how he can did so to julie and broke his friend kanhaiya’s trust. Avi tries to explain but Neelam angrily asks him to leave.

Sona and uddham comes home and Neelam asks Sona Not to Worry. Uddham says to Sona and kanhaiya asked her to go home only because he didn’t wanted her to face the questions of reporters and Sona is a Reporter and she must be better knowing what type of questions reporters ask. Renu and bindiya comes and says a sorry to sona for anything or everything about which she must have felt bad. Sona asks them the reason of their Sorry and both bindiya and Renu says that they do not want to go to jail as they have a fear of police and what if Sona will file a false complaint against them. Sona feels Bad. Kanhaiya in tensed mood comes home and bindiya asks him if mummyji will get a bail and Kanhaiya Says a Simple No and moves towards the stairs. Sona had a fear that may be kanhaiya will also misunderstand her. Renu intentionally speaks louder and asks sona why she did this to mummyji. Kanhaiya stops and listens to them. Bindiya and Renu blames Sona and she feels bad. Episode ends


Bindiya says to Renu that Renu did a good job by calling to police and making a false complaint. Renu says that she didn’t did so and Bindiya worries that if Complaint is not made by either of them then Who made the complaint?

Update Credit to: sonali

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