Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 24th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Neelam says ‘Mummy ji, you wanted to sell the house because i said so right? I am saying now, please don’t sell the house to Indrani Devi’. Udham asks what is Neelam saying and how will he get back his work if they don’t sell the house? Neelam says that she knows Udham was suspended by mistake and do he want to get back his work through a bad way? Neelam says that this should not be the way for a honest officer. Darshana scolds Neelam that being good gets nothing. Bindiya and Renu asks Neelam how can she change her decision without asking the rest? Neelam says that if she didn’t change her decision, all of them would lose. Govardan asks Neelam what losing is she talking about? Manohar taunts Neelam and asks why she changed? Indrani asks everyone to shut up!! Indrani says sorry, i should not insult my guests. Because all your family melodrama should not be done in my house. Please go and do it elsewhere as the papers have been signed and all of you are now in Indrani Devi’s property. Kanhaiya asks Indrani to check back the papers if the sign is corect and Indrani looks back at the paper and asks what’s this? Indrani keeps flipping through the pages and asks what joke is this? Everyone is shocked and Kanhaiya smiles saying that ‘sometimes, we should use our brains. This is a magic pen and what written using this pen will only last for a few minutes’ and Sona, Suhnaina and Neelam smiles. Kanhaiya says ‘you are a big businesswoman and how can you not know of such pens?’ Sona says ‘isn’t it getting late for your Delhi flight?’ Neelam says ‘now who won? A businesswoman or a normal housewife?’ Indrani says ‘don’t think all of you have won. All of you have set me up and cheated me. I will never leave you and i will take revenge. So Chaturvedi family, i will be back’ and Indrani tears the agreement papers and throws it and leaves. Kanhaiya says goodbye and Suhnaina smiles with tears. Neelam comes forward and asks Suhnaina to forgive her as she was blinded to get back Udham’s work that she could not see what is right and wrong. Now she have realized and asks Suhnaina to please forgive her. The rest are unhappy and Neelam looks at Sona and walks towards Sona. Neelam holds Sona’s hands and says that she hurt Sona a lot and seeks forgiveness. Sona hugs Neelam and Suhnaina smiles. Sona says ‘i knew you would surely choose the right path as you always think of everyone’. Udham goes to Suhnaina and says because of getting back his work, he lost his mind for sometime and he now understands it because of Neelam. Please forgive me if you can and Udham leaves. Suhnaina looks at the rest and says ‘i only will ask the rest of you a question. If i chase all of you right now, where will you all go and what will you do?’ Everyone looks shocked and Darshana sheds crocodile tears saying that she was influenced by Renu and Bindiya. Suhnaina asks Darshana to stop acting.

Part 2

Suhnaina says ‘i know that all of you were together in but i will forgive all of you this time. If you all repeat this again, i will chase all of you away from this house. Now what are all of you waiting? Go back to your rooms’ and everyone leaves. Chacha ji goes and praises Neelam and Sona that a housewife will never lose as they always keep the family together and i am really proud of both of you and Suhnaina smiles. Bindiya dreams of a new beauty parlor and realize that she was dreaming while Renu dreams of becoming a principal and realize that it was a dream. Renu, Darshana and Bindiya talks saying that everything happened because of Sona and we need to teach her a lesson that she will remember always. Chacha ji is saying to Suhnaina that they are glad that their problems are solved and Suhnaina says that their bad time is over now. Kanhaiya walks in and Sona says that she will bring food for him to his room. Suhnaina calls Kanhaiya asking him to also sit and eat with her once in a while. Kanhaiya sits next to Suhnaina and Chacha ji praises the tea Sona made saying that Sona makes better tea than her. Chacha ji also praises Sona for saving the house and Suhnaina says but just because of the small mistake Sona did, they almost lost the house. Sona is upset and leaves to bring tea for Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya says mummy ji, she have done many things for the family and she faced Indrani to save the house. That was only a small mistake and Suhnaina says that she forgot who she was talking to. How could she say anything about Sona in front of Kanhaiya and says to Chacha ji on how do people change after their wedding and leaves. Kanhaiya says to Chacha ji that he is happy because he is not married as Kanhiya is going bad stuck in between of Suhnaina and Sona. Kanhaiya says to Sona in the room that he can’t understand why is Suhnaina treating Sona like this even after knowing much she have done which he don’t like. Sona says ‘when will you understand your mummy? This is mummy ji’s nature and if she suddenly changes, i myself would feel weird. Now don’t worry about this as its normal between a mother in law and daughter in law.’ Kanhaiya takes Sona’s phone and plays ‘Tum Hi Ho’ song from Aashiqui 2. Sona says your phone is ringing and Kanhaiya keeps quiet. Sona asks why are you not answering your phone and Kanhaiya says ‘i downloaded this song and playing it for you and you can’t even understand that?’ Sona laughs and Kanhaiya says ‘you are laughing at me? Go on but tell me how is the song?’ Sona says the ringing tone is not good and leaves while Kanhaiya holds Sona’s hands and Sona smiles. The song plays and Kanhaiya places his hands around Sona’s waist and looks into Sona’s eyes saying i know you would like the song and they share an eyelock.

Precap :

Everyone is protesting in front of Kanhaiya’s house asking how can someone steal in their area despite having an inspector? Kanhaiya asks everyone to return back as he will investigate it.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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