Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 21st August 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 21st August 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 21st August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Suhnaina says to Sona that Chitrasi tried to make Kanhaiya and Siddeshwar believe her but they didn’t. Sona says all thanks to this magic pen and we need to get prepared for this evening. Suhnaina says i will take care of it and Sona looks. Kanhaiya is looking everywhere in his room and opens his drawar where Kanhaiya sees a watch. Kanhaiya recalls Sona asking Kanhaiya to wear the watch she had bought for Kanhaiya and makes Kanhaiya wears it. Kanhaiya asks what is the need for the new watch and Sona says this watch indicated a new time since i am now here and Kanhaiya hugs Sona. Back to present, Kanhaiya places back the watch and leaves. Chitrasi says to herself that she is not going to give up now because of her fear. I want this house and today because of Sona’s house, i would lose? No, i will never lose and i will make Kanhaiya agree to marry me today. Sona and Suhnaina watches Chitrasi from the window and Sona says i’m sure she is planning something again as she is not the type to give up fast. Kanhaiya walks in where Kanhaiya got wet in the rain and Chitrasi says he is wet and she will make something hot. Kanhaiya says this is nothing as when he was small, he used to pretend to get wet with Udham, Manohar and Govardan. I wonder where have all the days gone. Chitrasi says but times have changed. Your hair is wet, let me dry your hair or you will fall sick. Kanhaiya says its alright, its a small thing. Chitrasi wipes Kanhaiya’s hair with her saree while Sona and Suhnaina is angry watching this. Sona says i could not stand this anymore and Suhnaina says lets just see what else is she doing. Chitrasi says i don’t understand why are you so careless. Kanhaiya says just leave all this, just tell me what do you want for your birthday. Chitrasi says its alright and Kanhaiya says just say it and i will give it to you. Chitrasi says so you will give me anything i ask for? Think properly and Kanhaiya says i will. Just say what you want and Sona says to Suhnaina that she is trapping Kanhaiya on purpose. Chitrasi says you won’t break your promise? Kanhaiya says no i won’t and Suhnaina says i will stop this. Chitrasi says i want to ask for.. and Suhnaina says Chitrasi, can you follow me to the market? I will also buy what do you like there and Chitrasi says but.. and Suhnaina says i won’t listen to anything. You are following me and Kanhaiya says you are right mummy ji, buy what she likes and Kanhaiya gives money to Suhnaina and leaves while Suhnaina smiles to Sona. Written Update by Visha_Dhami for India-Forums. In the night, Chitrasi is getting prepared and Chitrasi gets a phone call from Shakuntala. Shakuntala wishes Chitrasi for her birthday and Chitrasi scolds saying you finally called me? Shakuntala says i have always been thinking of you and Chitrasi says you are a mother who leaves her daughter and you are now speaking like good? Shakuntala says i just want you to be happy and Chitrasi says enough of your sweet words. Shakuntala asks why are you getting angry with me now? Looks like Sona’s soul have possesed you. Shakuntala asks if has Chitrasi asked Kanhaiya and Chitrasi says that Suhnaina ruined it.

Part 2

Chitrasi says that this Suhnaina keeps spoling my plan. I thought i would use her to get to Kanhaiya but now, this same Suhnaina is the one who is making things hard for me. Shakuntala asks if is Suhnaina against Chitrasi now? Chitrasi says she is not sure of that but if not for Sona’s ghost issue, she would have done something to Suhnaina. Now i need to just keep quiet and how if she informs everyone on what i did to Sona. Shakuntala says she have not mentioned it to anyone yet? Chitrasi says no so far but i will still talk to Kanhaiya about my marriage today and he can’t refuse me and Chitrasu hangs the call. Everyone is near the mandir where Siddeshwar looks at his watch saying the pandit ji is not here yet, he is supposed to be here by now. Suhnaina says go and see if is the pandit ji fine and Suhnaina says if you don’t mind Siddeshwar, can you go with Kanhaiya and call the pandit ji? Kanhaiya says its alright but Siddeshwar says nevermind, i will follow along. Suhnaina sees Bheema and Kamal and says i wonder where is Deva. I had asked him to buy some things and wonder where he went. Bheema, could you go and search for Deva and Bheema leaves. Suhnaina sees Kamal and asks if can he buy some flowers of differenr color and Kamal says he will leave and only left Chitrasi and Suhnaina. Suhnaina is about to leave and Chitrasi says please don’t leave me alone. Suhnaina says i am only going away for a while and i will be back soon. Chitrasi insist of following Suhnaina and Suhnaina says who will look after the house then? I will be back fast and Chitrasi agrees to stay at home. Kanhaiya and Siddeshwar is at the pandit ji’s place where Kanhaiya questions the pandit ji why didn’t he come? The pandit ji says he was about to come but someone called and said that the pooja was cancelled. Kanhaiya says who could have said it? Anyways, we are getting late and lets leave now. The pandir ji says i will come right behind and leaves. Sona keeps waiting in the store and Suhnaina says i’ve done my part and i delayed the pandit ji from arriving where Kanhaiya and Siddeshwar have left to call the pandir ji and i send the rest out. Written Update by Visha_Dhami. So start your mission now and Sona smiles. Chitrasi is sitting in the living room alone and someone knocks the door. The door opens and Sona stands where Chitrasi says you? Please forgive me Sona. Sona says what did you think? I would not come? I had promised and i will kill you today. Sona stares at Chitrasi and takes out the spade while Chitrasi cries saying not to kill me.

Precap :
Chitrasi says please forgive me Sona and don’t kill me. Kanhaiya arrives with Siddeshwar and Bheema and Kamal arrives together. Chitrasi says she is a ghost. Kanhaiya walks towards Sona and Chitrasi says she is a ghost, don’t go closer or she will kill you and Kanahaiya looks at Sona.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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