Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 19th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 19th August 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 19th August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

In the night, Kanhaiya takes out an idol and recalls Sona giving it to Kanhaiya saying it will protect him always and Kanhaiya gives it to Sona saying that she should keep it as if she is safe, he is also safe. Sona says but you are the one who is protecting me and Kanhaiya says you are right, as long as i am around, nothing will happen to you. I will follow you like a shadow anywhere you go. Back to present, Kanhaiya is sad and says please forgive me Sona ji, i am not able to keep to my promise. If anything had happen to you, i would not be able to forgive myself and i will remember it life long. Chitrasi comes to the room saying you are here? I been looking for you all around and Chitrasi says i will request for something and you must not deny. Can you sleep in my room tonight? Kanhaiya asks what did you said? Chitrasi says you can sleep on the bed and i will sleep on the chair. There is something in my room and if you yourself sleep in my room, you could also tell the rest and i want to know if this is real or i am just imagining things. Kanhaiya says i’ve already said it before but this is only your imagination and there is no ghosts. Suhnaina hears this and Kanhaiya nods his head and Suhnaina enters saying Kanhaiya, there is no need for this. You must be tired and you are going to stay awake in the night too? I will sleep with Chitrasi. Chitrasi asks why are you troubling yourself and Suhnaina says i am like your mother and i will always be with you. Kanhaiya says mummy ji is right and Suhnaina smiles. Chitrasi thinks to herself saying i wonder where this old lady came from ruining all my plans. Suhnaina is about to off the light and Chitrasi asks not to off the light as she is afraid to sleep in the dark. Suhnaina says alright and both fall asleep. Some knocks on the room door and Chitrasi gets scared. The door opens and Sona enters with a candle in her hands. Chiitrasi wakes up Suhnaina saying maa ji, look! Sona is standing near the door. Suhnaina says i see no one here. Chitrasi says Sona is even holding a candle and Sona says how dare you try to burn me! Now i will burn you alive and Sona starts walking towards Chitrasi and Chitrasi says to Suhnaina to look, Sona is coming closer. Suhnaina says there is no one else here besides me and you. Chitrasi takes a vase and throws at Sona where Sona leaves the room and Chitrasi switches on the light. Suhnaina gets angry saying what happened to you and what is this? Chitrasi says look at this vase, there is blood on it. Suhnaina looks worried and covers up saying i see no blood here. First you said there was Sona and now you said there is blood. Suhnaina silently wipes off the blood and says see, there is no blood here. Chitrasi says Sona is surely going to kill me. There was blood just now and Suhnaina says i feel something is surely wrong. Chitrasi hugs Suhnaina crying that she don’t want to die. Written Update by Visha_Dhami. Suhnaina says i didnt know what to do but i silently wiped off the blood. Sona says i never expected her to throw the vase on me. I was not prepared and my hand god hurt. Suhnaina says we need to be careful now but you don’t worry, God is always with the right ones. Sona says Mummy ji, do you think Chitrasi will reveal the truth in front of everyone? Suhnaina says yes she will. I saw the fear of dying in her eyes. Sona says i am waiting for it and Suhnaina says i am going to do another thing now and leaves. The next day, Chitrasi wakes up and sees the mirror where she sees ‘I will kill you Chitrasi!!’ using red paint. Chitrasi shouts for help and runs to the main hall.

Part 2

Kanhaiya asks what happened and why do you look so worried? Suhnaina smiles and Chitrasi says in my room! Kanhaiya asks what is it in your room and Chitrasi says someone is trying to kill me in the room and everyone enters the room. Suhnaina says what have you seen that you are worried? The mirror is clean and Chitrasi says it was here! It was written in blood. Siddeshwar asks what was written in blood? Chitrasi says that i am going to be killed. It was written right here and Suhnaina says when we came into the room, we saw nothing. Kanhaiya gets angry saying if it was written here, it would still be here. Chitrasi says she is trying to kill me. Suhnaina says she? Who is the she? Chitrasi says Sona and Knahaiya stares. Sona is trying to kill me and Siddeshwar says what are you saying? Kanhaiya says Sona ji? Its not possible that she is trying to kill you! How can it happen when Sona ji have already left the house! Chitrasi thinks to herself what have i just said? Siddeshwar walks to Chitrasi and says why do you feel that Sona i trying to hurt you? Chitrasi says till Sona is found, i will feel like this. I feel like Sona is trying to kill me. Perhaps all this is just my imagination. If anything had happened to Sona, all the bad will happen to me as Sona was very angry with me. That is why i feel that what is happening to me is because of Sona. Kanhaiya says enough Chitrasi! I will find Sona no matter where she is. Suhnaina thinks to herself this girl is really smart. She made use of the fact that Sona is missing and saved herself again. Kanhaiya says i will find Sona ji’s phone and i might get a clue through that. Chitrasi thinks to herself that Sona’s phone is with her and she would be caught. Kanhaiya says i am going to search the whole house for the phone again and Siddeshwar says i will help you. Deva says i’ve looked everywhere and the phone can’t be found. Chitrasi asks why do you think the phone is at home? Sona could have taken the phone together with her? Kanhaiya says i’ve forgotten to look in one room. Deva asks which room and Kanhaiya says Chitrasi’s room. Chitrasi says but Sona have not came to my room and Kanhaiya says maybe she could have dropped the phone in your room? Chitrasi says i clean my room daily and its not in my room. Suhnaina thinks to herself that the phone must be with Chitrasi. Suhnaina says Chitrasi, just let Kanhaiya to search in your room. Go Kanhaiya, go and search for it. Chitrasi says i myself will look for it and Kanhaiya says i will search along. Written Update by Visha_Dhami. Chitrasi gets scared and both Chitrasi and Kanhaiya leaves to search for the phone. Kanhaiya looks at a drawer and as Kanhaiya is about to open a drawer, Chitrasi tries diverting Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya says i myself don’t know what i am doing now. Chitrasi says what have happened has already happened and we can’t change it. Kanhaiya gets angry saying what do you mean by this and leaves the room in anger. Chitrasi takes the phone saying i need to throw this phone before anyone else finds this and Kanhaiya enters saying Chitrasi and Chitrasi is shocked.

Precap :
Sona says to Suhnaina that tomorrow is Chitrasi’s birthday and this birthday will be her most memorable birthday that she would never be able to forget. And tomorrow, all her truth will be out in front of my husband and family!


Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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