Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 16th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 16th April 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 16th April 2013 Written Update


Uddham and gang thinks about what does indrani want to do and in the hall, Chachaji is worried as their is no larger area for setting up a pooja pandaal and now they have no time. Sona looks over the hall and sunaina is worried. Sona says that they have such a big hall for pandaal and sunaina says, but what about furniture. Sona smiles and looks at kanhaiya and says shall we start. Durgesh and others talk about if mummyji will not be able to make arrangements then see will suffer from humilation and laughts. In the hall, the group of 4 starts removing the furnitures. Sona gets a small injury and romantic kanhaiya takes her hand and starts kissing.Sunaina sees this and they fastly take their hands away.Darshana comes to the gang and tells about the arrangements being done.All goes near the balcony to see that. The helping hands all together happily removes the furniture. Neelam says that whatever happening is not good and as a family member its our duty to help in the arrangements. Uddham says to neelam that now they are not the part of family. Bindiya and others decides to do something. Outside the house sona asks kanhaiya and chachaji to bring all the items for the pooja along with the mikes and goddess scriptures. Kanhaiya says that sona won’t be able to handle everything alone and he should go for shopping later. Sona says that she will handle everything. Chachaji happily says that our sona can do everything.Sonaiya says jai mata di to each other and kanhaiya leaves.Sunaina is worried because the pandaal arranged in south direction which according to the veds must be in north.Sona says that she will do it and sunaina says that sona might be a superwoman but she will help her along.just then bindiya’renu’neelam and darshana comes and together arranges the pandaal and bindiya says that the helping hands of family members makes the work easy. Darshana says that sunaina won’t be able to do the pooja work as she is a widow.sunaina feels bad.Sona says thanks to bndiya and that bindiya and others can’t be trusted fully so sona says a thanks to them and asks them to leave.renu argued with sona.Neelam feels bad for sona and mummyji. Sona goes to kitchen but finds no suji and thinks to buy it by her own as already kanhaiya had a lot of things to purchase.sona takes up scooty of dimple and drives out to the shop.sona arranges the suji packets in the scooty and shopkeeper says that packets should be taken care of as they can have small holes.sona says that she will look after. sona reaches home and tries handling the heavy packets. suji starts to fall from one of the packets and sona covers it up.govardhan and brothers comes at the moment but they did’nt help her.sona manages by own but while coming in she gets hurt by the stairs and her nail started bleeding.sona is in pain and govardhan and others avoided her and moved inside.hurt sona eners the house and sunaina sees the blood coming out of her nail and asks about how it happened.sunaina feels shame on her sons. sunaina asks sona to wait while she brings first aid box.sona goes to kitchen and starts taking out suji in the vessel.sunaina like a mother takes sona to the hall and applies her the bandage.sona happily sees the care of her sasuma.Chachaji and kanhaiya arrives and all arrangements are being done.kanhaiya sees that sona had an injury and gets worried. sonaiya and chachaji arranges the other pooja items and chachaji asks sona to take care of arrangements inside and kanhaiya and he will look over the lights outside.kanhaiya is worried for sona and firstly moves to kitchen.sona is preparing suji halwa when kanhaiya asks her to tell as how she got hurt.sona says that its a small injury and kanhaiya says that he should know everything. sona tells her how she got hurt and kanhaiya asks her why she did not asked him to bring the items.sona says that she does not wanted to increase kanhaiya’s work. kanhaiya is worried and sona cutely rests on kanhaiya’s chest and says that she is fine.sunaina comes near kitchen and is happy to see the love between sonaiya.kanhaiya says that sona is his wife and he is always worried for her.both had a cute hug and sunaina goes away.sona says that maximum arrangements are already being done and she hopes that the other arrangements also gets successfully done.sonaiya looks up at each other sunaina thinks that sona had done everything in a nice way and she wishes that all goes good now and is worried.


Durgesh is the commentator and sona and neelam at two sides of the kitchen. Both behaving as a competitor. Sona peels potatoes, neelam peels lauki,…sona cuts tomatoes, neelam cuts onion. Durgesh during commentatory all the time. Neelam finishes the tadka work in her dal before sona and shows attitude. Ultimately her bowl falls on the floor. Sona’s dal ready but she is about to slip on the floor with her dal bowl(hehehe i know it will be our kanhaiya to save her)…now who is going to win?.

Update Credit to: sonali.singh

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