Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 67 – Season 2

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Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…

———–Rudra’s TAM with Flashback scenes

‘’Aunty ji…aap…aap please boliye …sacch boliye na ki ye wahi the na jisne mujhe aapke paas chod diya tha…aapko yaad hain mein neend mein beech beech mein uthke darr jaati thi….boliye na please aunty ji…sacch boliye na’’ Annika spoke to Sumo’s mom

(Aunty ji…please…please say the truth , he was the one who left me with you…you remember right, how I used to wake up at the mid of night and used to get scared…please aunty ji please …say the truth)

‘’Beta…woh…woh’’ Sumo’s mom looked at Annika

Rudra dragged Sumo to the other side and said ‘’Sumo you know if your mom testifies what Annika Bhabhi is saying then everything will fall apart. Please stop her’’

‘’how can I Rudra? How can I ask mom to tell a lie? How do you know Tej uncle did this or you are also believing and confident that Tej uncle was the reason for whatever happened with Annika didi’s family? ‘’

‘’I don’t know anything neither am I believing…it’s just try to understand the situation, a lot has happened already and this step will make everything fall out’’

‘’Rudra listen, neither you nor I know if it was Tej uncle who brought Annika didi to orphanage where my mom was working as care taker, what if my mom denies , then you need not worry’’

‘’Sumo, Annika Bhabhi always said she feels she knows Aunty ji very well but she is not able to remember how and now with whatever is happening I feel like these are all connecting dots’’

‘’Rudra , you know me very well , I will and can not stop my mom at this time particularly when it is question of Annika bhabhi’s past. She has every right to prove herself as much as Tej Uncle has to prove his innocence’’

‘’I didn’t expect this from you Sumo, I mean Ms.Saumya Tendulkar. I thought you would understand that rather than proving anything to anyone , it is good to make the withering away relations better. But I forgot , you think different and these emotions and relations never matter. If today something major happens further then this would be the last day of our relationship. I would never ever want a person in my life who thinks of breaking everything apart than trying to bind.’’

‘’Listen Rudra…I too want everything to be normal but let me tell you, if Annika didi doesn’t get to prove the truth, then Shivaay bhayya will never be able to forgive Annika Bhabhi for alleging the elder of this house. And if you think I am wrong in this, then I don’t want to change your opinion and decision either. I know if my mom tells something in favour of Annika didi there is still a chance that Annika didi would forgive you all, but if the case is opposite then leave Shivaay bhayya, Tej uncle wouldn’t step back in filing a defamation case against Annika didi ‘’

Sumo left from there and walked towards the hall turning towards Rudra seeing him with teary eyes ……..

——————-Flashback ends

Rudra’s eyes got moistened with the happening and he wiped the tears. He had to go to the office along with Om and Tej to face the most loved persons of his life apart from O and Shivaay.

——————–ENIGMA TOWERS, MUMBAI , MAHARASTRA, 9th Floor Meeting Room


All the people started coming for the meeting. The deal was huge one, the who’s who of IT industry were present there along with Tej, Om, Rudra ….everyone were waiting for 4 members to come.

Shivaay, Annika, Gauri and Saumya

‘’I suppose those who don’t value the time cannot value the deal. We must proceed with the meeting’’ Tej said with rage of emotions

‘’Dad, please’’ Rudra whispered while Tej gave an angry glare

‘’And those who don’t follow ethics should be getting any deal either in life or in business’’ a voice was heard which made everyone turn their heads

‘’Shivaay’’ Om stood up from his chair to hold him

‘’I am fine, don’t worry…I am actually very fine’’ Shivaay stopped Om and took his seat next to Tej

‘’Don’t tell me you took alcohol and came here ‘’ Tej angrily whispered into Shivaay’s ear

‘’How does it matter? I am not going to talk anything over here. You wanted me to come , I came, if you want me to leave I would leave’’ he replied and started to stand but was quickly dragged by Tej on to his seat

‘’now when you have come sit calm and don’t create any drama’’

‘’Drama will anyways happen. Just wait and watch…The great Oberois whom whole world still respects will fall to the lowest…well you already made fall to the lowest in everyone’s eyes whom we know, now it will be before whole world BADE PAPA..i mean The great Mr. TEJ SINGH OBEROI’’

‘’ohh shut up…just shut up’’ Tej almost screamed

Shivaay went silent naah not because of Tej but because she stepped in…

‘’ I am so sorry Gentlemen …but I ..’’

‘’you should be sorry…sorry for everything that happened and that is happening’’ Tej interrupted her

‘’excuse me Mr.Oberoi, either you should speak after I complete or before I start…I hope I need not teach you these basic etiquettes..afterall you are not so small businessman’’

‘’Annika’’ Tej screamed

‘’Correction Ms.Annika Harshavardhan Trivedi ….Mr.Tej Singh Oberoi’’ she hit the table and continued ‘’Next time better take my name with respect, I hope I wouldn’t need to repeat this’’

‘’Annika…enough…he is my BADE PAPA, if not for anything else talk to him with respect considering his age’’ Shivaay intervened

‘’What more can I expect from you Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi…anyways , I am sorry Mr.Tej Singh Oberoi for disrespecting you, it’s true if not for anything else I should consider your age..i am sorry…’’ Annika

Tej turned his head away while Annika left to her chair followed by Gauri and Sumo and their respective lovers eyes followed their path.

‘’So I suppose since everyone who competed for this deal have already come in let’s get straight to the point….’’

The room got silenced at once and everyone were confident at their own level….however Annika had her finger crossed and eyes closed…..Gauri placed her and over her shoulder and pressed it assuring her not to worry while Sumo held her hands.

‘’Dii…please don’t worry…everything will be alright’’

‘’I have to get this deal Chutki…I have to by any means…this will make my every word that I spoke that day come true…and I need to win this ‘’


‘’So the close contenders for this bid were Ms.Annika Harshvardhan Trivedi from Harsh Consultancy & Solutions and Oberois from Oberoi Group of Industries’’ the spokesperson increased the tension

Everyone else were disappointed but were equally excited to know who takes the deal

‘’Finally let me tell you that this prestigious Government deal for a period of next 15 years goes to none other than Ms.Annika Harshavardhan Trivedi’’

Annika stood up in joy with tears of happiness flowing while Gauri and Sumo were equally happy. Tej was shocked to the core and held the table tight while ShivOmRu looked at Annika-Guari-sumo .

Annika shaked hands with the spokesperson and signed the deal while everyone except the oberoi’s applauded. Shivaay stood up to leave when

‘’wouldn’t you congratulate me KHAD…I mean Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi’’

‘’sure…congratulations Ms.Annika Shivaa..i mean Ms.Annika Harshavardhan Trivedi, I hope I have taken your name with respect ….Congratulations for successfully making Oberois out of place in the industry…congratulations for keeping up your words of destroying us…and ‘’

‘’Shivaay I think we must leave’’ Om came towards Shivaay and placed his hands on his shoulders

Annika and Gauri looked on…

‘’we must leave…yeah right, but Om we have left everyone or rather we were left alone 7 years back right…’’

‘’Shivaay, please, this isn’t the place to talk about all these, let’s make a move’’ Om now held Shivaay’s hand tight

Gauri was breaking from inside and Annika’s condition was no better, but she had to control tears, stay strong …

‘’Bhabhi…’’ Om said and Annika’s eyes widened

‘’I mean Ms.Annika Harshavardhan Trivedi JI …congratulations…’’ he took a pause and looked at Gauri and gave a weak smile.

Gauri tried to take a step forward to be a support of Om but Om gestured with his hand to stay away and Gauri felt helpless at that moment.

Om , Shivaay, Tej and Rudra started leaving from there and with every step they took the flashbacks of the happenings 7 years back and beyond played before their eyes.

—————-7 years Back , Paris, Eiffel Tower, Night of confession between Stupid and Khadoos


Breaking apart from the kiss they both looked at each other, their hormones were still being erratic and they wanted to get united as one but neither the place nor the time was right and they had to control their longing.

‘’I…I think we must go back Shiv’’


‘’come on shiv, don’t say you wanna stay here whole night’’

‘’only if I could…pppcchhh….should we really go back, I mean, I …’’

‘’Shiv, you are acting like a love stuck teenager who can’t stay away from his girlfriend’’

‘’ayeee stupid….i am still very young…’’

‘’nice joke’’

‘’Come on you have to accept this …. Else I am sure you wouldn’t ever fall in love with an old man’’

‘’Shiv , even if you become Old I am never gonna stop loving you’’

‘’I know stupid…come let’s go before my insane thoughts overpower me and I do something that should not be done now but has to be done later’’

Annika blushed hard and took steps forward…


‘’Haan’’ she turned back to see shivaay’s arms wide open , she ran to him and hugged him with all her might

‘’Never ever leave me stupid, I may not be able to be stable and sane anymore without you’’

‘’Shiv … I love you and this truth is never gonna change’’

‘’I love you too’’ saying that he broke the hug and took her lips for the last time in that night.

After some time they both got down thanked the guards and started driving towards their appartments.

Annika looked at Shiv the whole time while he was driving


‘’nothing…you drive’’

‘’do you have to say something?’’

‘’I have lots but we have whole life infront of us to talk every detail’’

‘’fine…I agree….but still speak something ‘’

‘’Shiv … till now the treatment I was taking was just for the sake of taking….but now I want to really get back all the old memories….every moment I spent with you when we were kids I want to get back…I want to call you KHADOOS with the same feeling as I used to call you in our childhood…you have all those with you, I want my share too’’

Listening to that he applied brakes all of a sudden

‘’Whaat…what happened?’’ she turned towards the road infront while Shivaay looked at her  without blinking

‘’Everything is fine…don’t worry’’

‘’then why did you apply sudden brake/’’

‘’because after listening to you, I am having a feeling that my stupid would be back to me in very less time. And regarding your treatment, we both will work together along with Dr.Nikhil to do every possible thing. Happy?’’

‘’Very Happy’’

They drove back and reached the apartment….the moment they reached , Shivaay’s phone started ringing….

‘’Hello, SSO here’’

…………………………………….. Flashback paused, Present Times


A loud round of applause and congratulatory messages were getting heard and Shivaay and Entire Oberoi people finally left, bringing Annika out of thoughts…

Annika looked at Gauri and Sumo and next moment they three hugged, but Annika was feeling incomplete….

Annika TAM ‘’I should be very happy, I achieved what I wanted , but still I am not happy. Why ? in a week or two Oberoi’s would vacate the mansion as now they are left with nothing. But am I doing right? Was all this necessary?’’


This is the Sixty Seventh episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!

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  1. Hi vhm so contented to see your regular updates here… I forgotten to ask how is your daughter…. Really with reading these episodes imean in 2season reflect surprising future… I’m hell confused but your gripping n tremendous way of turning n expressing everyones point of view n how they’re seperated is so miserable n so terrible…. Actually it’s imean future to be seemed as horrific than past but in coming more even though they separated they are still n truly connected with heart ?❤. It’s so admiring n tummy full point… You know how to turn emotions n steal our hearts great minded n keep it up…. The heart wrenched moment to see the great SSO bcame life less n OF Members suffering hell especially omruprinku n dadi…. What a position they stood by having beautiful peaceful night memorable time of rudy bday the prinku arrival their family time n 3 pairs union it’s simply perfect frame n they are on the top of the world specially khadoos n stupid….. With the hope n delight both imean with the trust on her khadoos as to be as his stupid anika readied for treatment to get back her olden precious previous memories…. From the side of shivaay not only get back his stupid n to be next behave normal as her khadoos whole heartedly n how much eagerly to remember now recreated the same precious memories that tied as khadoos n stupid in a thread of friends to bonding of partners to the whole life time ….. But what happened is again their promises again remains to half fullfilled….. Let’s see how the stupid now unfateful destiny destroyes khadoos n stupid to be apart as in past or to our surprising they deals with destiny n wins against unfate as one khadoos stupid as same…. While reading what yoy feel about you vhm but I’m topmost lucky to live near happy……. That I’m able to read best bestest n more than that…..

    1. VHM

      Hey Raji…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…am so glad that you are liking the story and as much as you are happy to see me back, i am equally and much more happy to talk to you here. Akki is doing good and so is me. Howz you and your family. Next episode posted. Lots of love and best wishes to you. Keep smiling and take care.

  2. While reading what you feel about you I don’t know vhm but I feel I’m topmost lucky n happy that I’m able to read best bestest n more than that….

    1. VHM

      Awee so sweet of you Dear…i too feel as in top of the world …you are such an awesome soul…

  3. Luthfa

    Awesome di?
    My final exams are going on di.I will comment off and on untill those finish.Is it okay?
    Love you?

    1. VHM

      Hey Luthfa…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot….all the best for your exams…no worries dear, take your time, all these can wait …give your best dear and rock the exams…lots of love and best wishes to you …keep smiling and take care.

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