Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 65

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Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…


Author’s NOTE : Dear readers, i am extremely sorry that i am not able to reply to your Opinions since past few episodes. I AM REALLY SORRY, BUT TRUST ME I am reading all the opinions and am so happy for all the motivation and appreciation that you are pouring in. Please do continue to do the same . after a week my erratic schedules will end and i will be back to my original form . SORRY ONCE AGAIN and THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU !!!

Shivaay along with Prinku reached the main door of the next apartment where Anika was supposed to be sleeping

‘’Prinku , you sleep along with Annika, I will be in other room’’ Shivaay was speaking to Prinku while opening the door.

‘’ok bhayya’’

They opened the door to see Annika managing the things and making the apartment to be good enough to sleep

‘’Annika….i thought you slept’’ Shivaay said

‘’Woh..i was about to sleep, but we made this apartment so messy with stuff that I had to make place’’ she pouted

‘’Annika let me help you’’ Prinku stepped forward to offer help

‘’No..No Priyanka, you have come few hours before and in next few hours you have a flight, so you relax…’’


‘’you go and change in Shivaay’s washroom , meanwhile I will set the other room , I am almost done setting up the hall…’’

‘’You sure ?’’


Shivaay who was looking at Annika couldn’t take his stare away from her

Shivaay TAM ‘’She is really stupid…at one time she behaves childish and on the other hand she is the most responsible person…she has so many shades, Gosh what are you doing to me Stupid. How can you be so adorable, cute , childish , naughty and mature at the same time’’

Annika was indulged in her work and she desperately wanted to rest too, as she was tired….setting up things she broke a glass and the sound made Shivaay came out of the trance

‘’You fine Stupid?’’ he ran towards her

‘’Yeah…it’s just the glass broke…nothing else’’

‘’How can you be so careless Stupid, what if the broken glass might have pierced in your legs or hands?’’’

‘’ohho Shiv, I said right nothing happened’’

‘’Stop it, just stay there , I will clean this ‘’

‘’Shiv listen, I will do, you are already tired’’

‘’And so are you…and listen I am SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI and I am habituated to working hard ‘’

‘’I know, but, I am sure you are not habituated to cleaning the house or…’’

‘’ok wait…you mean to say , I cannot do household works like you’’

‘’obviously…do I need to say this more clear’’

‘’Fhat the Wuck’’

She giggled

‘’I am saying Shiv no need to do anything…it will take 5 min and everything will be proper’’

He stood there looking at her, while she cleaned up the mess and walked towards Shivaay’s room to call Prinku

‘’Priyanka…Come we will go there’’ she knocked the door calling her

Listening no response She stared at Shivaay, he walked towards her and knocked the door…getting no response he pushed the door and they both looked at each other after seeing Prinku sleeping on the bed in a diagonal way….

‘’She was tired , poor Prinku, did a long journey and then again she has to go back to Australia tomorrow afternoon’’


‘’I know what you are about to ask’’ she looked at him and spoke

He reciprocated the look

‘’Not here, she might get disturbed , lets go to the balcony of my room, if you are not getting sleep’’

He nodded and they both went to Annika’s room and Shivaay stood behind Annika who was in balcony holding the railing and watching the snowfall .

‘’Annika…’’ he called softly

She turned towards him and smiled

‘’Than..’’ before he could complete , she placed her hands on his lips and smiled nodding NO

‘’I know Shiv, you are happy today, and let the happiness stay , don’t thank me for anything , particularly for Rudra’s birthday celebration’’

‘’But Annika…’’

‘’Shiv…I know you have many questions , but shall I say something?’’

He looked at her

‘’Shiv..Rudra and Om are my brothers too as much they are your brothers….it’s true I don’t remember anything about my past, but you know what, when I first came to OI on my job and met, Om and Priyanka , I had this strange feeling that I know them , I know them very well and that feeling that I went through was right, I knew them , it’s just I forgot them…and then when I met Rudra, I instantly got connected to him as my younger super cool brother like Sahil….i had spent lot of my time with Rudra, shiv …and I developed a bond and out of the same bond I did all this…’’

He was just listening to her and was adoring her …

‘’I ..i donno..i donno what to say…’’

‘’Shiv, I said right , don’t thank me and insult the bond that I share with Rudra, Om and Priyanka…’’

‘’But how did you manage Dadi? I mean I tried since many years but she was stubborn and Prinku, I spoke to her and she said she had a very important meeting with clients today and tomorrow…how did you manage’’

‘’Shiv you are forgetting that I am Annika…khidkitodh Annika’’ she upped her imaginary collar and smiled

‘’Yeah…Khidkitodh Annika…’’ he smiled and moved closer to her

‘’What..why..why are you coming so closer?’’ she spoke being nervous

‘’Why…why are you fumbling. You are khidkitodh Annika and you can manage everything, even my proximity. Isn’t it?’’ he moved further closer making her hit the railing and he caught her between him and Railing

‘’Shiv….’’ She took his name in whispering way, while he leaned closer to her, she closed her eyes and her lips were trembling…he rested his head on her nape and her eyes shut much tight…

‘’I know you asked me not to thank you..but I must thank you, not to insult your bond but to show my ..’’ he whispered huskily in her eyes and stopped abruptly

She opened her eyes and pushed him, she held his shoulders and looked straight in his eyes , waiting for him to complete the sentence, but he remained mum, giving up on asking him and waiting for him to speak out his heart, she composed herself and spoke

‘’I think we should sleep, I mean I should sleep, it’s very late’’ she took steps forward

‘’Annika’’ he called ever so softly and she stopped at her place, he turned towards her

‘’Annika…I want to say something…I mean…i..i want to ask you something’’


‘’will you marry me Stupid?’’

‘’What?’’ she exclaimed

‘’Will you marry me Annika? Will you be my life partner . will you walk along with me for many years to come. Will you grow old with me?’’ he spoke as slow as ever

‘’Like really you are asking me for marriage. Like directly for marriage’’

‘’yeah..i mean..why is It wrong’’

‘’No..it’s not wrong…It’s absolutely rubbish…how can you..i mean how can you propose me for marriage without Proposi ‘’ she stopped in the middle

‘’I didn’t get you?’’

‘’Exactly you will never get me correct…like who proposes for marriage straight away? I mean there is a process, a concrete process and you , you broke all the sequence of the process’’

‘’Come on Stupid…tell me clearly , I don’t understand anything’’

‘’don’t …don’t call me stupid…because you are the biggest stupid…real big stupid’’ she turned other side bringing her hands towards her bust

He smiled and pressed his lips eyeing her cute face and pout

‘’Stupid’’ he called

‘’Listen Shiv….i am tired , and right now , I am super pissed off…you have messed up my mood, my dreams and my…huhhh’’ she started moving from there

He held her hand and pulled her towards him , she hit his chest with her back, while he closed his grip through her waist, sending Goosebumps all over her body, her breathe hitched because of their proximity and instantly she closed her eyes

‘’Stupid, come with me’’

She opened her eyes and turned to look towards him


‘’Do you believe me?’’


‘’then just come with me and I promise you will not regret’’

‘’Okk , but lemme wear jacket ‘’

‘’Fine…I will also put on my jacket and get car keys’’

Shivaay went to get his jacket and car keys and made a call to someone , while Annika picked up her jacket and the Swarvoski ring that she bought few days back

Hiding all their plans they both slowly closed the main door and locked it , while he held her hand, she entwined her fingers and entered the car….he blindfolded her and drove off to Eiffel Tower.

He was Shivaay Singh Oberoi, as much as he was famous in India, he was a royal guest in France too and his one request to French Government, the gates for the Tower were opened… exclusively opened for him, the lifts to the top most floor were started and he was given the required privacy too…with French Police guarding them down around the tower.

Shivaay carefully took her to the top most floor, while she kept on asking where he was taking her  and everytime he just shushed her….finally they reached the top most floor and he opened her blindfold

She was amazed to see the view. They have been in Paris for almost 2-3 weeks but they never got time to visit this world wonder and finally they were here all alone , it was snowing but they least cared….

She turned towards Shivaay and her eyes had shine

‘’Shiv …we are here…I mean how beautiful is this place..’’

‘’not more than you stupid’’

She smiled..’’but why are we ..i mean how come at this time we are here? ‘’

‘’stupid..you too are forgetting that I am THE SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI’’

‘’ohh yaa…but seriously Shiv the sight is so beautiful’’

‘’indeed, the sight is really beautiful’’ he said eyeing her

‘’Shiv…’’ she looked at his stare and hit his chest playfully

‘’Owww’’ he screamed

‘’I am sorry, I am so sorry’’

‘He pulled her towards him and hugged her , she reciprocated the hug tightly….

‘’Shiv, shall I ask you something?’’


‘’Whatever you said in apartment regarding marriage, are you serious? I mean ‘’

‘’Stupid…I know what you want to hear from me, I know what you feel for me, I know what you want me to express , I know everything about you and I have known everything about you’’

’then why did you directly propose for marriage?’’

‘’Stupid come here’’ he held her hand and sat on the floor and made her sit beside her under the restaurant roof on top floor of Eiffel Tower

She sat beside him and looked at him he held her hand

‘’Stupid…I don’t believe in expressing my feelings, because feelings are to be understood and felt, and we both know and feel the same. ‘’

‘’Shiv …sometimes things need to be expressed and spoken..and I want to know and listen the feelings that we both are undergoing. You know every girl waits for such moments , for some this remains a dream, for some it doesn’t matter , for some it’s life and for me it’s everything’’

‘’What do you want to know?’’

‘’everything that you feel for me Shiv, that you think about me, that you want to express but felt that it is not necessary..i want to listen to every word in your heart that is about me’’

Shivaay planted a kiss on her forehead and held her by her shoulder, she rested on his chest listening to his heart beat while he started speaking

‘’Stupid, I have known you since your birth and when I stared realising the surroundings , you have been my friend, my best friend and this friendship just grew , you went away from me one day and never returned , still I could not stop thinking about you, I could never give your place to anyone , I couldn’t imagine anyone , you were not physically with me, but you were in my every breathe, in my every dream, in my every success to celebrate, in my every failure to give me strength, I my every problem you were there, in my every solution you were there, there was no moment when I felt you were not with me…you were in me , with me, for me, YOU WERE A PART OF ME…everything, every moment we shared when being kids or young adults are still afresh, every small gift or to say things that you gave me I preserved, you were and are the most important person in my life Stupid… I have lived all these years with every riches, but never I was happy, never I slept peacefully, but now I am happy , I can sleep peacefully because you are back, back to me, back in my life.’’  He stopped suddenly when he felt his jacket wet

He worriedly lifted her face up and saw tears in her eyes

’’Stupid…did…did I say something wrong? I ..i am Sor’’

She closed his mouth with her fingers and hugged him tightly

‘’I LOVE YOU SHIV…I LOVE YOU SO MUCH…I was dying to say this and was even more dying to listen the same from you…but I never knew that your heart is already filled with love for me. I don’t know how to confess my love as you did, but I know one thing, and that is I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU, when / how I don’t know..but I can be me when I am with you and yes SHIV , I WANT TO GROW OLD WITH YOU, SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE WITH YOU, IRRITATE YOU, DISTURB YOU at the same time LOVE YOU TO ETERNITY, be with you, be a part of you and all this will happen when I MARRY YOU.’’

She broke the hug and looked at him and he too had tears in his eyes, she wiped his tears and smiled and he did the same, they both hugged again….

‘’I LOVE YOU’’ they both said at the same time

Few minutes in each other’s embrace, they broke the hug apart and looked at each other and Annika suddenly got up, and Shivaay looked confused, he too got up and holding her shoulder he asked ‘’Are you okay Stupid, I mean you suddenly got up? Are you feeling cold? I am sorry, I should have not brought you here, come let’s go’’ he spoke turning the other side when she called him, he turned and his eyes popped up

She was kneeling down with the swarvoski ring shining in her hands, he was stunned

‘’Mr.Khadoos Singh Oberoi, will you marry me and love me forever?’’ she spoke looking at him

‘’Stupid…get up…your legs will pain…’’

‘’No…first answer me’’

‘’you know my answer Stupid’’

‘’then repeat the same…I mean this is how usually proposal takes place’’

‘’Ohh God Stupid…first get up…I never want you to bend or kneel down…your place isn’t down there, it is here, in my heart’’ saying he made her stand up and hugged her

‘’You didn’t answer me and did tai tai pis of my proposal’’

He broke the hug and laughed ‘’You are so stupid , stupid…. and I  know only you can do such stupidity’’

‘’what stupidity did I do? I only proposed as normal people do. I mean this is how proposal is done as per movies ‘’

‘’But this isn’t movie Stupid, this is our real life…and who does proposal after proposing and acceptance already happened’’

‘’ohh ya…how did I not realise ‘’

‘’because you are my ONE AND ONLY STUPID…that’s why…by the way, the ring is really beautiful’’

‘’Huhh…and for this ring we fought…’’

‘’I didn’t get you’’

‘’I went to buy this ring the other day when we were in market and you scolded me ‘’

His heart melted seeing her and he cupped her face and looking into it spoke ‘’I am sorry Stupid..i ..i didn’t know’’

‘’it’s okay…I forgot and you too forget and now please wear this ring’’


She looked shocked

‘’make me wear it’’

She smiled and made him wear the ring, he took a small ring from his pocket that he brought the same day to gift Annika and showed it to her

‘’This is beautiful Shiv’’

‘’not more than you’’

‘’cheesy Singh Oberoi’’

‘’Whatever , so Ms.Annika aka My Stupid will you marry me and become Mrs. Annika’’



‘’I will become Mrs.Stupid Shivaay Singh Oberoi’’ she giggled

He smiled and made her wear the ring….and immediately kissed her cheeks

‘’Cheapda Singh Oberoi’’

‘’you haven’t yet seen my cheapdapan Stupid. And I can’t wait to show you how cheapda I can become’’

‘’Stop it Shiv’’

‘’No Stupid’’

‘’yes Shiv’’

‘’no Stupid’’

She pushed him and ran , he ran behind her and after two three hit and misses of catching he finally held her , pulling her towards him , he locked his eyes with hers, they had erratic heartbeats, a heat was building up and the weather was making them move even closer to each other

‘’I can’t wait anymore Stupid…I want to mark you with this ‘’ saying he took her lips and kissed her

She closed her eyes and he broke the kiss, when he left she felt incomplete and looked at him

‘’Neither I want to make you wait nor can I wait…I too want to mark you as mine Shiv’’ saying hse locked her lips…

They kissed… no they showered their love and possessiveness in the kiss and the snow was the witness to their love


Precap : Something interesting…to know more stay tuned !!!!

This is the Sixty Fifth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!

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