Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 33

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…

Author’s Note : Dear Readers, due to my health issues , i will not be able to publish the next episode on Friday . To compensate the delay will post it on this Sunday. Apologies for being irregular . 

Being sick i am not able to give the best output and i dearly don’t want to write anything illogical and meaningless . Hope you all would understand . Thank you in advance.

————–Oberoi Industries

‘’Bhayya, you called us’’ Priyanka asked

‘’Hmm…yes…I have taken some important decision , so wanted to let you all know..and if you accept, I would go ahead ‘’

‘’what’s that Shivaay?’’

‘’let Rudra come ‘’

‘’I am here bhayya…sorry…Anika didi called me ‘’ Rudra said

‘’where is Anika?’’

‘’She said she will be coming in a while’’


‘’So bhayya, let us know what decision you have come to’’ Priyanka asked

‘’We know what happened when we were in London…somehow I feel the past is repeating…so once for all we have to end this problem called Riddhima….and for that, giving up on this project doesn’t seem to be a wise decision…’’

‘’but’’ Priyanka was about to say something

‘’I know what you are going to say Prinku…we have already decided then why sudden change…but the fact is today we will give up this project at the cost of every loss, fine we will again rebuild everything, then what if she again dodges back…will we keep on giving everytime…’’ he stopped when he spotted Anika at the door smiling…

He winked at her making her blush once again

‘’you have point bhayya’’ Prinku said

‘’this point isn’t mine…this was said by Anika…so all credits to her for making me realise ‘’he said pointing Anika

Everyone smiled…

‘’So what’s the solution Anika, that you wanted to share’’

Anika gave the solution, and everyone listened to it carefully….

‘’This is brilliant’’ Shivaay smiled

‘’But who will take up this?’’ Om asked

‘’Rudra’’ Anika said

‘’whaat?’’ Rudra sprang up

‘’Rudra…do you trust me?’’ Anika asked

‘’yes Didi….’’

‘’then don’t worry…I will be behind you…so don’t worry…I will not let anyone do anything..it’s my promise’’

‘’We all are behind you Rudra..’’ Shivaay said

‘’So fine …it’s decided …what needs to be done and we will wait for right time to implement this…’’ Shivaay said

‘’I will leave now’’ Anika said

‘’Anika’’ Shivaay called, she looked on and he continued ‘’I have something else to talk to you’’

Prinku, Om and Rudra looked at both of them

‘’What…why are you staring at me?’’ shivaay said looking at his siblings

‘’Something else to talkkkkkkkkkk’’ they all teased

‘’Ohh stop it guys…I wanted to talk about the video game contract with her…’’

‘’ohh ok..you carry one…we have work’’ saying that they all left

Shivaay pulled a chair and asked her to sit and he sat beside her ………

‘’Shivaay regarding the video game project I have decided………’’

‘’Ssshhhhhhh…..i haven’t stopped you to discuss that..i …I wanted to talk something else’’

Anika looked at him

‘’Something else?’’ she repeated

‘’hmm’’ he held her hand making a shiver run down her

‘’shivaay..this…this is office..what..what are you doing?’’

‘’Anika..this is my office …I know…I wanted to ask …ask you if you would be the one who can..who can’’ he was getting nervous

‘’Who can?’’ she repeated

’okk..can you be the one with whom I can move on as you suggested’’ he spoke in one breathe closing his eyes

Her eyes widened when his words registered in her mind and she remained calm

‘’Anika..will you…’’ he almost requested

‘’Hmm..haan..i mean ‘’ she was fumbling

‘’You mean’’

‘’you know my answer Shivaay…why did you even ask’’ She got up and smiled and left from there

Shivaay TAM ‘’you didn’t change even a bit…you never answer any question straight…will you do the same when we get marri…uff, what am I thinking… I have to know about why you are not recognising who I am or why you are being ignorant, where were you all these years…this will be and will always be my priority…right now, I have to be with you to know everything about you…’’

————-The evening

Om and Gauri went to a café and sat in a private room .

‘’Om..why were you sounding low …what was that, that you wanted to share?’’

‘’Gauri I know you had many questions…my behaviour, my statements and everything else…I know you have waited patiently only because you trusted me that one day I myself will come to you and say everything..and now I want to share everything with you…I don’t know after you hear everything, what would you think of me, how you would judge me…but the fact is I don’t want to hide anything from you…’’

Gauri just looked on……….’’

———–Oberoi Industries

‘’Anika…why are you still here…go home, Sahil must be waiting for you…it’s getting late’’

‘’shivaay relax…Sahil has went for some excursion for a week…so I think I can work a bit more’’

Shivaay bought two cups of coffee’s ad handed over to her taking seat opposite to her..

‘’thanks..this was much needed’’ she took the cup and smiled

‘’can I be of any help to you’’

Anika looked at him surprised

‘’what why are you looking at me like that?’’

‘’Nothing….You seem to be a completely different person Shivaay…the Shivaay I have seen when I joined and the Shivaay I am seeing now has lots of difference….sometimes you are a puzzle…there were days when we fought like anything and now you are asking me if you can help me…isn’t it really funny?’’

‘’It isn’t funny…’’ he said and murmered ‘’then I didn’t know you were my stupid and now when I know who you are , how can I let you work so much..’’

‘’what…what are you murmuring?’’

‘’nothing…just sipping coffee…that’s it’’

‘’By the way Shivaay…can I ask you something…I hope you don’t mind’’

‘’ohh please Anika..you don’t seem real being so formal…come back to your disastrous mode, the one which you showed on the other day while in restaurant’’

She giggled

‘’I am..i am so sorry for the stupidity…I was ..i was really pissed off with you then’’

That’s okay…you were asking me something’’

‘’will you answer me honestly if I ask you?’’

‘’try it out Anika…’’

‘’who is this Riddhima ? do you know her earlier? Why did you scream on her?’’

He stood up in anger and threw the coffee cup making it break into pieces….

‘’Shivaay…’’ she called out

‘’Anika…please….’’ He left from there , she was stunned and quickly got up to talk to him, when she put her foot on the broken coffee cup pieces making her scream in pain and the next moment falling down due to the spilled coffee….forgetting the fact that she doesn’t wear her footwear when she is at her seat, so that her feet gets ample air… still she got up and walked with the bleeding feet to his cabin with her dress stained with the coffee

‘’Shivaay…listen to me…I didn’t intend to hurt you…I just wanted to know…I am sorry of it’s your personal matter which you can’t share…but..’’Anika spoke rushing into Shivaay’s cabin

He came towards her with anger and held her shoulder not noticing the blood stained foot marks on the white ceraminc floor

‘’Anika…why do you always do this..why do you destroy the peaceful moments…’’ he pressed her shoulders really tight

‘’Shivaay…you are hurting me…’’

‘’shouldn’t I? why shouldn’t I when you are the one to bring me into this zone?’’ he further pierced her shoulders

‘’Shivaay…what’s your problem?’’ she said making him leave his shoulders…


‘’weren’t you the one who sometime before asked me to be the one with whom you want to move on…weren’t you the one who took the first step..Moving on is not just having a cup of coffee or roaming around Shivaay…moving on is knowing each other and supporting each other..Moving on is trusting each other….i have tried to keep it by trying to know what’s that making you so stressed, but you …you don’t trust me..you don’t ..’’ she replied while tears sprang out of her eyes.

‘’enough…just enough…I don’t trust you..this is what you are trying to say…don’t you know …don’t you know how much I trust you…if after my siblings i can trust anyone in this world, it is only you damn it…it’s only you..because you are my everythi..’’ he stopped mid way

‘’Then prove it Shivaay…prove it…’’ Anika stumbled as the glass pieces were getting deep inside her feet making the blood ooze out from her feet…she held the table unable to stand

His eyes fell on the floor and then at Anika whose face was showing pain

‘’Blood…Anika…’’ he looked at her feet

‘’leave it Shivaay…let me go’’

‘’shut up…just shut up’’ he shouted and then Screamed ‘’Khanna….’’

‘’Yes sir’’

‘’get the car fast…we need to rush to the hospital’’

They rushed to the hospital, the same hospital where Anika was admitted sometime back…….


‘’Gauri…we oberois have a very bitter past….i was the most happiest child till we left to London and settled there…I don’t know why Mr.Tej Singh Oberoi , my dad, who I am ashamed to call dad has suddenly taken a decision to shift to London…Shivaay…I…Prinku and months old Rudra along with Chotii maa and Chachu , I mean Shivaay’s parents moved there and settled….

Everything was going good till few years but then I constantly saw my parents fighting with each other…I was too small to understand anything , but as I grew the fights also grew between them….Shivaay used to take care of me and my siblings …he used to be the wall and ensured that we don’t get effected , but I was getting effected….

One day when I was about to enter into My mom’s room, I heard the fight….the fight between my mom and her husband….my mom was screaming that she can withstand any bad habit of her husband except infidelity …she cannot bear anyother women entering in his life…that was when I got to know the reason of their fights…my so called father was cheating on my mother by having an affair with some other lady…this shattered me …shattered me so much that I was slowly and unknowingly slipping into depression…Initially I  used to lock myself for hours, then days and sometimes for a week….my mom used to plead me, but she had her own miseries  …my dad never cared …and the only one to be there outside the door waiting for me was my brother Shivaay and my sister Prinku…they both used to plead me , request me, blackmail me ..but used to show patience too….

One day, the lady because of whom my mom’s peace of mind left came to our house and the one to bring her home was my own damn father…seeing this My mom broke ..she broke so much that she began consuming alchohol ….my dad shamelessly used to spend nights in her room…everyone in the house got disturbed and this effected me…this effected me so much that my education was going for a toss…I was failing in my studies where once I was good at…my failures made me lose my confidence and I eventually became so vulnerable that I couldn’t take failures anymore…to add to that Mr.Tej Singh Oberoi used to make fun of me and taunt me….my mum was not in a zone to look after me , Rudra or Prinku because she had no value as her husband gave her no value….

This continued for an year and then stepped in Riddhima….Riddhima Kapoor the one whom you met yesterday morning in the office premises….

Riddhima was the daughter of Mrs.Kapoor with whom Tej Oberoi was having an affair….Mr.Tej Singh Oberoi brought Riddhima to our home…we were aghast… …

Riddhima tried to behave normal with us…we knew she was not at fault and we tried to accept her , but her motives were different and we were ignorant…she started showing her true colours soon…she made Prinku’s life hell by snatching every right of her, her room, her toys, her clothes and one fine day she tried to harm Prinku by pushing her from the stairs….Prinku was lying in the pool of blood…this shaked me up…my little baby sister, my only sister was fighting for her life …Chote papa , chotii maa and Shivaay rushed her to hospital and mom collapsed …I went blank….

While Prinku was recovering Mr.Tej Oberoi announced that Riddhima will hold ¾ th shares of Prinku’s properties …we couldn’t accept this fact…we saw Prinku, she became mechanical , ignoring everyone and everything as if it doesn’t matter to her…she never uttered a word…Shivaay tried to speak, but was ordered not to interfere in our matters…he was also too young to handle anything….

Riddhima and Prinku also grew up and completed their studies….they joined Oberoi Industries where already Shivaay was working….Riddhima being a major share holder started showing her authority in every damn project handled by Oberois and took some drastic decisions and got it implemented with the aid of Mrs.Kapoor….the situation of Oberoi Industries was getting deteriorated , so much that we were about to go bankrupt, it was then Shivaay plunged into action and spoke to the board of directors and started settling things….this didn’t get well with Mrs.Kapoor and Riddhima….so Shivaay had to forcefully make Riddhima remove from the company along with a clause that she had to repay for the losses…that’s when Riddhima tactfully paid all the losses by selling the properties which rightly belonged to Prinku….We thought the matter ended and the mother daughter duo have finally left , but we were wrong….they kidnapped Prinku and tortured her…..

We tried to get Prinku back but couldn’t find…we roamed around like fools to almost everywhere and then finally got a call…a call demanding to sell of major stocks of Oberois and transfer the amount on the name of Riddhima…Chotii maa was completely against it because she didn’t want to come onto roads…this brought a major fight between Chotii maa and My father….Shivaay also didn’t want to budge to their demands but he could do nothing and took up the charge of convincing his immediate family to give in…My mom held my father responsible and demanded to get her daughter back at any cost…I wanted to do something but couldn’t and remained as a spectator….we obliged and sold major stocks and gave into their demands and were almost run out of business, everything needed to be rebuilt from scratch was our sitaution….and in return we got Prinku back but almost half dead….Doctors also gave up and said only God could help them as she slipped into coma …to our destiny God saved her , we got Prinku back but as a glass doll…

Shivaay slowly started bringing back the Oberoi Empire back to it’s form, all he needed was support from us, his siblings… He was the one who made me and Prinku what we are today…He built not only the empire but us too…He ensured Prinku to get back what was hers and he did it…the properties which Riddhima sold off was brought back by Shivaay, not only that he made Prinku independent…that mechanical prinku was brought back to a lively one once again by Shivaay. I could do nothing. But Shivaay didn’t leave me. He started filling confidence in me…but my life was full of sorrows …so much that being eldest among Prinku and Rudra, I couldn’t do anything for them…I had always been a failure, my circumstances never made me win and I remained as a loser.

Twice because of Riddhima we saw what Prinku faced…we almost lost her twice….and now she is back again…seeing her and knowing her being back , I again went back to those days…that scars came back once again…all that we faced had forced me to go into the zone where I never want to step in…. My every failure takes me back into such a past where I can only view my mom’s miseries and my sister being tortured, I and Rudra being neglected…. I cannot afford to lose Prinku this time…..and I don’t know who will be their next target…

Gauri this was the past related to us with Riddhima…Shivaay is angry because he couldn’t tackle them then and lost to them by obliging to their demands… I am scared because I don’t want to lose the ones whom I love and Prinku , she is trying to show she is confident but I know how much Riddhima’s sudden appearance is troubling her…Rudra who knows the partial truth cannot live happily seeing us in tension…

I have always been naïve and unconfident Gauri…even today my parents doesn’t talk to each other as normal couples do.. even today after so much of happening Mr.Tej Oberoi is in contact with that damn lady…even today my mom is crying for her rights…even today I am helpless  in making everything alright…

Gauri after meeting you and talking to you, I started getting relief…apart from my siblings I felt I can share anything with you, you have unknowingly become my support…you made me realise there are people outside who are good..you are bringing me outside the shell that I am staying in……I donno how you will take this after knowing how loser I am but still I want to say i am falling for you’’


Anika was being admitted and was being treated there while Shivaay waited outside….The Doctor who treated Anika earlier saw Shivaay and went to him

‘’Hello Mr.Shivaay…you here ? are you alright?’’

‘’Hello doctor…I am fine..thank you…actually Anika is here getting her wounds dressed’’

‘’Anika..you mean the same whom I treated last time?’’

‘’yes Doctor’’

Doctor was into thoughts

‘’Mr.Shivaay…can I meet Anika’s parents or her immediate family anytime soon.I need to discuss something really important about her’’

‘’Is everything fine with her.’’

‘’yes, yes…but I need to talk to her family’’

‘’I am sorry doctor she has none, I mean she has only one sibling and he is a school going boy…and I don’t think he will be able to understand anything that you say’’

‘’ohh..i am sorry’’

‘’doctor if you don’t mind and if your doctor rules and ethics permit, can I know about what you want to speak about her?’’

‘’are you sure Mr.oberoi?’’

‘’pretty much…I know her since her childhood…she is my best friend’’

‘’fine then Please walk into my cabin…’’

‘’after you’’ shivaay said and started walking behind the doctor

‘’Please take your seat Mr.Oberoi’’ doctor said while trying to find out Anika’s file

‘’Finally found it…sorry…age is falling on fast’’ he smiled

Shivaay looked on

‘’So Mr.Oberoi, I want to show something first and then explain regarding Anika’s problem’’

Shivaay looked worried

 Precap : Doctor’s words to shock Shivaay and the other side of Riddhima’s connection with Oberois from Shivaay’s mouth !!! To know more stay tuned


This is the Thirty Third episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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    1. VHM

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  2. Hi hari
    Superb amazing khidkithod update loved whole track.
    Got blurr eyes after reading riddhima’s
    track the way prinku got injustice and torture. Make sure riddhima gets her yummy fruit very soon.
    I am feed up with you, you know where and when to stop story and keep audience in suspense. Naughty girl.
    Waiting for next update eagerly as i can’t wait for long but ya your health comes first take care and don’t worry we will patiently wait for next update as you are much more important than anything else.
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  3. Banita

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    Precap – More of Riddhima’s part is waitingg means more shocking dark revelation is waiting…
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      Hi Gorge…love you loads my sweetheart…am so glad to know that you liked this episode …next episode in couple of minutes from now…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

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    1. VHM

      Hi Raji…awee so sweet of you dear for the love and concern..i sure am getting better …thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…it really feels so so happy to know how you feel and then you put your feelings in such a beautiful way that anyone who reads your opinion will feel like hugging you the next moment….next episode in couple of minutes from now…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care….

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