Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 12

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date……

‘’My car then’’ Anika spoke

‘’ok as you say’’ Shivaay replied

‘’and soon after we sit in car you will be saying how you got the deal’’

‘’excuse me..i am the boss and I should not and cannot reveal business secrets to anyone..including you, I mean the staff’’

‘’huhh…okay…will no ask you anything..’’she poted her lips and sat in the car and murmered to herself ‘’when he has decided not to say anything about how he sealed the deal, then why did he say that he will talk in the car. Now he is behaving as if it is national secret..Khadoos Singh Oberoi’’

‘’did you say something Anika?’’

‘’No..nothing…what can I say..you are boss , I am staff’’ she replied with sarcasm filled tone

‘’true..by the way, you are gonna sign the deal, as the representative of the company and that’s the exact reason why you are accompanying me’’

‘’what? But i..how can i..i mean’’

‘’relax…you will be the face of this project I mean in a way you will own the project now and work your level best to keep the reputation of Oberoi Industries…. this decision I, Om and Prinku have taken together, because none understood the client perspective so better than you and you should be the rightful one to represent..however I will be the partner in this , so whenever you need me I  will be there to help you’’

Anika TAM ‘’I always thought him to be quite Akdu, but this shade of him is completely new to me…I mean he made me the face of this project and that too on what basis , merely on the basis of my presentation ?’’

Shivaay ‘’we have made you the face of this project not for your presentation skills Anika, but because we have high expectations from you and equally high trust on your ability. Sometimes a day is enough to understand the qualities of a person and we have worked for 3 days…’’

Anika was startled to hear his answer

‘’How..how do you know I was thinking about this?’’ Anika said

‘’were you thinking about this?’’

‘’Yes..i mean…’’

‘’you mean what?’’


‘’let the deal get signed , I have something else to ask and I hope you will answer me genuinely’’ Shivaay spoke

‘’one more suspense…you like to keep me in suspense’’

He smiled , she too smiled…..

‘’you are very different Shivaay…I mean I have seen many shades of you in these few days…and I always felt something different about you…sometimes you are angry, sometimes rude, sometimes apologetic, sometimes patient, sometimes understanding, sometimes cruel, sometimes childish, sometimes matured….you seem like a puzzle to me’’

‘’Great…so you were observing me a lot then’’

‘’not like that..but ‘’


‘’but I felt to say this ‘’

‘’fine…I am glad to know your opinion about me..and the conclusion is I am puzzle and who is gonna solve me’’

‘’one day I will solve this puzzle…remember this ‘’she said without any thinking

He looked at her in disbelief as her statement took him to his childhood


‘’Why did you break the vase khadoos?’’

‘’my vase my wish’’

‘’it’s not your wish everytime..what’s wrong with you…you get so angry for silly things’’

‘’it was not silly stupid….i said you earlier too, you cannot give my things to anyone else …not even to me back’’

‘’ohho…didn’t you see that little kid was stubborn , so I shared the toy..and I again took back also na’’

‘’you could have given someother toy, why the toy which I gave you’’

‘’Khadoos…the kid was adamant for that toy’’

‘’listen..my things are for you only…I am repeating’’

‘’you have gone mad stupid’’

‘’like you and being with you’’

‘’very funny’’

‘’I am funny…’’

‘’but I am angry now’’

‘’ok fine..i am sorry to behave so…now please smile stupid…else I will’’

‘’you will what’’

He pulled her hair and ran from there…she went behind..he smiled

‘’Khadoos..you are strange…you will be angry in one moment and then become funny in next moment…you are like a puzzle’’

‘’and who will solve this puzzle’’

‘’one day I will only solve this puzzle…remember this’’


They reached the venue and with the jerk of car Shivaay came back to reality


Om ‘’Gauri…shall we have coffee?’’

‘’yeah..good idea…but I prefer tea’’

‘’ok…shall we have tea then?’’

‘’yeah…sure…cafeteria then?’’

‘’yeah…let’s go’’

They both left to cafeteria to have their tea

‘’gauri…will you be my friend ?’’

‘’mmm…can I ask my didi and then tell you?’’

‘’what? But why..i mean ‘’

She laughed loudly ‘’I was just kidding…friends’’ she extended her hand, he shake handed with her

‘’but why me? I mean there will be lot of girls who are desperate to be friends with you..why did you ask me specifically?’’

‘’nothing..i felt good being with you in these couple of hours…felt a strange connection with you …so ‘’

‘’so…you asked me…’’


‘’so tell me about yourself Mr. Omkara’’

‘’you can call me Om ..only Om’’

‘’Fine and you will still call me Gauri ‘’ She smiled

‘’off course yes…tell me what do you want to know about me?’’

‘’something which I don’t know and by the way I know nothing about you except that you are Om and co-owner of this company alongside Priyanka , Rudra and Shivaay Sir’’

‘’Great, then you will know me slowly but completely when you will be with me ‘’


‘’I mean during the works…but I can assure you, I will be a good friend to you’’

‘’perfect..will you not ask me anything?’’

‘’Same question..tell me about you’’

‘’I am from Bareilly…my maa-babuji..i mean my maasi-mausaji raised me and made me what I am today. We are lower middle class family, but I never faced any difficulties because my maa-bauji ensured I get as many comforts as they can afford..’’

‘’One second..maa-babuji? Maasi-mausaji ? who exactly?’’

‘’long story Om, will tell you one fine day leisurely…all I can say is I call my maasi-mausaji as Maa-babuji..as my parents died when I was very small probably of 5 or 6 years of age’’ she smiled sad

‘’i…I am sorry’’

‘’no…don’t be..because I never want anyone to feel sorry’’


‘’so…we need to do corrections in blue print and make a new design and then get the approvals to start the work…’’


‘’It’s my work time’’

‘’OUR work time’’

They both smiled….Om looked at her and she asked through gestures what…he nodded his head in negation and they both left towards the work area.

————Anika’s Cabin

Rudra ‘’Fatso..listen na…I am not getting this…Anika didi told but still I am not able to do this’’

Sumo ‘’very good and this is what is expected from you’’

‘’will you stop wining and help me?’’

‘’no way…can’t you see I am busy’’

‘’this project is both of ours, if my work doesn’t get completed , this project will not be complete…I will not have any problem because I will manage somehow…what will you do’’

‘’you are impossible Duffer..wait for 10 minutes and let me complete my work first’’

‘’Fine..i will have my protein shake meanwhile’’

‘’Wowww…like really? And here I will have to do double work..you are not going anywhere..stay back else I will complain to Shivaay sir’’ Sumo looked at Rudra while typing

‘’God..where am I struck’’ Rudra put up a cry face

‘’Ohh noo…I am struck’’ Sumo literally screamed which made Rudra alert

‘’what happened and why are you scared?’’

‘’rudra..this system I am working on is Anika didi’s and I deleted few files on it by mistake…’’ she was almost into tears

‘’relax…relax…we will call the IT department to recover the files’’

‘’no rudra..what if they get deleted permanently..what and how will I answer’’

‘Fatso relax…I said relax’’

Rudra called the IT department to look into the matter to get a reply that , that particular person who sees these sort of issues is on leave that day. His team are busy with some other works that Shivaay sir has assigned. However they guided Rudra what needs to be done and how it needs to be done.

Sumo was into tears when Rudra decided to look into the matter ….he took Anika’s system and started working on it …Sumo  tried to stop him but he gave a serious look to which Sumo gave up..after around half an hour he could find and restore all the files that got deleted.

Sumo looked at him in surprise while he gave a cute smile. She hugged him and said thank you…Rudra’s hands also involuntarily rounded sumo and he smiled

‘’Duffer..i didn’t know that you will help me…and I am sorry for showing attitude to you’’

‘’Fatso…it’s okay…now complete OUR work and don’t worry I am here and not gonna go for my protein shake’’

They both smiled and Sumo sat back to complete the work while Rudra helped her.


The deal was signed and Shivaay and Anika were driving back. Shivaay sent Anika’s car driver back as he wanted to talk to Anika.

‘’Shivaay …why did you send the driver back?’’

‘’I want you to drive..so sent back’’

‘’you have gone mad…I don’t know driving’’

‘’like really? Wow…and you are saying this now?’’

‘’you never asked me , so why would I say’’

‘’What’s there learn now’’

‘’no way…I want people to live not die and definitely I don’t want to end up in jail’’

‘’don’t worry…I am there…’’


‘’Okk fine…every weekend driving classes for you is fixed..for today i will drive you back, but before that shall we have coffee..i need to ask you something’’


They both sat and reached Barista…Shivaay booked a table for two in a private corner before hand , so they straight away went to their reserved seats.

‘’So tell me what did you want to ask or to say know’’

‘’why didn’t you tell the truth to Om , Prinku and Rudra that I apologised you?’’

‘’Ohh that…you asked me not to …so’’

‘’is this the only reason ?’’

‘’off course …this is the only reason…what are you expecting?’’

‘’nothing…I just wanted to know that’s why I asked’’

‘’Shivaay can I ask you something? Hope you wouldn’t mind’’


‘’Why do you always stay angry? You hardly smile? You know I have faced most difficult times in my life , yet I never left smiling…you have everything even then you don’t smile’’

‘’I have everything except ….’’

‘’except what?’’


‘’you can trust me or assume me as your friend and say me…if you feel I am worth to know’’

‘’don’t you think you are going too far..i don’t make friends and I don’t trust friendship…did you get that…I have no friends and will never have any. Friendship is the biggest mistake and I don’t like to make mistakes. You are my staff, so I expect you to answer me to what I ask not question me in return’’ he became suddenly rude making Anika aghast

Everyone looked towards them and Anika left from there apologising Shivaay. She took an auto and left towards home, messaged Gauri about her return to home and felt disturbed. Shivaay also left from there disturbed

Shivaay TAM ‘’What have I done? I wanted to talk to her and know about her, but when she said the word friend , everything got ruined…I have only one friend and that’s her, after that I never made any friends…and I cannot even think of making any friends….’’

His memories got rewined as he travelled towards his childhood


‘’Today is friendship day Khadoos…wheres my friendship band’’

‘’Stupid..i don’t believe in tying all these bands’’

‘’You are so boring khadoos…I have tied these bands to my other friends in class and bought one for you’’

‘’throw it in dustbin…because I will not get it tied’’

‘’Fine…don’t get it tied..i know you will anyways not listen to me…you have so many other friends to whom you will listen’’

‘’Stupid turn this side , look at me’’

‘’no..i am going’’

‘’Dare you go…and do as I say’’


He turned her towards him and made her to extend her hand…he put his han over her hand and said ‘’Khadoos on this friendship day..i promise that you will be my only friend and I will never ever make any friends in my life. This is my friendship day gift to you’’

Stupid hugged Khadoos in happiness and Khadoos reciprocated

‘’I am sorry stupid…I was angry..but you need not do so…I know you will share anything only with me..in short you will share your everything with me’’

‘’yes, because you are my one and only stupid’’

Anika dropped the band she brought for her khadoos and left from there happily, while he preserved the band


Anika TAM ‘’How rude he spoke. As if the word FRIEND is a slang. But the thing which hit me most is, how can someone hate making friends. There must be something that would have happened in past, some bad experience or something or someone he is not able to forget. He needs someone to share his feelings and he would never allow anyone to do so. May be his different behaviours are the outcomes of such experiences. It is true I felt bad, but, it is also true that he is not bad. I will try to bring him out of his pain. But this isn’t easy and I might be at risk. Let’s see how it goes. ‘’


Anika came next day, but Shivaay didn’t pay any attention to her…he did not even join for the lunch .she felt bad. Whenever she tried to talk to him, he used to ignore or excuse . She too decided that if he didn’t give any attention she should also not be desperate to seek it. Days were passing  by and the cold war was continuing. Anika was feeling bad and somewhere Shivaay was feeling much more bad. But they decided to let it go the same way as it is going now. So,  Anika behaved as employee and Shivaay as employer…they used to work together sometimes and they used to discuss nothing except work.

Anika became much close and comfortable with Om, Ru and Prinku. They used to have fun times, however Shivaay kept himself away in the name of work. Oberoi Trio sans Shivaay understood something is wrong with Shivaay and then asked Anika. Anika said what all happened and they understood well. Gauri also saw Anika being sad and lost , so she decided to speak to Om, owing to the closeness they developed in short span of time.


Precap : Anika to confront Shivaay. Ganesh Chathurthi to bring traces of Past in Anika and Gauri’s life. Khanna to meet Shivaay and talk regarding Anika and her past.

This is the Twelfth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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  2. Wow beautiful episode 😊
    Rumya talks are as usual cute
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    Shivika what a lovely talk during a way
    Awesome explanation about understanding shivay by anika 🤗🤗
    Eagerly waiting dear for next update till then bye stay blessed and keep smiling.

    1. VHM

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    I like Rikara part was nycc…
    Precap is really interestinggg… I m waiting for Aniri’s past to revel (i know it’s not going to revel now , but start toh hoga na)…
    Nd U know na i love Akki more… Love U Akki… Usse paas krdena mera pyaar…

    1. VHM

      Hey Gorge…love you so much .Anika’s past will start getting revealed from episode 14…i am involving lots of twists, so pace may be slow, but i hope it’s worth your time….next episode posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

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    1. VHM

      Hey Raji…Thank you so much dear…thanks a lot….as always your every opinion makes me feel so s[ecial that even if i write some real bad stuff, i get motivated to write something proper….next episode posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

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