Hoon mein jahan tu wo wahan – RagLak – Part 7

RECAP: Ragini and Laksh remembering their first day of college .

Laksh Pov

Still that day brings back memories I deeply regret.

It was second week after our joining a girl named cathy proposed me. She was too beautiful and the one everyone sought after. For some reason i looked around to see if that behenji is somehere nearby . But she was not here. Screams squealed as i accepted her proposal.

Ragini was in the washroom washing her face when she heard her class girls speaking about laksh and cathy being in a relationship. Ragini’s heart filled with anger. What would someone grasp about others in few weeks.  Why did laksh rush so soon upon selecting his partner? In few weeks you can’t even know a person well and that girl cathy she wouldn’t suit him. But why is she stressing over some unrealted topic.


Ragini was sitting in library far away from her classmates and how much she loved this silence. She opened the books she planned to take notes of and took serious notes until a voice disturbed her. Laksh why did you call me here? said the voice. It’s because I want to give you this chocolate . Aww laksh that’s so sweet of you. You really know my likes well.

likes idiot anyone would like chocolate muttered ragini’s brain. And why is that kaddoss being so sweet to this girl. Ah the irony of modern age people act very fast and regret later . why can’t they decide beforehand with a clear mind.

AH because I’m your boyfriend angel  let’s see on monday bye sweetheart.

That was too sugary chided ragini and let the silence gulf her once again. But this time with thoughts running in her mind.

That eve upon reaching home ragini went straight to her room and freshened up herself. she had completed her work for the week and sat silently thinking about how modern relationships were.. The door opening brought her out of her thoughts she looked at her brother rishi who was smilimg at her with open arms. Bhaiya she screamed as she ran into her brother’s arms.

you are back from london hey jolly!! Did you miss me much munchkin he asked . No i didnt miss you but missed my brother she said as she pulled him into living room. Mom Dad Bhaiya has come after so long . We are going for a shop run. Lets have icecream party tonight she shouted and pulled her brother down to his car.

Now slow down ms.Rocket i have left you for few years and here you have been spoiled so much. That’s no good rishi said as he pulled over .  Ragini asked rishi to stop at a particular shop. they got down and ordered few icecreams and sat down as they waited for their order. Ragini asked rishi if she could have one little scoop of creamy happiness. So he went to buy his sister a icecream after a denial skit.

As ragini was waiting for her brother she saw laksh cathy and few of their classmates coming to the same shop. Laksh eyes connected with hers as soon as he entered the shop. behenji what is she doing here? his mind pondered as his friends sat across the table from hers. The spoke within themselves about how good of a act she keeps up within class and wondered whom she could have come there with. Ragini felt uncomfortable why did they have to stare at her as if she was killer in disguise.

the waiter’s arrival distracted them a bit and she felt relieved a little. they said it was party treat of laksh and cathy being together and ordered the gaint sized icecreams with the letters CL. Laksh’s mind  stopped at cutiespecs the nickname he thought of when he looked at that behenji.  Today something was different she was not wearing glasses that gave a clear look to her eyes but that specs of her was a missing accessory.

Laksh’s table began to scream as their orders arrived. She looked at her watch and thought where in the world could rishi have disappeared. She was about to get up when rishi arrived with her favourite scoop and kulfi milkshake. He sat across her hiding most of the view of her classmates. Her classmates paused to look at her when she refused to give rishi her dish as they were making quite a noise.

Just one sip rago rishi asked. Ragini very well knew her brother’s one sip was entire juice. she said everything half and half i’ll give it you after completing my half she said. But rishi had started eating her icecream stating that he was doing a favour for the melting icecream. she opened her mouth and rishi fed her a little she pouted and he gave her a big bite. She smiled with mouhful.

Laksh who had shifted his place to the end to watch her was getting irritated. why does she laugh so much as if her entire teeth is going to be displayed. who is this guy anyway and why does she eat what he fed. I knew I was right about girl of her type. Simple act and big catch. But why am i feeling irritating maybe because of watching this cheap stunt of hers.

He shifted his focus as she left with that guy laughing but looked at him one last time when he was feeding cathy as per as their friend’s wish. That ragini seemed not so involved because she already has inolvement muttered a guy. Whatever sighed laksh and took a leave from their party.

Ragini’s  mind revolved around laksh and cathy. Upon reaching home rishi set up the movie theater and started playing a movie while ragini served the eatables. on a scene in movie ragini asked her family does love really happen that fast as shown in movies . She doesnt seem to believe in it as it takes time to understand about a person then only loves comes else it breaks.

Ragini’s father laughed and said No beta love has no time period and limits.See i saw your mother only once and took her as my life partner. Our love didnt break and would never. Her mother supported him and said yes right in the moment I looked into your father’s eyes I knew he was the one. they continued the movie and enjoyed the day well.

That day Ragini’s sleep was clouded with Did laksh mind see Cathy just as my dad saw my mom??

Laksh was also wondering why would he think about whom that behenji came with that was none of his business and nothing should  bother him. Afterall she was scheming type he guessed his mind replied. You might be wrong whisphered something with which he drifted into a dreamless night.

Back in the present

Laksh was not able to sleep as he remembered the day she came into his house. Clad in a pink saree , with beatifully french braided hair and jasmine flowers adorning her braid with her pink glass bangles tingling over her mehendi covered hands with their destiny hidden in the palm of whom his ring rested upon. Red sindhoor adorned her maang and bright yellow sacred thread around her neck(mangalsutr) symbolised their marriage as she stepped foot onto his house which now had her in it.

Eventhough the marriage happened at such a hurry he could clearly remember how she was dressed and what jewellery she wore. how did his mind grasp so much of her was still a wonder. Ahh that crazy stupid love remembers even the smallest of smaller details.

here at Ragini’s place.

She was trying  for some many days to revive a plant that seemed so dead. the irony of life struck in as a leaf sprout out of stem. She was able to save this plant from the brim of death but not her marriage that was dead the moment she was married.

she reminisced that karvachauth day which gave her a hope that life changed for the better as laksh came to the terrace that night which he didnt have to as she was the one who was fasting as it was one of her childhood wishes. He reached her as he saw her wobbling a bit. he knew she was about to faint. Who had told her to do such things when she was brittle. But the satisfaction that she did it for him made him feel different.He fed her water and sweets.

Later gave her a chain named CL which he wore on her neck. She was smiling but her face shrunk when she saw CL engraved on it. She masked up it with a smile and took him downstairs to their bedroom to sleep.

CL it meant Cutiespec’sLaksh but he never said it and she never thought it..


I have slacked off for two years and didnt post any of my stories as i was hit with  worst bitter difficulties. Now I am back to complete all my incomplete stories beacuse if you let some bitter incidents disturb your space for a long time then you are failing to give yourself the lifestyle you promised to yourself. So girls incase you find this its never too late to start  from where you let off. Keep going as long as the bitter incident no longer matters to you than your happiness. You are the master of your own fate. Don’t let others decide for you. If you have let them for too long it’s time to rise up with your own choices and decisions. no matter if you fail atleast you tried your interest and it will open up several doors of success to you… When isolated remember you have yourself who else do you need other than you? Stay happy  everyone.

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