Honge Juda Na Hum 19th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Honge Juda Na Hum 19th March 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 19th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Rama smirks triumphantly that now Rohan must have realised who is a fool and now he can think of his money and she about hers! Rama imagines herself and her hubby in western attire n rehearsing Titanic pose! She is excited!

Right then the doorbell rings and Priti goes to check..! Its cops..! They ask for Rohan..! The cop asks about Rs. 5 Crore that got stolen from the house! He asks why so much money was required..! The cops ask where is Muskaan ..is she back? Rohan says no! Cop says that the money that was stolen seems to be kept aside for ransom! He chides Rohan that he is doing all this despite being educated..! Rohan says that he got scared ..so! Cop asks what if the kidnappers dont release Muskaan even then? Rajiv says..the kidnapper promised he would..! Rohan says that Lallan had come and left during the day after the money was kept safely locked in cupboard! Cop asks for mobile number of all family members and landline number too! Rama says that Lallan has left! Cop asks.. left or she sent him off? Rama says..how can he accuse her like this? Cop asks Rama and her hubby to give the number..! She says..dun have.. ! Her hubby gives his number..! Cop asks Lallans number too..! Rama says she has forgotten! Cop says ..he will get all call records and check..! Cop goes to inspect the house..! Rohan says that he cant waste time for so long..and he needs to do something..!

Rohan calls up Simran and apologises for disturbing! Simran says.. no need to apologise .. just make a wish! She asks about ransom money and Muskaan! Rohan says that the ransom money got stolen! He asks her to help him! Simran agrees…but with the condition that he will be her friend for life..! Rohan agrees pronto..! She offers to send her manager to give the money to him ..!

Rama is panic stricken…and decides to do something to hide the bag full of cash..! She ties all the cash in a cloth bundle and tries to sneak out but spots a policeman ..! She fakes nausea and he goes away ..! She hides the cloth bundle in a drum ..! Rama smirks that . .catching Rama is not just difficult its impossible..! Ramas hubby comes in the store room and finds the bag but its empty..!

Part 2

Cop says that even if they din catch the guilty yet.. they will continue to investigate n that as soon as they receive any more ransom calls, they should keep cops informed..! Rishi assures Rohan that he will inform them as soon as they arrange the money..! Rohan tells all not to inform the cops n that he has made the arrangements for Rs. 2 Crores..! Suddenly there is a ring on the doorbell..! Rohan goes to check..its Simrans manager handing Rohan the money!

Part 3

Rohan tells his family about Simran n how she placed an order of 120 paintings for her office…n shared his tribulations with her..! Rama taunts ..wow.. till yesterday it was Muskaan n now its Simran..! All fume on Rama! Ramas hubby asks her to mind her words..! Rama says she was stating the truth ..! Her hubby leads her inside..! Rajiv goes to keep the cash safe..! Lallan calls up and asks for money n tells the spot where Rohan is to drop off the money…behind woods in front of a well opposite to godown 5 ..! Rohan asks for Muskaan n Lallan says.. as soon as he keeps the money ..! Rohan asks for guarantee n Lallan says..that there is no guarantee that even Rohan will be alive..! He asks him to follow orders.. n says.. COUNTDOWN STARTS NOW .. !! He spits n says.. all arrangements for Rohans welcome made.!

Precap — Cops escort Rama n her hubby out n Priti is hysterical and asks..what did Muskaan do to them that they did all this? Rohans dad breaksdown saying..he thought they were his own.. n this is what they do? He is ashamed to call them his own..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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