HO GAYA PYAR TUMSE let’s feel it…. (shot 39)

Next day,

Abir is working at his office.

He gets a call and gets shocked.

Abir:Tina, manage work here. I will be back.

Tina nods head.

Abir rushes out.

There is a group of protesters assembled in front of hospital. Media is covering the footage.

They are shouting and not allowing anyone to get in and out

Abir reaches hospital and gets hyper seeing the situation.

Abir walks in. Security guard blocks the protesters.

Abir:can anyone tell what’s going on here?

Dr.Niel: sir, we also don’t know.

Mishti: it has been almost a hour. They are accusing us of denying treatment for a woman.

Abir: which doctor did this?

Mishti:we all are from the morning shift. We have been contacting others. They all are denying the fact.

Abir:wait,let me check the footage.

Mishti:Abir… we should inform police, they are turning harmful.

Abir sees Sister’s injured.

Abir nods.

Mishti follows Abir to his cabin.

Abir calls the police.

Mishti:should we inform papa?

Abir:wait,let’s see if we can handle.

Mishti nods. They check the footage.

Abir:we didn’t came across any such incident.

Mishti:even I am confused.

Abir:check again,Mishti. Let me see the present situation.

Abir goes. Mishti cross checks.

After a couple of minutes,

Sister comes running towards Mishti. Sister panickingly informs her something. Mishti runs towards the entrance.

Mehul has come seeing the news reports… Mehul has been attacked by the angry mob. Abir has get into save him.

Amid the fuss, Mishti too enters…

Mishti sees Mehul’s head injured. Mishti tries to stop the people.

Abir hugs Mishti and Mehul in between his hands. Mishti cries as Abir gets all the slaps from the mob.

Police arrives and makes the protester’s away.

Mishti cries seeing Abir injured. Mehul is unconscious.

Staff bring stretcher and Mehul is taken in.

Mishti takes Abir. She tends to his wounds.

Mishti:are you out of mind? You should not have done this. What if something wrong happened?

Mishti is sobbing throughout

Abir takes the cotton wipes from her and tends to her wounds.

Abir:even you couldn’t hold back.

Mishti:I can’t stay when my loved ones are hurt.

They look at each other.

Sister: Mehul sir is out of danger. Please relax.

Abir smiles and Mishti hugs him…

Mishbir goes to see Mehul, they see him unconscious.

Abir:it hurts…

Mishti:it hurts more when you cry…

Abir wipes his tears and smiles…

Mishti: your smile exist because of me,right?

Abir nods.

Doc:any one of you can enter and see him…

Mishti: Abir,you go!

Abir goes in.

Mishti notices policemen at the cabin.

Mishti gets in.

Kaushal is talking to them.

Mishti:what’s the matter uncle?

Kaushal:they are saying about arrest.

Mishti:for what? They have attacked us.

Police:they already had complained about the incident. So please call the Hospital MD.

Kaushal takes Mishti aside.

Kaushal:we can’t let them arrest.

Mishti:but what can we do?

Police: please don’t make us wait.

Mishti thinks.

Mishti:sir,I am the MD. I will come with you.

Kaushal stops her,

Mishti:I can’t let Abir to go as he is injured,papa is unconscious. So it’s better for me to leave with them.

Kaushal:No, i can’t let you.

Mishti:talk to lawyer and arrange for bail. I know I don’t need to stay there longer.

Kaushal tries to stop. Mishti is taken away, Abir is with Mehul.

Abir searches for Mishti after sometime…

Abir:where has she gone?

Abir shouts at Sister’s as they are not saying anything.

Kaushal: she has gone to police station.

Abir gets shocked,

Kaushal explains him..

Abir shouts: how can he left her with them?

Abir goes out…

Kaushal shouts him to stop.

Abir reaches police station,

Policemen doesn’t allow him to meet Mishti.

Officer:you can’t stay here, go out.

Abir defends.

Mishti cries as she hears his sound.

Abir:I can stay here,right?

Abir stands outside the station.

Kaushal arrives with lawyer.

Kaushal:what is this childish act,Abir?

Abir:let’s bring Mishti.

The bail her out.

Abir hugs her.

Abir:How can you keep her inside the lockup? She is not proven guilty,right?

Mishti holds back Abir from shouting.

Mishti:come let’s go…

Mishti sits in the driving seat,

Abir: what do you think of yourself? I will drive. You are scared to drive?

Mishti doesn’t reply him.

Abir:you are so adamant,you never listen to anyone else.

Mishti looks a him.

Abir: you decided yourself and did what you want.

Mishti doesn’t reply him.

Abir gets silent after sometimes…

Mishti: can I talk now?

Abir looks at her.

Mishti:I decided myself, but I have thought of everyone. You will not be able to leave Papa alone. Then, even if can’t let Kaushal uncle.

Abir:why are you driving my car?

Mishti:you are hurt, Abir.

Abir:what about you? You was also injured.

Mishti: I am okay with it.

Abir:I can’t afford to lose you!

Mishti:I am sorry, I took this decision alone.

Abir: me too sorry, I got angry on you.

Mehul has been shifted. The protest have been calmed down.

Maheshwari and Rajvansh families visited Mehul.

Abir and Mishti is left alone to take care of Mehul.

They are spending time together.

Abir is still a little angry on Mishti…

Abir: we have been talking for so long.



Mishti:right! Now Papa will talk.

Mehul:what will I talk?


Mehul thinks.

Abir:come on sweetheart! Say anything random.

Mehul:I don’t know to talk nonsense like you.

Mishti and Mehul smiles teasingly.

Mehul:I will ask something, what will we name your children?

Mishbir gets blank suddenly.

Mehul:come on,you two got silent.

Abir:girl or boy?

Mishti smirks at him.

Mehul:ladies first!

Abir: okay. Come on Mishti…

Mishti:tum bolo first…

Abir: Papa just said it ladies first!

Mishti complains… Mehul convinces her.

Mishti:girl hai toh Avni, Nitya , Shital…

Mehul: sounds good.

Mishti:ab tum bolo?

Abir: I will say rhea?

Mishti: not so good.

Mishti winks at Mehul.

Mehul:right, not so good taste.

Abir: DIL and FIL are cheating. I am going.

Mehul and Mishti smiles…

On a night,

Mehul and Abir is sleeping. Mishti is awake.

Kuhu calls her…

Mishti goes out to talk.

Kuhu:Hello? Kaise hai?

Mishti:Mehul uncle is better. I think to discharge within two days.

Kuhu: what about you? You have been stressed so much.

Mishti:it’s not an difficult task for me.

Kuhu:does the case got solved?

Mishti: someone has filed a case to defame us. There is no evidence,so case is getting closed. Medical council checking is the last procedure. Then, everything fine.

Kuhu:I will tell something,will you listen to me?

Mishti:first tell me, then I will think.

Kuhu:you are too stressful and exhausted. So come home for some days to relax . How can you take so much stress? Just listen to me.

Mishti:you knew that I will never listen to you. Family should stand together at the time of difficulties. I have decided to share their sorrow, happiness and everything.

Kuhu:this is too much.

Mishti:if by chance you get married in the future, you will understand.

Kuhu:thanks for advise.

Kuhu cuts the call. Mishti smiles.

Abir gets touched by Mishti’s act as he was watching her from a distance.


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