Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Tumse Raglak Part 10 Insult__(RagLak)

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“What the hell yaar. This was my favorite shirt and you…am I the only one in the college you had to run into. You are just piece of shit.”

“What do you mean by piece of shit? You are just crossing your limits by embarassing me in front of the whole college Mr. It was a mistake I didn’t purposely smashed my ice cream on your shirt. Even if I have smashed what’s the big deal. It’s​ just a casual shirt….”

“For you miss..for you it will be just a shirt. But for me it has many feelings.”

“Ooh you do have feelings then.”

“Yes I do have feeling, I am not heartless like you.” Ragini understood what was Laksh directing to when he said heartless.

“Oh please. If you had feelings you wouldn’t​ have ran around and rag innocent people and ki….” She stopped abruptly realizing what she was about to say.

On the other side Laksh smirked knowing what she was about to blurt out.

“Yes tell me. Why did you stop.”

“Look I am in a hurry. I can’t waste more time here doing nothing but fighting with you which is not worth. I accept it was my mistake to dash into you and henceforth I won’t repeat it. I am sorry for your shirt if you want I can wash and give it to you and I promise I would do it. Now can I go please? If you want we can discuss it later.”

“What if I say I don’t accept your this boring apology and I won’t let you go unless you do something better then just saying sorry. What say guys.” Laksh asked the crowd who cheered him. Ragini was in the center surrounded by many college students. Even if she wanted to run from this situation she couldn’t.

“What do you want me to do then, get on my knees and beg for your pardon?”

Ragini crossed her hands below her chest and laughed sarcastically looking sideways.


She instantly looked at him checking if he grew two heads. Did he just say Yes.

“Actually that’s a good idea. You know begging on your knees for forgiveness. I would love to see that.”

“Your not serious, are you?”

“Very serious. Now fast get on your knees, I have many things to do.”

“That sounds like some erotic movie Lucky.” Sam whispered in Laksh’s ears.

“Shut up Sam. Erotic things with this girl will be last thing in my mind.”

“Laksh, I am really sorry ok. But I am not going to do something like this. Obviously not in front of you. You can tell me to do anything else.”

“Ouch that really hurt. But you said you would do something else and definitely it won’t be easier for you. So are you up for it?”

“Yes” she said challenging him.

“Then kiss me now on my lips, in front of everyone here.”

Ragini was beyond shock. He was doing this again. This revenge started with a kiss and he wants to continue it with this stupid kiss. She was feeling vulnerable right now, as no one was there to support here. Everyone was supporting and cheering Laksh.

“I can understand girls if they are supporting Laksh. But why are these stupid boys supporting him. Am I not looking pretty enough to gain some support of these boys from the crowd. All I get cheers to kiss him?” She muttered under her breath.

“Either get on your knees and beg or else kiss on my lips.”

Ragini got on her knees and looked at his tall figure from down. She . She actually was glaring at him angrily. Begging was better then kissing him.

“I am sorry Mr. Laksh Maheshwari, it was a mistake. I beg your pardon please forgive me. I won’t repeat it again. Though I don’t promise you of repeating it again.” She muttered the last words under her breath.

“Ok. I accept your apology.”

Ragini stood up and was about to move from there, but Laksh interrupted her.

“And yes, meet me before you go home, I have to give you my shirt for washing. After all you promised me you will wash my shirt.”

“But poor you Ragini, you got a chance to kiss Laksh but you didn’t use it wisely. How unlucky you are.” said Kavya laughing in between.

I was been quite here for a while controlling my anger and this girl.

“You know what miss whoever you are I really have no interest in kissing this  self centered, Obnoxious, arrogant, moron, nasty, awful, annoying, filthy, gorilla boyfriend of yours, whose breath gives foul smell. I wonder how do you still love kissing this guy. I would prefer dying rather then kissing this gorilla who is not worthy of my kiss.”

She turned with attitude making her hair hit on Kavya’s face. Though she had begged on her knees, but the insulting words against Laksh was enough for him to boil in anger, which satisfied her.

As soon as Ragini entered the class she saw two eyes staring in her direction with different expressions. One was gazing angrily while other one was sympathetic gaze.

Ayiye apka intezaar Tha” sang Kirti looking at Ragini.

“What was that?” Asked Arya who was till now glaring Ragini.

“It means come your waiting was there.” Replied Kirti.

“What? Are you crazy and Ragini where have you been Madam. Did you come all the way from Dehradun today? And oh please don’t give me stupid excuses ok.”

“I am not giving any excuses Arya. Laksh had trapped me.”

“What? Laksh? I mean the popular bad boy in our college Laksh had trapped you? In what love? Oh please give me a break.”

“You want break, then have KitKat Arya.”

“Oh God Kirti will you please shut up for a while.” This time it was Ragini who requested Kirti to shut up as she was already angry on Laksh and here Kirti was cracking some stupid jokes igniting her anger “…and Arya I am not lying about Laksh. Before I tell you what just happened today I’ll tell you what all happened from the beginning that is from the first day of college.” And she told her everything what happened between her and Laksh including the kiss part.

“That’s ridiculous of him. And my brave Ragini hit him? Like seriously you did? I am proud of you my girl. I agree he is the most handsome and charming guy I have ever seen in my life but doing something like this is totally not acceptable.”

“Are you indirectly praising that gorilla?”

“No no Ragini I just wanted to say that he deserves it. There should be someone who can pull down his self centered, filthy, awful behavior.”

“That were exactly my words on that Gorilla.”

“Don’t call him gorilla Rags.” Said Kirti from behind interrupting their talk. Ragini and Arya looked towards Kirti and then stared at each other for a minute before bursting into fits of laughter.

“My nerdy birdie don’t tell me your crushing on Laksh.” asked Arya controlling her laughter. Kirti had never spoke about any guy nor she looked at anyone. Defending a guy was something they had never expected.

“No I don’t. I am going to the library I have some notes to prepare.” Saying she moved out of the class taking her bag.

“I am sure she is crushing on that Laksh. What you say Ragsy?”

“I don’t think so that Kirti will have crush on Laksh. May be it is something else. But if she is crushing on him then I hope he exists as a crush only in her life not more then that. He is a type of a guy who walks around with a tag injurious to health. I don’t want Kirti to fall in love with him getting nothing but only hurt.”

“Hmm.. I think you are right. Anyways right now I am hungry as hell. Can we to the cafe and have something please.”


Swara’s POV

“You are really beautiful. Will you come for a date with me woman?”

“No” I grabbed my purse and book and started walking. People here are insanely​ fast forward. I mean how can you just ask someone out for a date when you don’t even know the persons name. Sometimes I feel what Ragini does is right. Just kicking and punching people around. They understand that language better. But it scares me out what if the person follows you till your home. What if he has some rampuri knife in his bags and when I slap him hard he would remove it and slit across my neck. You can’t trust anyone right. I have been telling Ragini this the time we stepped the foot in Mumbai. But she just don’t understand. Thinking about her, I miss her very much. I know I have been keeping myself away from her but it is for her best. I love her very much and I know she loves me too and may be more than I love her. This was the best thing I could do, just stop talking to her so that next time before messing with someone like Laksh she would remember me and won’t do anything that will get her into a major trouble.
Laksh seems to be a bad boy of the college. I just hope he don’t take revenge again from Ragini. I love her and I don’t want her to get hurt in a worst way.

“Ex cuse me Miss.” I turned around when I heard someone calling out. That person was approaching me. I looked around and found that the place was isolated. I started walking hastily turning my back towards him thinking he is some another guy who wants to just go on a date with me.

“Wait Miss..listen”

I am not going to turn you idiot. Why is  he still following me when he should just walk away as I have clearly ignored him. He came running and stood in front of me. I moved a little sideways and walked past him.


My name on his mouth made me stop on my tracks. Who was this guy and how does he know my name. By looking at him I can say that he is from good family.

This was enough, I am packing my stuff today itself and moving back to Dehradun. I didn’t even made friends here and I am already famous.


“Why the hell are you following me and how do you know my name?” Wow Swara you started cursing now. Great just great.

“Look miss you had..”

“Shut up. Let me tell you Mr whoever you are if you want to ask me out for a date or so then sorry I am not ready for it. I know you guys only know to chase girls and when you’ll are done with one girl you move to another. And I feel shame to say that some girls also like it. But let me tell you this Mr whoever you are I am not the type of a girl you are looking for. I don’t like this instant datting stuff. So just leave me alone and find someone else.”

“Wait wait wait. You can’t blame anyone without asking that person what is the matter. The least you can do is listen to the person first and then judge. Now you can go as I don’t have time to waste too but first take your purse and go.”

I looked at it and realized that it was mine. I grabbed it and checked Thank God my things were safe.

“But what about my name? I know i judged you wrong for following me but how do you know my name?”

“Ohoo Miss bhulakkad, your purse itself is shouting your name. It is clearly written on your purse Swara. And I had seen you dropping your purse in the garden back there. Anyways your welcome.”

I felt guilty. I should have asked him first before blaming him. And on top of that I didn’t even thanked him.

“Thank you.”

“Bye. Miss bhulakkad and let me tell you I am not like other college boys here. I don’t chase girls by looks or body.” He said giving that beautiful smile any girl can die for.


The Tashan is still on. Neither Laksh nor Ragini  is backing off. Now again Ragini has made Laksh angry by insulting him with her words. What do you think Laksh will do.
Just let her go? Or Revenge again?
Thank you for all the lovely comments and support.

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  1. Devihaa

    Heyyaa!! At last finally tu updated!! Thanks for this part a lottttt dr… Just loved it to the core.. ufff .. how many words Ragini used to insult Laksh!! But a doubt arises !! Laksh is really a dashing guy.. that’s obvious.. but ..does Ragini really doesn’t feel even a tiniest bit that he is handsome??? Laksh already admitted that she is the beautiest beautiful!! But Ragini haven’t praised him..or thought him to be handsome!! That’s something bothering right??
    And I hope there won’t a love triangle between RagLak and kirti ..
    And Swara!! Haha.. she is really over thinking man!! And I guess that the boy is Sanskar..
    And actually I used to imagine ur story in the my way untill u update ur next part.. not just your’s .. I do that for everyone’s.. and I actually imagined Ragini washing his shirt…!!
    Eeeeee… What a coincidence right??
    And dr.. if u don’t mind can I know ur name?? I mean is ur name is rakshully??
    And can we be friends??

    1. Rakshully

      Thank you thank you so much dear..!! I am overwhelmed with your comment. And my name is Rakshanda.!!! Wburz????
      And yes we are already friends .??????

      1. Devihaa

        I’m Devihaa only dr..

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