Hitler Didi 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 3rd May 2013 Written Update

Radhe announces about the first case of Hitler Ki Adaalat in the society so everyone joins them. Advocate Rishi Kumar will go against society’s Hitler didi Indira Rishi Kumar. At home, Rishi and Indira wish each other all the best. Both are very confident that they will win.

Indira’s mother and Suhnaina come outside of their house and start washing their clothes, thinking it’s their bathroom. Inder and Mehar come out as well. Mehar doesn’t want to wash her clothes, so Inder puts her clothes with Indira’s mothers as they can’t see and they wouldn’t know whose clothes they are washing. However, Bheem comes and spoils the fun for Inder and Mehar. Indira’s mother now runs behind Inder. Inder and Meher go inside the house. Radhe comes and tells Indira’s mother to finish her work

fast as case is about to start in Hitler Ki Adaalat. Indira’s mother is concerned because this may affect Rishi and Indira’s relationship.

Case begins and all society people are there. Indira tells them that they will be the judges and they will give justice. Everyone seems to be liking Hitler Ki Adaalat and Indira is happy.

In this case it’s saas vs. bahu. Indira is from saas side and Rishi from bahu’s. Saas and bahu have blamed each other for some Prannath going missing. Everyone thinks Prannath is a guy and they laugh when they find out that Prannath used to say with bahu sometimes, and sometimes with saas. Saas has to find murga because of some pooja and pandit is also present there.

Indira presents her case first. Rishi then presents his case. Rishi also thinks that Prannath is guy and Indira starts questioning him about Prannath appearance. Indira asks about colors of Prannath’s hair. With bahu’s help, Rishi is able to answer that question. Indira then asks about height, and Rishi messes up that question. He signs Radhe to go and bring something. Indira tells everyone that Prannath is not a guy.. it’s a murga (cock). And bahu killed him and ate that murga. Bahu refuses and says that she saw murga last time with the pandit. Rishi says that he can prove that bahu didn’t eat murga. Radhe brings a murga with exactly same appearance. Indira notices that murga is colored so he can look same. She shows that to everyone and episode ends.

Precap: Pandit wants to finish this case as quickly as possible. Indira asks him why are you rushing? Isn’t it like you have some information about Prannath? Pandit is quiet. She says seems like I will have to use my usual way. She takes off her sandal and asks him, are you telling now or?

Update Credit to: julia

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