Hitler Didi 20th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Hitler Didi 20th June 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 20th June 2013 Written Update

Indu was about to open the lock, but Ammu comes there with Jamna on the last moment and stop her. Ammu brings Indu in shouting at her. Indira hears and goes outside. Rishi and Munna also come there. Ammu locks Indu inside a room as a punishment. Indira takes Indu’s side and says to Ammu, I know you warned all of us not to go to that side, but Indu is a child in end and if she wanted to see the room, why couldn’t you? Rishi gets angry and asks Indira to stay quiet. He requests Ammu to let Indu go this time and he will explain her. Munna does a bit of comedy apologizing in his broken English. Ammu tells Rishi, it will be your responsibility to make sure Indu doesn’t go to that side again. And after that she lets Indu out. Indu comes out and hugs Indira straight away. She tells her that she is sure someone is inside. Rishi asks Ammu to sleep as it’s too late now. Everyone goes back to their room.

Vanraj and his police team come to Indira’s house to arrest Maher for making a child do house work and abuses. Maher threatens Saher before police take her. She says, your parents left you already, till how long these outsiders will support you? Radhe tells Saher not to scare and to be strong like hitler didi. He asks her to throw dirty water on her and Saher does it.

Outside Jwalaniwas, Ammu and Jamna are having a discussion. Ammu says for her house happiness matter more than anything else and can do anything to maintain it. She says, this secret won’t stay hidden for too long as Indu is very stubborn and Indira is very smart. She asks Jamna to send that person back if needed.

Indira is making Indu sleep. She hears someone knocking door of that room. She decides to go and check. While she is going, she sees a shadow and gets scared, but it comes out to be Indu and she has a sigh of relief. Indira tells Indu that she believes her now and she is with her. Both go to check what or whose inside that room. However, there is a lock on door and they don’t have keys. Indira takes rock and breaks the lock. They enter and place is dark and quiet. They are checking out the room, and suddenly they hear someone singing a song. Indira turns back and sees Munna passing by the room and singing. She is again relieved. They continue checking out the room and see baby clothes, a rope. Someone seems to be inside but not coming out.

Suddenly someone puts a hand on Indira and she is scared. This time it’s Rishi who gets angry at her as she came to the room despite him saying no. He says he used to have a sister named, Chamcham, who got pregnant without marrying and she prepared all those clothes and other things for her child. And then father of child left her alone. She then committed suicide using that same rope. No one knew about it except their family members and they decided to lock everything in a room. He asks her why do you want to bring this pain back in the house? Don’t you care about anyone? They leave from there, leaving door open. A lady comes out after they leave and enter the house.

Rishi, Indira, Indu come to their room. Indu is thirsty so she goes to drink water. The lady turns off the lights and it gets really dark. Everyone is worried. Rishi goes to check Indu. He finds her.

The lady enters Indira’s room and Indira is sleeping. Lady quietly puts room in a fire and Indira is stuck inside.

Precap: Indira is screaming for help. Everyone rushes to her room. Jamna sees the door of that barn room open and wonders if that person (she) did all this.

Update Credit to: Julia

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