Hitler Didi 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Hitler Didi 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 1st August 2013 Written Update

Indira tells Indu she is badi hitler, and won’t agree to any her condition. She asks her to come down. Rishi remembers Indu had done something like this in past as well, and he says they will listen to all her conditions. Indu’s 3 conditions are
1. Chicku will born in Sharma Niwas
2. They won’t leave Sharma Niwas
3. All family members will have to take their responsibility seriously so they can change bad reputation that they have in their society

After hearing to 3rd condition, Indira agrees to first 2 conditions, but says 3rd one Indu will have to make everyone agree and in case if she fails, they all will have to go to Jhanjhar. Indu agrees and comes down. Indira tells Indu, I am seeing that you’re one step ahead of me. I am proud of you. You’ve grown up

so much. Both hug. Rishi and Indira leave.

Indu has a tough task of making all lazy people work. She asks everyone to put bags back in their room. No one is moving. Indu then tells Vanraj to take out a wreath of money. Everyone wants that money. Indu says, person, who listens to me and who is best according to me, will get that. Everyone now runs to put their bags in their room.

In Inder’s room, both Inder and Kutumb are discussing about this and both of them want money. Indu is happy to know that her plan is working for Inder and Kutumb.

In Munna’s room, Sugandha wants money as well. She tells Munna to listen to what Indu says, but Munna says, I am not made to work and I am her uncle as well and I will show that to her. Indu listens and plans to do something.

Next day, Vanraj, in different avatar, comes to Munna’s window. He gives coke to Sugandha and is talking to her. Munna enters and he has brought a gajra for Sugandha. Sugandha smells it and throws it away. She says, it seems like you brought it from garbage. Vanraj now offers fresh flowers gajra to her, and she loves it. Munna doesn’t like this. Sugandha reminds him of his promise that he made during their wedding that he will earn money and take care of Sugandha. Munna says to Sugandha, you want money, right? Next time, instead of gajra, I will bring money for you. He leaves. Indu is under the bed. She comes out now and thanks Sugandha. Sugandha says, you’re doing this for our good so no need to thank. Both hug. Sugandha thanks Vanraj as well.

Rishi and Indira return from the hospital. Rishi calls out everyone and says that doctor told Indira to rest and eat properly as she doesn’t have enough blood in her body which could be harmful to Chicku. He says Indira won’t do any work now. Family gets tensed. Indira also wonders who will take care of everyone then. Indu says she will run the house, in end she is choti hitler. Indira laughs and then gets quiet. She tells Indu not to worry, but Indu already starts ordering everyone to go to their room. After they leave, Indu whispers to Indira, just see how everyone runs as if they are in horse race. Just let me use my brain. Indira gets impressed and tells her to carry on. They high-five. Rishi takes Indira to their room. Indira sees the wreath of money on the wall and wonders who did and whether they are real or fake. Rishi says, it must be choti hitler’s work.. leave.

Vanraj tells Indu, no one is doing any work.. if it stays like that then she will have to go Jhanjhar. Indu thinks of something.

Munna, in shirt and tie, comes to a rich person’s house with an insurance policy, but the guy refuses to sign that policy saying he doesn’t trust him and asks Munna to leave. Munna tries very hard, but in vain.

Indu brings milk for Indira. She doesn’t want to drink, but Indu forcefully makes her drink it. Indu then tells Rishi not to bother Indira else he will have to come to choti hitler ki adaalat. Rishi says, I won’t bother her. Indu is leaving, but Indira asks her to sleep with them. Indu asks them how they met and when they fell in love with each other. Rishi and Indira share their stories with Indu that they fought when they met first and then eventually fell in love. Indira was too busy working and earning for family and Rishi wanted to bring a smile on her face. Indu loves their love story. Very good scene.

Indu then asks if Indira’s family has always been like this. Indira says, no.. our family used to be very ideal. Your nanu (Inder) used to have saaree’s shop and used to work very hard. Your nani (Kutumb) used to teach katthak dance, but because of 2nd woman in Inder’s life, she left everything so she can keep an eye on him. Indu asks about Munna. Rishi says, he drinks a lot.. from morning till night. If anyone tells him that drinking alcohol is a work, then he will work that hard with honesty that he will become a millionaire in a night. Indu now asks if Rishi wanted to become a lawyer from beginning. Indira says, no.. he wanted to become a cartoonist. Indu laughs and cannot believe. She tells Rishi to show it to her. Rishi wonders whose drawing to make. Indu says, there are so many cartoons in our family.. choose anyone. They laugh.

Lastly, Indu asks, how did I come? and runs away. Rishi says, such a naughty girl. Indira keeps her head on Rishi’s shoulder and they sleep.

Precap: Indu says, finally everything has got fine in Sharma Niwas. Everyone has taken their responsibility on themselves. We see saree’s shop, Rishi’s drawings, and lastly Indira kissing Chicku and everyone playing with him. Indu says he’s so small and hugs Indira. Indu asks, what do you think… there should be a happy ending like this, right?

Update Credit to: Julia

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