History repeated Itself . Kanchi ff Part 2

Hello lovely people! First of all I would like to thank each and every one who commented…it really means a lot..Today I will add a new character Sanchi’s brother Sunny..who will be Shaheer Sheikh…( Thank you Riya for telling me this)

The story continues:
Aryan and kanchi left for college but in the midway their car broke down…
Aryan = Oh no! ? this car had to brake down now… What will we do..we will get late for  college on the first day.
Just then Kabir was passing by  with Siddarth and Siyali..saw them and asked 
Kabir = What happened? May I help you ?
Aryan = Actually sir our car broke down and we are getting late for our college..
Kabir = Are you talking about Savitri Devi college?
Aryan = Yes sir
Kabir = don’t worry…we will drop you.anyways we were going there as well…
Kanchi = Thank you so much sir..☺
They both sit in the car
Siddarth = Hello I am Siddarth…but people call me Sid..i am the most handsome in the college ?
Kanchi = Oh really ? it doesn’t seem to…if you are the most handsome then  I am the most beautiful..at least more than you.. stupid
Siddarth = Excuse me miss, I am the most handsome, you are nothing in front of me..chipkali
Kanchi=  what did you call me chipkali.. you Bandar…i am not taking to you
Siddarth = anyways who would like to talk with you
Siyali and Aryan were just looking at each other and smiling…looking at their fight
Kabir = you shouldn’t fight like this…you have grown up…be friends…anyways what are your names?
Aryan= My name is Aryan..and my Sister’s name is kanchi
Kabir = kanchi? Nice name
Kanchi = Thank you sir..
Kabir= your college  is here…good bye and good luck..nice meeting you kanchi and Aryan
Aryan  = same here sir and thanks for dropping us
Kabir = my pleasure

On the other side
Pragya with Satish and Isha with Veer came to Sanchi.
Sanchi = you guys here …i missed you so much..
Isha = we missed you too sweetie
Pragya = How are kanchi and Aryan?
Sanchi = they are fine
Veer = miss golgappa when are you Going to tell them about Kabir..they have rights to know about their father
Sanchi = No veer. After what Kabir did to me he is not the father of my children anymore…and if kanchi and Aryan know about him , they will start hating him a lot..
Veer = Don’t worry Sanchi…we are with you…if i ever see that Kabir.. I will hit him so hard…
Sanchi smiled but inside she was crying..
Riya while talking on phone
Riya = Don’t worry I will give you money…but don’t let them know Sid and Siyali are your children…you will get your money soon..
She hanged the phone

In college:
Everyone went to their classes..
Teacher : You all are going to grouped in 4 And will be doing projects all throughout the year…i have already decided who will be in the group just go and see
Kanchi and Sid together :  oh no ! ?
Kanchi : I have to stay with this Bandar ?
SID : and I have to stay with this chipkali ?
Kanchi glared at him.
Aryan: Come on guys you always fight…we are also in the group ..smiled at Siyali
Siyali : yes he is right, now let’s work on the project
Kanchi:by the way what is Sir’s name…he was really kind though
Siyali: our dad , his name is kab..
Then suddenly the teacher should lunch time
Everyone went into the canteen
Siyali was about to fall but Aryan held her by waist both were lost in each others eyes but then came to senses and parted away…
On the other hand

SID and kanchi were walking towards each other  but bumped into each other…but Sid held her by waist…as soon as be saw her..he let go of her
Sid: You! I thought I held a hot girl but you ?
Kanchi: Excuse me,  a hot girl won’t even come to you…because who would like to stay with a Bandar.? she started laughing ?? and went  away
Sid: I am not going to spare her..i have to think of a plan ?
The college was over…everyone went to their homes
When Aryan and kanchi went to their home they saw their Sunny mamu…they immediately went and hugged him
Sunny = How are you my gems?
Kanchi and Aryan = We are fine…hmm you are still very handsome
Sunny = I was born handsome..
Kanchi = but I need to find a beautiful girl..don’t  you think.?
Sunny = I totally agree with you..tell your mom to find me someone
Sanchi = Stop taking…and eat something 
Aryan =  A love or arrange marriage.
Sunny was about to answer but Sanchi answered…
Sanchi : an arrange marriage..true love doesn’t exist…tears started coming from her eyes…she ran into her room
Sunny in mind = I know what you have been through…but if I see that Kabir…he will definitely go to the prison…i won’t let my sister to suffer again and again..only I know how much she cried all these years and brought up Aryan and kanchi

Precap = Kabir to console Aryan and kanchi after knowing they don’t have a father…..Sanchi accidently bumps into Kabir and is shocked to see him…kabir thinks Veer is   Sanchi’ s husband

Ok guys that was it !
Thanks for reading

  1. thats so sweet of u tania for accepting my request & adding sunny in ur part……………thnx a lot dear………….. now, coming to the episode, it was FAB as usual……eagerly waiting to know what exactly happened in the past, resulting in separation of kabir & sanchi & of course, whose children r Sid & Siyali????………..so much suspense built by u & I’m loving it a lot……………I’m really falling short of words to describe how much an incredible writer u r……………luv u a lot………..

    1. Moonlight25

      Thank you Riya…for this loveliest comment…you comment always brings a smile to my face love you too dear

  2. Hema69

    eager to know about the past and how they sort out their misunderstandings and the reaction on kabir face when he gotta know about his children

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      Yes you will know it soon and thanks

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    Awesome tania…I agree there are twists nd turns that are the root of the story still I have a very sincere req pls just let Kabeer know that Kanchi and aryan are his children ; children’s of ka+nchi…! Coming to the epi it was jhaakkaaasssss in Anil Kapoor style ????

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      Thanks a lot Trisha…kabir will know soon…thanks for commenting…you are my biggest inspiration

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