His silent love – Chapter 13

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Chapter – 13 – Love? With a heart?


Twinkle (POV)


“I want a mushu too” Sarah laughed cuddling with Nat and Theo. I smiled at them grabbing another packet of chips. “Will you be my mushu?” She turned around facing Nat and kept her tiny hands on his cheeks squishing them.

“You.are.cuteee” she drawled pinching his cheeks and pulling his face to God knows what directions while the rest of us laughed at them.

“And you are a cute monster too” he breathed out after she finally left his cheeks and went back to watching the movie.

Sebastian, Maira and Chloe were sitting on the opposite couch with Jacob sprawled on the floor next Ben.

And me. Stretching comfortably on a large couch just for me.

And Kunj?

He was with his so called ‘Love’ aka Melody celebrating their two days anniversary.

Yayy! How cool.

After a couple of hours, everyone decided to go their rooms and call it a night while I was still not-so-anxiously waiting for Kunj.

“She’ll sleep with me tonight. Is that alright?” Chloe asks Maira looking at a sleepy Sarah and she smiled nodding.

“Goodnight, Twinki” after kissing everyone goodnight she came to me, “Don’t worry. He will be back”

This kid is not a kid.


Just go to sleep, Twinkle.

Why are you up so late waiting for him?

Who said I’m waiting for him? I’m doing my chemistry assignment.


Freaking peaches.

Why isn’t he back yet?

I jumped when the lights in the kitchen flickered and then turned on. I looked up seeing Kunj who was looking at me boggled.

“Why on earth are you still awake?” He questions frowning and I gulped hardly nervously looking around. “I-I wa-s just.. doing my assignment”

“In the dark?” He retorted crossing his arms. “What do you mean?” I tried to play cool.

You dumbass. He just turned the lights on.

“I just turned the lights on” He pointed out the obvious and I shrugged sighing, “I do my work in the dark. Any problem?”

“Nope. Not all” He smiled tightly walking towards me, “Happy to know you have like some extravagant powers to see in the dark” he exaggerated in a deep voice and I rolled my eyes.

He poured some water for himself drinking it while I examined his state. Hair dishevelled, dirt patches on his shirt, tired posture and eyes bloodshot.

“Where were you?” I mumble loud enough for him to hear and he blew out a sarcastic laugh, “With melody. Of course”

“Then why are you in such a state?” I pointed to him and he shrugged, “Tired? Oh. Melody is wild. Had a great time”

“What about those dirt patches on your shirt?” I furrowed my eyebrows and he smirked, “You can call it mud romance/s*x”

The heck…

“That’s not even a thing” I muttered closing my books and stood up, “Well, I hope you enjoyed your little mud romance. Goodnight”

“Wait..” He called out and I turned around, “Your phone. Someone’s calling”

“Love? Why have you named this contact Love? With a heart?” he frowned looking down at my phone and I looked on boggled too before plastering a sly smile on my face.

“I hope it makes sense to you that why would I save someone’s name as ‘love’” I bit back any harsh words which I was about to throw at him and he narrowed his gaze at me walking towards me.

Oh no.

Whenever he does this walking towards me thing, things never end up good.

“I hope you do remember what I told you last night” He speaks in a low tone quite dangerous to and I scoffed, “Oh, trust me. I do. But since that was all bullshit, I tended to not pay attention to it”

“Oh. And congratulations on your two days anniversary” I gave him a tight smile before turning around and walking towards my room.

Blast him.

What the hell is wrong with this guy?

Why is he so bipolar?

Opening my door, I went inside trying to calm myself but shrieked seeing Maira on my bed grinning at me.

“You scared me” I breathed out slapping the back of her head and she winced rubbing the area. “So did my asshat of a brother got mad after seeing someone called ‘love’ call you?”

“I don’t know. I don’t wanna talk about it. I so wanna kick his ass and-“ I stopped blabbering and turned to look at her pointedly. “How the hell do you know that?”

“It was me calling you. I changed my contact name in your phone a few days ago. I thought I might do this to see how Kunj reacts” she said smugly and I groaned.

“And then I came downstairs to get some water and saw you two making out-“ I cut her off in the middle gaping at her, “We weren’t making out. We were just… conversing”

“Ahan…” she smirked trailing, “So I thought it’s the perfect opportunity and called you. Then I came back here”

“And what exactly did you achieve by this?” I question crossing my arms and she gave me an evil smile, “Just had some predictions and wanted to see if they were correct or not”

“What?” I question dumbfounded and she shrugged already making her way towards the door, “Hey! Come back and tell me what that meant”

“Laterrr” she called out and I sighed flopping down on the bed.

Idiot Kunj and he’s so called stupid words and actions.


“I am a mulan girl. In the mulaaaan world” Sarah sang in a loud voice and I knocked on the door amused at how she changed the lyrics. After a couple of seconds, I heard a faint come in from the other side.

“Hey. I reall- oh my God!” I doubled over laughing leaning against door handle for support and heard a few groans and grumbles from Theo and Kunj.

“Quite laughing, flat ass” I immediately sobered up glaring at Theo who called me flat ass. “I’m not a flat ass” I rolled my eyes and was about to protest more when I felt a light smack on my butt.

“She’s right. Twinki has pretty round and soft peaches” Sarah’s soft voice came from behind me and I looked wide eyes with a flushed face.

Theo snickered and my gaze met Kunj who had smirk on his face. Typical.

“She’s quite right though” Theo yawned stretching and begin unpinning the bobby pins and head bands from his hair.

Oh. The reason while I literally choked on my own laugh.

Because Sarah was sitting there braiding their hair. Well, trying to braid their hair with sparkly colourful pins and bands.

“Shut up if you don’t have a death wish” Kunj muttered annoyed and slapped the back of Theo’s head who scowled at him. “Well, let’s leave these two s*x deprived creatures alone and complete your homework, Sarah”

Theo picked up Sarah in his arms and I glared at him, “At least enable your filter in front of a kid” but he like his five year old self stuck his tongue out at me and went out with Sarah.

“Hey! Get up lazy ass and help me out” I gestured at Kunj who groaned mumbling a fine and walked after me. “What do you need my help for anyway?”

“Oh yeah. It-“ I turned around and clashed into Kunj’s hard ‘as his heart’ chest and rubbed my nose vigorously glaring at his grinning face, “Ow. You are such a brat” I slapped his chest and he stood there unaffected still grinning at me.

“I literally squished my nose” I mumbled annoyed. He smiled and leaned down removing my hand from my nose giving me a light peck on my nose.

Aww. That’s so cute.

Oh well…

“Better?” he flashed me a smile quirking an eyebrow and I looked down flustered. “Shut up” I muttered a pathetic reply and turned around walking towards the backside garden.

I felt my lips quirk up in a small smile but cleared my throat pointing at the tables. “Theo said he’d be back to help but you have to push the tables out of that way” I told Kunj but got no reply.

“Kunj? You listening?” I frowned and turned to face him but looked on boggled at his fuming expression. “What’s wrong-“ words dried in my mouth as I glanced at the direction he’s facing.

Oh no.



Hello hello hello.

How are you all?

Yes, I do apologise for being the later comer alwaysss. But I have my 11th grade board exams started and it’s pure torture.

My mind is deprived of good ideas to write but I hope you enjoyed this chapter.

Give it a like or dislike. Or you can comment too.

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