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Hey Everyone !
Aamna Here ?

How are you people ?

I am here with a new concept of story ? I had been writing this on Instagram and now those who haven’t came across the story yet can read it here ?

So let’s start with a smile ?

                               ? TEASER ?

He is Innocent , unaware of the evil intentions of this world , his love is selfless , but this cruel world is adamant on ruining this innocent soul when he is even not known to the meaning of word evil… His love is Innocent and selfless for his twinkle .

But will this cruel and mean world understand his Innocent Love ?

How will he protect his Twinkle when he himself is unable to protect himself after that incident ?


She is his shield against this Cruel World which is adamant on ruining this innocent soul , She is his everything ?

She had stand against this world just to save him , She is his shield when he is her strength.

This cruel world and his own family members are the reason his this state today ?

Will she be able to avenge the people who are the reason of their destruction ?

How will she avenge the people who this innocent soul always considered as his priority and they only back stabbed him ?

How will she protect this innocent soul when another is growing inside her ?

How will she fight this world when her own parents will throw the biggest obstacle in their path ?


That incident shattered them ?

It turned their lives upside down ?

But will there love able survive these circumstances ? 

SHOT : 1


Screen is focused on a Lavish office building , it’s infrastructure made of glass , inside the office their is a hustle bustle all around as if a meeting was gonna start and they are waiting for their boss.

A women dressed in black top and jeans with a black blazer looking HOT entered the office , employes froze at their place , the lady was revealed to be the Devil twinkle.

As soon as she entered the office everyone was frozen on their places , fear visible on their faces , their was pin drop silence in the office.

Every single person in office is now scared from her , no one has seen her polite or calm in last one month , the once sweet and loving twinkle changed into Devil after that incident one month back where they had lost there boss , their pride.

They had never seen twinkle smiling like before after that incident , they had saw stern twinkle who had no emotion but no one knew her inner turmoil , how much ever broken she was she would never show it to anyone.

Twinkle walked toward’s the conference room along her PA Aman who was leading her there , as the door of conference room opened people inside were shocked seeing her , their faces went pale and sweat beads formed on their foreheads.

Twinkle smirked looking at their stunned and pale faces and walked inside taking her place on the head seat of conference table , the contracters were revealed to be Usha Sarna & Manohar Sarna along her so called parent’s Leela and Raminder Taneja.

Sweat bead’s formed on their forehead , they never expected her to be here , they thought after that incident one month back she would have been broken and shattered but here instead of broken twinkle a Devil was standing in front of them.

They thought they had succeded in their plan would trap twinkle easily and rule over whole Sarna Empire which Kunj had build all alone and it was the strongest empire in whole India and one of the strongest and biggest multinational corporations around the world.

They proceeded the meeting but all the time fear was visible on their faces , once the meeting was over , Sarna’s and Taneja’s left from their twinkle stood up from her seat and walked toward’s the side table in conference room , opening the drawer she pulled out a picture ,the picture was of Kunj , her eye’s turned glassy seeing his smiling picture in black office formal suits and him carrying her on his Shoulder’s looking a happy contended couple.

A lone tear escaped her eye’s reminiscing their memories and happy memories. She hugged his picture to her chest and fell on her knees crying her heart out finally letting out her emotions. For world she had become a Devil but none knew the vulnerable and broken twinkle.

She had lost her Rehunuma , Her Love , Her Life , Her husband , Her kunj cause of ‘THEM’ .

She spoke in a broken and sobbing tone bit anger and venom visible in her eye’s and tone ?

Tw : I Love You Kunj ! I Love you !Your culprits will have to pay for their deeds ! They are the reason why my sadu sarna is not with me today na , I will make them suffer the worst Kunj ! it’s your siyappa queens promise..

Twinkle wiped her tear’s again wearing the stern face of being the Devil for world and walked toward’s her kunj’s cabin where no one was allowed anymore.

His office was a luxurious yet simple , the interior of his cabin was what exactly his nature was , simplicity and calmness with a slight tinge of luxuriousness , A big picture of his and his Twinkle was hanging on main wall of the room.

He was back hugging her , they both were gazing each other lovingly when that picture was clicked which he choose to adorn his main wall of cabin.

Tears again formed in her eye’s as past memories hit her hard , his fragrance was still present in the room making her feel his presence as always around her.

Moving toward’s the big window wall which gave the view of whole city of Mumbai from his cabin , she crossed her arms against her chest and reminisced their moment’s together bringing a slight smile on her face ?


A Couple is Shown running in Whole Room , A boy is running after a Girl , fits of laughter and giggles echoing in the whole house ?

Kunj was running after Twinkle who was dressed in just his white shirt and blue shorts barely covering her thighs.. Kunj was bare chested..

K : Siyappa Queen stop ! I won’t leave you once I catch.

Tw : Once Catch me Sadu Sarna then we will see who will leave or not..

She said sticking out her tongue on him giggling and laughing..

Finally Kunj caught her winking at her.. Twinkle pouted Cutely ? Kunj chuckled seeing that her cute face , he pecked her pout.

A Smile appeared on Twinkle’s Lips..

K : Ab kon bachaega tujhe siyappa queen.

Kunj spoke smirking twinkle’s mouth widen and formed an ‘0’ but before she can react twinkle was in Kunj’s arms and he carried her to their bedroom.

They spended an intimate evening in eachothers embrace laughing and giggling.. moaning and groaning showing their Love and Passion for eachother..


Such was their happy and contended life until and unless those people destroyed their Life but they didn’t knew what all they did was giving birth to a Devil Twinkle ? Devil for her Love , for her Life.

Twinkle wiped tears of her face , thinking something a smirk appear on her face , their destruction awaited , DEVIL inside her won’t ever be cool down until and unless she destroy them completely ?


So here is the first shot of the story ?

I hope you all liked this new concept ?

But I will only continue writing this story if I get good response ?

I am to disappointed with such low response on FRIENDSHIP N LOVE and honestly after such low response I am not in mood for a while to complete the left over part of the story ?

Secondly as you people aren’t liking it anymore so there won’t be any epilogue and just the last shot with kunj’s reaction and yuvi’s punishment. Okay here are few thing’s that I need to clear ?

Okay so I have decided to discontinue UNUSUAL MYSTERIES & DILLAGI !

Yes I have thought to discontinue DILLAGI for a while as their are few changes I need to made and their is a bit change in story line with addition of cast , those who want to read dillagi can read it on Wattpad else you all have to wait for a while so that I can restart DILLAGI here ? 

Here is the Cover of this story ? 

So this cover is made My Twinny part 2 ? Ahaan not Aamu but Ammu ?

Okay here I will take leave and will continue this story only if I get good response ? 

Bye Everyone !
See you soon ?
Love you ♥️

Urs Aanu ?

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  1. It’s interesting ?
    I am excited to read this story ?
    This shot was amazing ?
    Please continue this story ?
    post soon ?

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you ❤

  2. Interesting concept ??
    Episode was emotional ? and confusing ?
    Where is Kunj ?
    Did he died ?
    And who is the hero then ?
    Loving this story ?
    Do continue ?

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you ❤

  3. Secret_Admirer

    Nice concept and start ❤
    Would love to read ahead and please don’t be sad about the response ? please I want an epilogue of the story to ? a request from a reader please an epilogue with happy ending ? and do continue this story to ?

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you ❤

  4. awesome
    waiting for our hero’s entry
    post soon

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you ❤

  5. Amazing shot
    Post soon
    No I want an epilogue of friendship and love
    Do post it soon
    Love u

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you ❤

  6. Hi Aman Di I have read this story on Instagram but as u know that if u don’t have a account on Instagram u cannot comment and like so I just read as I am not on Instagram but rally this is a best plot where twinkle is a angry young women I wanted da story like this and di plsssssss friendship wala plss psot kar do na Jin ke pass Dil and dimaag Hoya hai wahi toh comment karega na and Aapke ff toh like hi Dil se jaate Hain Dil ki feel Dil hi samajhta hai I love that story and AAp aise kaise story chood sakte Nahi plsssssss psot that story plsss love u take care

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you ❤

  7. awesome…Maine toh already read kr liya h Insta pe …but mai fir se comment kr rhi hu be cause meko Teri sari stories read krni h plz yr post kr de hmare liye jo Teri stories ko itna psand krte h ….or haan epilogue bhi chaiye meko….teri regular reader hu itna toh haq bnta h mera demand krne ka ….plz plz yr post soon ..
    luv u

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you ❤

  8. Sadhusirisha

    Is this ur 1st ff here ???
    When I was reading I thought it would be the continution of that ff I loved most ur ideology exactly matches that if but I liked it the most plz updated soon sry if u feel anything wrong but what I felt I commented

    1. Aamna_2690

      Continuation of which FF ?
      And it’s not my first FF ?
      Don’t know how many had I written till now ?
      Thank you ❤

  9. SSK

    Hey the teaser and the shot was totally amazing. I loved Twinkle in angry woman avataar, now waiting for hero’s entry. I just hope Kunj is fine, no issues with him and please also don’t kill him. It’s totally a new concept and I would love to read more from you. And please please please epilogue for your regular readers for friendship and love. Please post soonest as I really want to read all your FF’s.
    Waiting badly. 🙂

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you ❤

  10. Awesome amazing superb
    Just so lovely

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you ❤

  11. Superb amazing story
    Awesome start dear
    Aacha ye insta pr bhi h story me read krti hu aaj hi ??
    Aur haan madam epilogue me kanjusi mat kr tere ko post krna padega nhi to me tere ghr hi aa jaugi epilogue lene ke liye????
    Post soon dear
    Luvvvvvvv u

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you ❤

  12. Amazing start ??
    It’s quite intriguing ??
    Please continue ahead.
    Post soon.

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you ❤

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