A Hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (episode 4)

A hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (epi-4)
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The episode begins with morning. Raunak gets ready and goes to akshay’s house. He knocks the door. Radhika(akshay’s mom) opens the door.
Radhika: Raunak what happened? Did u want anything.
Raunak : no auntyji. I want to meet Akshay.
Radhika: Is anything serious.
Raunak : Nothing just a small fight. I came to apologize him.
Radhika : He is in his room. Go and speak with him.
Raunak : ji aunty.

Janki: Harish Raunak loves Kajal. Akshay hides it from me. But none can understand a son than a mother.
FB is shown.
Janki enters Raunak room. Raunak is sleeping and she sits beside him and touches his head and comes to say something but Rauank says “I love You Kajal”. Janki is shocked.
FB ends
Janki : Harish listen to me and do whatever I say. She says the Plan
In Akshay’s home
Raunak opens the door and goes inside and sees akshay crying. He goes and calls akshay.
Akshay hugs him and says “ I miss her” I miss her very much” and cries.
Raunak : What happened between u and kaira plzz say it to me.

Akshay : Raunak plzz don’t ask me when the time comes i’ll say .
Raunak: Akshay pls tell me I will help u.
Akshay: plzz raunak don’t ask me.
Raunak: It’s ok Whenever u want to share the matter I will be always there for u
Akshay : I’ll get ready in few minutes. U wait outside.
Raunak leaves.

In kajal’s house.
Kajal and kaira are preparing sweets and vinay packs it.
It’s evening
Kajal sees the clock and says” Kaira it’s getting late come soon.
Kajal is wearing a red and white salwar. She looks amazing.
Kaira and kajal send the sweets to raunak’s house.
Kaira and kajal comes to raunak’s house.
Janki comes there and sees Kajal and signs harish
Harish goes and scolds servants for arrangement of flowers. Kajal offers for help and gets flower plate from harish and leaves Kaira also goes for arranging flowers to help harish.
Raunak enters the house . He is typing something in phone. Kajal sees the flowers and comes. They hit each other ..Kajal slips down Raunak catches her . Flowers fall on them. Ishq bhulava song plays

Raunak is shocked to see her in his house.
Raunak : Kajal! What r u doing here?
Kajal : I came to delivery sweets. Sorry sir I spoilt the flowrers.
Raunak: It’s ok kajal. I’ll order flowers don’t worry.
Meanwhile Harish changes sweet plates and put all the sweets bought from kajal in dustbin.
Kajal returns and searches for sweets.
Harish : What happen Kajal?
Kajal: vo sweets plate
Harish : It’s inside the kitchen during pooja we can take and he leaves.
Kajal moves form there and takes her bag. Suddenly she hears Kaira calling her.
Kaira : Di di di Help me
Akshay comes there and asks what happened ?
Kaira says “Stay away from me”

Akshay : Always u can’t be correct let me help u.
Kaira : don’t worry I’ll manage.
Akshay forcefully lifts her.
Kajal and raunak rushes there hearing her voice and sees akshay carrying her.
Akshay takes him to his house.
He calls his father to bring first aid box.
He is applying ointment to sprain.
Raunak and kajal helps him. Akshay aska for bandage.
Raunak and kajal takes the bandage Raunak’s hands touches Kajal and they see each other. Raunak takes the hands. Kajal gives the bandage to akshay . Akshay ties the bandage. Radhika signs and calls raunak and asks who is Kaira.
Raunak : Aapki honnae waali bahu.
Radhika :Really Did akshay loves her.
Raunak : s but he avoids her for some reason.
Akshay : It’s getting late u go v will come

Raunak leaves.
Kaira: U go I’ll come with di.
Akshay also go with Raunak.
They goes to kitchen and they r shocked to see kajal’s sweets ther and houseflies are flying above the sweets.
Akshay takes a piece and smells and says it become old.
Rauanak finds Good sweets in dustbin and gets shocked.
Akshay : Someone changed the sweets.

Rauank : S v need to find it but before that we need to order new sweets. Otherwise they will spoil Kajal’ s nae and her reputation will be destroyed.
Akshay order new sweets.
Neethi gets the sweets get secretly and gives it to Raunak.
They change the sweets.
Everyone gathered for pooja.
Ranuak and Janki is sitting in pooja akshay sits back to him.Raunak keeps on stares at her.
Janki sees that and scowls Kajal.
Pooja is over .
Neethi and sanjana distribute the sweets.
The guests eat the sweets and say “the sweet is very nice”

Harish and Janki gets shocked.
Kajal is likely to leave.
Raunak stops her.
Raunak : Kajal :R u leaving.
Kajal: s sir.
Rauank : Where is Kaira?
Kajal: She left during pooja. She got injury so she went with vinay.

Raunak : so u r leaving alone.
Kajal: S sir.
Raunak: Can I drop u?
Kajal : no sir I’ll manage.
Raunak : No kajal It is not safe to go alone .I’ll drop u.
Kajal : Ok sir.
Raunak and Kajal are travelling in car. Raunak is driving car
Raunak: Waise bhi sweets r ice.
Kajal : Thank u sir.
Raunak: U look gorgeous.
Kajal: Thank u sir and she fells shy.
They reach Kajal’s home Kajal sys bye sir her phne falls down. They two go down to take the phone. They hit their heads.

They two says sorry in same time
Kajal: Bye sir.
Raunak: Ok bye.
Ishq Bhulava plays
Raunak is driving back he smiles remembering the incidents.
Kajal smiles and opens the door and hugs Kaira remembering the incidents.

Precap:Raunak and Kajal hugs each other

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  1. Santhiya today episode&precap is good.Its better than real one.But the character kaira is not seen in real.wats is it??

    1. I know but iam asking you the character kaira is not seen real silsila pyaar ka serial.Nyc precap itni jalthi rajal pyaar kartha hai.This story is real one our serial is not going to end

    2. Aparna i decided to bring pair for akshay but i don’t like anyone as akshay’s pair in silsila pyaar ki so i decided to add a new character. Is it ok

  2. she is from pyaar ka dard hai. Adi’s sister in pyaar ka dard hai

  3. Nice precap. Am waiting epi-5.

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