A Hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (episode 12)

A Hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (Epi-12)
Hi guys I am santhiya thank u for ur support. My first fanfic is possible only becoz of rajal fans. Thank u so much.

The episode starts with Kaira and Akshay speaking
Kaira: Akshay finally di accepted the job.
Akshay: ha yaar. Atleast now Raunak and Kajal got the chance to express their love.
Kaira: s but we should do something to bring them close.
Akshay: hmm. We should do something . (in mind how Kajal will express the love)
Kaira: hlo what happened.
Akshay: nothing. Shall we go.
Kajal goes to the seat. She takes the files and views and find something wrong.
Raunak in his cabin check the files and he suddenly sees Kajal through window and smiles. Teri Galliyan song plays

A man calls him he gets back and the man give some files he checks and finds everything correct. Raunak is seeing the files
The man: sir vo file aap pehlae dekhraithi vo old file sir. This is the correct file sir.
At lunch break
Kajal goes to canteen and opens her lunch.
Raunak and Akshay comes there. Akshay and Raunak sit in the same table where Kajal is sitting.
Akshay: Kajal tumhe yaad hai hum bachpan mein aise lunch share karte te. Shall we share today also.
Kajal: ok Akshay.
He puts the food in two plates and gives to both of them.
Akshay and Raunak find its spicy and shouts in spicy. Kajal takes the water and gives it to Raunak.
Kajal: sir aap bina drink water sir.
She cares Raunak and he coughs she beats in his head and Kajal slips Raunak catches her hip . They share an eyelock. The air blows .
Still Akshay is coughing and signs them. They gets back.

In office
Kajal knocks the door
Raunak: s come in.
Kajal: sir these files are wrong.
Raunak: what files?
Kajal: sir same files u gave me to check in that files everything is wrong.
Raunak: what?
Kajal: I got some files in manager’ cabin . The files u gave me r duplicate.
Raunak calls his office members and asks about the original files.
Everyone lies.

Raunak: if u r going to say the truth otherwise I will fire u all.
One office member: sir she is lying these r original files.
Raunak slaps him : Kajal can’t say lie anytime. I know her very well.
They all say the truth.
Raunak shouts on everyone and tells to prepare new and correct files.
Everyone leaves
Raunak: thank u Kajal. Thank u for bringing the truth.
Kajal: its okay sir it is my work. She leaves.

In morning
Kajal has reached office.
Kajal takes the files and goes to raunak’s cabin and sees that he is taking in phone and is likely to leave.
Raunak signs her to stop. She waits. Raunak ends the call and hugs Kajal and says “Kajal I got a big contract. Wow Kajal I got my dream. Thank u Kajal thank u so much.” Kajal smiles. Teri galliyan plays.

Precap: Kaira: di aap ko pyaar ho gay”.

Thank u guys for ur support. say ur suggestions pls so that i can correct my mistakes

  1. kajal loves raunak wow….n raunak hugs raunak its amazingggggg.

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