A Hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (episode 10)

A Hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (Epi-10)
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The episode starts with mamaji (harish) giving cheque to goons and says “ you got the payment so hereafter don’t come here”.
He comes to house.
Akshay stops him and asks where he is from ?
Raunak : vo Akshay he went to give payment to workers.
Harish leaves.
In janki room Harish: DI I gave money.
Janki: Did Raunak doubt on you.
Harish: No di in fact Raunak escaped me from Akshay.
Janki: Hmm so our planning is going well.
In morning

In kajal’s home
Kaira: Di where r u going?
Kajal: have u forget?
Kaira: what di?
Kajal: today I have an interview.
Kaira: di but u said me to do further degree then what di.
Kajal: s kaira but I said u too continue I should join a company and work hard to gain money to rduce papa’s burden.
Kaira: di but.
Kajal: it’s ok kaira.
Kajal leaves and reaches office for interview.
Kajal (to receptionist): Excuse me I came to interview.
Receptionist: Mam ceo sir is not here gm will interview u .
Kajal: ok Where should I wait?
Receptionist shows a place to wait.

After sometime.
Kajal: It has been so long y still he didn’t call for interview.
Kajal knocks the door. The gm tells Kajla get in
Kajal gives file to Manager.
He sees the files and insults her before her assistant and throws her file outside. Kajal cries and takes the files and scolds him and leaves.
Kajal reaches home and cries Vinay comes there and asks what happened she says about what happened in the office and hugs vinay and cries.
Kaira hears that cries and says” Everything is becoz I am a burden to her. I should find a way and make her happy.”
She calls Raunak and says everything .

Raunak: In which office she went o interview.
Kaira: (She sees the interview card ) RJ(raunak janki) companies.
Raunak: What?
Kaira: What happened Raunak sir ?
Raunak: it is my company. Don’t worry kaira I will offer Kajal a job. I will give her a job which would make her feel proud and happy.
Kaira: Thank u sir.
Raunak cuts the phone and goes to RJ office.
He goes there and scolds everyone and dismiss the gm from the office.
Here In kajal’s house she receives appointment letter from RJ companies
In evening
Kaira and Akshay meet at coffee shop

Kaira: Akshay I should thank Raunak sir for helping di.
Akshay: I know he would help her becoz he can’t see her sad.
Kaira: what?
Akshay: nothing.
Kajal joins them in coffee shop.
Raunak also reaches there. They have a coffee Kajal avoids Raunak. Raunak feels bad.Akshay and Kaira goes. Raunak pays the bill Kajal slips down Raunak runs and catches her. Tu hi hai ashiqui plays .They share an eyelock.

Precap: Kajal gets shocked to see that Raunak is the ceo of the company and writes the resigination letter.

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  1. kajal avoid raunak soooooo sad !!!!raunak still loves kajal how cute….

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