Hey roomie! -By Ninaku. Chapter 4

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“Oscar” Vicky calls and a Golden Retriever comes behind him with his golden hair shining in the sunlight.

Shivaay jerks giving an uncomfortable look and jumps on the sofa. “Dont you dare bring that dog near me Vicky” he says and shrinks his face.

“Hey, why do you say that.. look at him.. ain’t he cute.. is he your’s Vicky?? Anika asks combing Oscar’s hair.

“Yeah. He’s mine. But this dude here.. he hates dogs” Vicky says growling at shivaay.

“Correction, i dont hate them,i am allergic to it.” shivaay replies.

“And that’s exactly why i had to leave him home alone everyday before leaving for work. I just wanted you to meet him.” He says smiling at Anika. While shivaay distracts himself from the dog watching T.V.

“Aww… come here. Who’s the good boy.. who’s the good boy.. It’s you isnt it.. you isnt it” she dog-talks cupping Oscar’s face.

Shivaay took glances at her and smiles seeing her talk to a dog.

“Checking her out uh” Vicky asks getting himself settled beside shivaay.
“My foot!” Shivaay replies rolling his eyes.

“We got to talk only yesterday. But yeah, we are friends now” Shivaay adds.

“You’re serious? You guys are friends now?? ANIKA.. YOU GUYS ARE FRIENDS ALREADY???” Vicky screams and looks at Anika on the front porch.

Anika throws a curious face, “Friends??, we??? No chance” she says.

“We had a handshake” Shivaay says dropping his jaw.

“That doesnt make us friends. I just introduced myself. Listen.. it isn’t easy to become friends with a girl. And more particularly to become my friend” she says flipping her hair and walks out for her work.

Vicky holds his laughter and examines Shivaay’s nose.
“That’s a pretty big nose cut buddy” he says and starts laughing.

Shivaay smacks Vicky’s head and rushes to work. While Vicky leaves with Oscar to his house.

Shivaay was indeed put down when she declined his friendship. But he kept himself distracted with work.

“Kashyap, are the website links ready.
Naina, i want the product details submitted on my table by 5. Payal, the logo and the designs of the website must be perfect. Rohan and Ria i hope you guys have completed with your product delivery details. Come on guys.. i want good results this week”

He was pretty engrossed now. Shivaay’s OCD seriously gives him the mood swings. He always expects perfection in his job. So he kept checking the bills and orders frequently.

It was late by then. It was about time for the trainees to leave and to close the shutters of the work place.

While he was setting things right in place, and taking a quick review of the today’s work, he gets a ping in his mobile.

“Sorry for the late delivery. We’ll make sure this doesnt happen again. You dont need to pay this time. Hope you enjoy your pizza” reads the message.

He gets thinking and assumes that the message was not for him. He hops into his car and drives back home.

He enters inside and roams his eyes around the hall. The T.V was running with no one to watch and fan was switched ON too.

He hears a munching sound and tip toes to kitchen to see Anika quickly eating pizzas. 

“Youu??? Pizza???? That message??” he shouts.
While she throws a puppy face at first and then wides her eyes realising she’s caught.

“Ordering a pizza on my name and claiming it to be a late delivery and munching it for free uh??” He says in a single breath after mentally assuming the situation like sherlock Holmes.

She pulls out a clumsy smile and grabbs her ear with one hand and still munching the pizza on the other.

“I can immedietly call your place and inform about this. You’ll get fired for this.” He says.

“There are few steps to become my friend. Step 1- you always be on my side.” She says with a fake wide smile.

“No one here is so desperate to become your friend” Shivaay says and turns his face away.

Anika sadly pouts and puts her head down.

Seeing her and her antics, Shivaay smiles. “So Double cheese Margarita pizza is it??” He asks and sits beside her taking a slice of pizza in hand.

Anika looks at him and silently smirks. “Cheers” they both say hitting their pizza slices and continue munching without a word.

She gets a call from Gauri.
Anika signals Shivaay to munch it quietly and turns on the video call.

“Ahem ahem, Someone is getting all busy??” It’s been two days since you called me” Gauri gives Anika an irritated look.

“I was unpacking, idiot. I am Stuck between two jobs. I have no time for myself. I havent slept for the past two days..you know?? I still havent watched the latest episode of Game of thrones” Anika whines.

“You were watching it day before yesterday” Shivaay whispered with a shock. While Anika taps on his thighs signalling him to shut up.

“Enough of your acting, drama queen. I saw your instagram story. You watched it day before yesterday” Gauri rebuked with a tongue out.

“Now…show me around the house. I wanna see if you house is large enough to hold your 65kg body” Gauri says with a teasing tone.

“Im not 65 duffer. Im lean and slender. Stop with your jealousy Gauri. Just accept the fact that you are fat than me” Anika says with a smirk.

“NO, IM NOT” Gauri yells.
“YES, YOU ARE” Anika yells back.

“Fine.. you wanna see the house. Here you go” Anika says and takes Gauri for a mini trip around the house except shivaay’s room in her video call.

“So enjoyed the ride? How’s my house?” Anika asks raising her eyebrow.

“I knew you love my army trousers. So you stole it with you to Bangalore. But why did you buy boxers??? I saw them hanging on your cloth hanger?  ”
Gauri asks with a doubtful face.

Anika gulps in and looks at shivaay in her peripheral vision.

Shivaay signals her and acts like a zombie. They were literally playing Dumb Charades(finding movie names by acting it out)

“Zombie.. weird…. ahhh Halloween. Since halloween is around, im buying boxers for the neighbourhood little boy who asked me to buy one for his zombie costume” She says accordingly to his action and builds up a story affordable as a lie to cover up.

Gauri being satisfied with the reply,
“Fine. Ill call you later bubbye.. and stay the same fat, fatty” Gauri shouts and cuts the call.

Anika rolls her eyes and looks at Shivaay now. “What made you to help me??” She asks.

“Step 1: Always be on your side” he repeats her words and they both share a smile.

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