Hello Pratibha 5th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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In the night Pihu is sitting really scared thinking about the past events. Partibha comes and thinks of showing the letter but seeing Pihu changes her mind and decides to talk to her first. Partibha says to Pihu to not fight with the fear but to let it go. Partibha tells Pihu that she will fully support her but Pihu remains silent then Partibha shakes her and when she comes back to this world then Pihu refuses to say anything to Partibha. Partibha tells her that she knows that Pihu made a mistake on the vacation and she is facing that problem alone without talking to anyone and Partibha tells Pihu that she knows everything but how would Partibha help Pihu if she does not tell her anything .Partibha also tells Pihu that she will get justice for her from these blackmailers Partibha requests Pihu to talk to her and share everything. Pihu says to Partibha to forgive her but Partibha tells her that nothing will happen if they know the truth in fact it will be that the truth reveled itself to them and no one will get mad or ashamed of her and Partibha promises that no matter how bitter the truth or how big her mistake she will always remain by Pihu’s side and take her out of this problem .Pihu angrily says will Partibha support if she knew that because someone lost his life because of Pihu and her friends but Partibha confirms her that there is nothing to worry about now that the truth is before them and that Partibha will always be by her side. Partibha tells Pihu to see at her and says that even if Pihu had murdered anyone she would support her because Partibha knows that Pihu will not harm anyone without a reason. Partibha tells Pihu that she is a good person and so tell her everything so that Partibha can take her out f this mess .Pihu tells her that it because of an accident and that even when they gave the money to the blackmailer the person still demanded the money but this time only from Pihu and not her friends. Partibha tells her to calm down now that the truth is before them .Pihu now tightly hugs Partibha. Partibha tells now Pihu to eat the food and afterwards they will decide how to catch the blackmailers. When Partibha leaves the room then Sunidhi comes in and locks it and then says that it she knows that it was her fault and that she knows that if she had listened to her and not started to talk to her mother it would not come to this and Pihu is suffering because of her and it is her fault. Sunidhi tells her to forgive and that she unintentionally gave her the suggestion to run away but Pihu tells her that how could it be her fault when she did not even know of the problem Pihu was facing. Sunidhi then says that Pihu knows that if she knew of the problem then she surely helps Pihu. Sunidhi then tells Pihu to take rest and not take stress for anything. Partibha tells to Mahen that she fears that someone is trying to trap Pihu and her friends and that they must solve it Mahen asks Partibha and then she says by informing the police. Partibha says to Mahen that she knows that Pihu’s mistake is not worth forgiving but they must think that why the second time the blackmailer only demanded money from Pihu she was not driving the car even . Sunidhi comes and asks Mahen that they were talking about Pihu. Partibha then says that they must inform the police Sunidhi then tells us that they must try t solve the matter themselves and not suddenly inform the police Mahen also agrees to this and Partibha says that they must talk to the parents of Pihu’s friends. Partibha says that they must not pressurize them and she will talk to Pihu’s friends and Mahen will talk to the parents. Partibha then talks to Pihu’s friends and tells them to not worry about anything and that they will solve the problem. Mahen then says to the parents that they must as soon as possible take the case to police. Partibha then asks Pihu’s friends the date of the accident. Sunidhi meanwhile is very worried as to how to stop Partibha and that if she finds the clues then Sunidhi will be blamed and she will be out of picture and Sunidhi then angrily slams her phone and says that now she must think of something. Mahen says to Partibha that all the parents have clearly refused to go to police Mahen then says that he does not know what to do . Partibha says that she thinks that it was all per planned. Partibha then calls her friend who goes to the police and asks them to give some papers but then she calls Partibha and asks her to talk to Pihu first

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  1. LOL, will they sweep Sunidhi’s crime under the carpet like they normally DO!!!! Pihu also needs to come clean about all her actions. She is quietly sayin Naught!!!!! Sunidhi crime needs to be exposeD!!!!!

  2. Oh we all know this issue will be swept under the rug. When has Indian serials supported the good until the last 10 episodes of the show ending? There was actually one serial, I can’t remember which one, where there was constant support for the main character, it ended within 6 months because the evil person was not winning. It is the audience’s fault that we watch when the antagonist is supported rather than the protagonist.

  3. I hate sunidhi’s character . I cannot wait for her to be exposed.

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