Hello Pratibha 31st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 31st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Someone holds Namrita’s mouth shut, and says it is Rishi here. She is shocked to see him. He goes to switch on the lights, and throws flower petals on her. She asks him to come down, he kneels in front of her and offers her a red flower. She takes it, he kisses the back of her hand and says he wanted to give his girlfriend a red rose for the last time. She asks last time. He says from tomorrow, she will be his wife, his better half and not a girl friend. She asks if he would leave her ever, he promises he would never leave her. Both smile.
Pratibha was indulged in working, Mahen comes into the room, watches Kaashi asleep. He calls Pratibha, she says she forgot to make his bed. He holds her hand and smiles at her, she smiles back. He asks her to sit down, and says he came to take some papers here; what is she doing. Pratibha says some bills were left, she also had to label some packets. Mahen says he will do the calculations, she must go and put on labels; being a husband he can help his wife atleast this much. She looks at him in astonishment. Mahen says to Pratibha that he doesn’t have a younger sister, Namrita has fulfilled the gap in the last few days. He want this all well being an elder brother. Pratibha says she knows what relations mean to him, and as her her promise she will try to manage the marriage in perfect manner. After about an hour, Mahen asks Pratibha to sleep now. He looks at Kaashi, smiles and says his mother has been doing so much for this wedding to take place well, is even making up with Pushpa. It isn’t easy for her. Kaashi wakes up then and asks Mahen if he didn’t fell asleep. He says he is just going to sleep, she must not worry as her son wouldn’t let anything wrong happen. Mahen leaves. Pratibha says to Kaashi that Mahen is doing this all for her, she requests her to let this wedding take place well. He considers Namrita as her sister. Kaashi says she won’t let this wedding take place, she may do whatever she wants to.
The next day, it was Haldi function. Pushpa looks at her daughter with sheer love. Mahen smiled at all the arrangements. Peehu asks Anmol how does she look. He says she can never look like Namrita didi. It is sad Namrita didi will leave, she would also leave one day. Peehu says she will never leave this house.
Pushpa cries that her daughter has grown so old, she will go away from her now. She wants this all to happen and wants her daughter to be in front of her always. Namrita says she is getting married but she is her daughter, she is just a call away from her. Mahen sits besides Namrita and hands her a gift. She asks what is this, he says it is her dress for wedding. Pratibha says she can’t see it today. Mahen says it is a maternal brother’s duty but he is fulfilling this ritual as an elder brother. Pushpa says to Mahen she will always owe this to him. Kaashi calls upon them to do it urgent.
Pratibha whispers to Shalu to keep a deep eye on Namrita. Shalu tells her not to worry, she will stay with Namrita like a glu. Sunidhi whispers to Kaashi how much time will it take more, when will Namrita go to bathe and the blast will happen. Naina appears from behind the curtain. Sunidhi and Kaashi join her. Pratibha asks Namrita to go and wash herself. Sunidhi goes to stop Pratibha for dancing, and calls everyone to celebration. Pratibha enjoys. Naina says wow Pratibha, afterall you left Namrita alone, now you must see what she does.
Naina comes outside the washroom, she hears the shower from door.
Sunidhi watches Pratibha dancing, she says it seems Pratibha has forgotten why Naina has come here. Pratibha was about to leave, Kaashi stops her and dance a bit with mother-in-law as well. Kaashi fell dizzy at once and takes a seat. Sunidhi asks her to take control of herself, then have been successful easily in stopping Pratibha here.
Naina thinks once Namrita comes out of bath, she would see Naina can never compromise. Shalu comes out of bathroom, says she is done now, and Naina can go inside.
Kaashi wonders why is Pratibha enjoying so much, why isn’t she worried. Naina comes to announce Namrita isn’t in bathroom, her room and in the whole house. Pratibha says Naina is right.

PRECAP: Naina wonders where has she hidden Namrita. Kaashi says this means she has accepted the defeat as well, she must now leave the house immediately as she has been useless. Naina looks into Kaashi’s eyes and tells her to go to her son and tell him the truth, that this wedding was important only for him and not for them both. Both come to Mahen.

Update Credit to: Sona

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