Hello Pratibha 26th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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In the morning Sunidhi mother in law tells her that she is not doing everything because of Sunidhi but to get Partibha in control of her and to make sure that everything goes back to the way it was and then sh leaves and Sunidhi slams the pot on the table when suddenly bubu comes and Sunidhi scolds him but seeing Sanjeev she hugs him and says that she knows what he wanted to say to her and pretends to cry and that he wants her to stay with him but she has to go to his grandmother’s house and that she wishes that he could also come with her but what he has his father who also loves him then Sanjeev comes and tells bubu that they both will drop Sunidhi at their grandma house. Then Partibha comes at the medicine shop and finds a long line of people and then her mother in law also calls her and tells her that she cannot find her medicine and if something happens to her then it will be Partibha’s fault but Partibha tells her that she will not let anything happen to her and will come before eleven then she takes the medicine and gives it to her mother meanwhile the doctor tells Mahen that her father in law suffered attack and this must not happen again and that they must bring him to the hospital regularly for checkup otherwise he is ready to go back home where he will recover quickly. Partibha quickly goes back home where her mother in law is waiting for her and tells that she has finally returned. Then Partibha gives her the medicine and then when she is about to leave Her mother in law tells her to prepare food for as what she made in the morning was not good then Partibha says that she will make food for her but after that she must take food back to the hospital. Then when she is preparing food her mother calls and Partibha asks about her father’s health and she says that he is okay but she feels scared then Partibha tells her to b patience and not to worry as she has prepared the food and is soon coming to the hospital. Then Mahen calls and is shocked to hear Partibha and tells that she does not have to pick up their children but Partibha tells her that she will pick them up and he has nothing to worry and must work. Then Sanjeev and Sunidhi go to her mother’s house and she asks Sanjeev to stay but at frst he declines then on the persuasion of Sunidhi he accepts. then her mother tells that she will bring tea then they wait but then Sunidhi asks Sanjeev to remove her necklace then suddenly her mother comes saying that she has prepared the tea but Sanjeev declines saying that they must go then Sunidhi mother says that she did not wanted to say anything but it is not right to take a child from her mother then Sunidhi says that if Sanjeev does not want her in the house then she will not go. Then in the night Partibha and Mahen are in their room and Mahen says to Partibha that she looks stressed and when he decided to help then Partibha declined and she is stressed. then Mahen says that he wishes that Partibha’s mother and father can come to their house and stay with them then Partibha says that she does not want that anything wrong should happen in the house after what happened then Mahen says that she must not think about Sunidhi must agree to bring her mother and father with them in their house then they both make sure that Partibha‘s mother agrees to and after that Mahen also makes up her mother about this plan. Then Mahen’s mother leaves and when Mahen says that he wants to bring Patibha’s parents she refuses then Mahen angrily says that is she does not allow him to bring his mother in law and father in law to their house then he will leave the house on this his mother panics and drops the tray and says that he will leave his mother and Mahen says that he will because Partibha;s mother and father need him more at the moment and he must serve them at the moment and Mahen looks at the door to find Partiba standing and crying.

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  1. Kaashi the bat LOL……..

  2. U are 100per cent right kaashi should be locked away with that wench sunidhi all they know is to make trouble what’s with mother in laws we are better off without don’t get me its allways about them when do the inlaws of the girls matter really this show needs to end coz its one lame story line after another guess the writer is highly confused herself

  3. Kaashi de is no place in hell for u

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    I hate kasshi she is a little good for nothing witch

  5. Kaashi the witch.punish her

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