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Mahen asks Pratibha to bring any proof she has because he doesn’t like to be pointed by juniors. Pratibha goes to get the proof, and in the room she brings about the letter and the fashion magazine. Kaashi also comes there, Pratibha brings the magazine and the note. Sunidhi is shocked watching this. Pratibha shows Mahen the letter of the blackmailer, she shows Mahen the alphabets cut from the magazine. Sunidhi gulps. Kids also come forward. Mahen opens the magazine, then looks at Pratibha unbelievingly. Pratibha watches the magazine, Sunidhi smiles and says what she thought, she is so weak; she has changed the magazine a long time ago.
Pratibha asks Mahen to trust her, all the alphabets had been cut from this magazine. She searches inside the magazine and looks at Mahen, then Sunidhi. She takes Sunidhi’s phone from her hand and says she has been in touch with the blackmailers regularly, she searches for the numbers then looks at Sunidhi who smiles victoriously. Sunidhi says how she would find the number, she got the call for the first time yesterday that Pratibha had made them do her. Sunidhi cries that Pratibha wants to defeat her as she got her search of blackmailers stopped. She joins her hands to Pratibha not to blame her and cry. Sanjeev caresses Sunidhi.
Kaashi says to Pratibha she must now stay silent. Sanjeev says to Mahen he wasn’t like this and never took a wrong decision, he has always kept the family as one, what happened now. Kaashi says only Pratibha has to be blamed, she did this to Mahen. Sunidhi asks Kaashi to calm down, as this will disperse the family. Sunidhi asks Sanjeev that he had promised her not to hate any family member. Mahen looks at Pratibha, Kaashi asks him not to stare at her now, if she isn’t in his control he must send Pratibha to her parents. The kids come to stand with Pratibha. Peehu shouts at once, she says no one will utter a single word against her mom, her mom didn’t do anything wrong. She says her mom was right, she points her finger at Sunidhi and says she was wrong. Peehu says Sunidhi is lying, there is a fight at home daily because of her. Mahen asks Peehu to calm down, Peehu asks him to let her speak today, she is right, Sunidhi always posed to be her friend, and she left home only because Sunidhi told her to. Peehu says Sunidhi is jealous of her mom else her mom had become a superstar. Sanjeev asks Peehu to be quiet. Peehu hugs Pratibha. Kaashi says this is what Pratibha had taught her kids, Mahen must not wait and push Pratibha out of the house today. Mahen says he didn’t expect this from Pratibha, his maa is right. Pratibha looks at him in shock. Mahen says Pratibha not only destroyed the peace of home but also made the kids disrespectful. Pratibha asks what he wants to say, should she leave the home. Mahen nods. Pratibha drops the magazine in hand.
Pratibha comes to her room, everyone’s word echo in her mind. She gets her mom’s call then and asks about her papa. Her mother asks did she tell Mahen everything. Pratibha overlooks it, and asks when is her papa getting discharged. Her maa says he will come home till evening. Her mother asks about what Mahen said. Pratibha says she didn’t speak to him, but her maa says Pratibha hasn’t learnt to lie even today. Pratibha cries and tells her maa nobody believed in her, not even Mahen. She says it was wrong that she told everyone. Her mother says that soon the truth will come to everyone. Pratibha says that relation will lose themselves till then, she tells her mother that Mahen told her to leave home. Her mother is worried, then tells her to calm down.
In the room, Sunidhi says to Sanjeev he has seen the true face of Pratibha today. Sanjeev calms Sunidhi down, he says he didn’t know Pratibha hate her so much. He assures nothing will happen to Sunidhi until he is here and hugs her.
Pratibha was packing, Mahen comes to the room. Pratibha turns and thinks she knows he has come to stop her from going. Mahen comes and asks if she is done with packing. Pratibha says yes, Mahen asks when she has to leave. Pratibha says in a while. He says he will drop her. Pratibha was going out of the house, she turns to see her kids crying. She cries hard herself.

PRECAP: Pratiba says to Sunidhi that she now wants to come back to home, she has realized her place is only in her house, till her family.

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  1. Stupid Writer, Pratiba had a good chance to reveal the truth to family but NO she had to act Judge an jury, what rubbish an now that devil has gone against her , total crap if u ask me, not interested in watching this shit anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What nonsense with sunidhi.she is a b*t*h.it will take weeks before the truth come out.sometimes I can understand this writer.she is negative

  3. It is very obvious to me that this writer supports EVIL over good, or this evil character, sunidhi would not always get her EVIL victory. This disgusts me. I used to like this show, & thought that Pratibha was finally going to get her worth in this family, but, noooo, evil wins again. I can see this show ending very soon.

  4. It is rubbish story. Writer has no sense of making believable story. This story is about psychopath character Sunidhi. My tolerance has crossed it’s limits. We will stop watching.

  5. And when the truth comes out they will forgive sunidhi and that would be the end…..pure shit.

  6. Mahen stop being so foolish and learn to trust your wife for once, and btw I thought pratiba have legal rights on that house so why should she have to leave.

  7. I think this is a plan by mahen to catch sunidhi

  8. Aprilangel is correct. The house belongs to Pratiba so all including Mahen have no right to
    kick her out. Mahen is not a man of the house where he should stop his mother calling
    Pratiba Jumkawali. He should also know that his mom attitude is not good to his wife.

    Deb is right the writer is for Sunidhi not for Pratiba.

    This show was good at the beginning – not anymore. The grade for this show is 0.1%.
    My mom would tell me why waste your time watching this horrible show. Sometime, I
    feel why Indian Channel has so many negative rolls only thinking how to hurt people.

  9. Would the truth ever come out. looked at what happened with Rajveer and Kritika in Jamai Raja. Does Raj mother know the truth about her daughter and son-in-law? What is happening is not even suspense any more.. It makes for a boring feature. Parts of the plot is never closed…The same is happening in qubool hai…. everything is just dragged alone.. the protagonists are all winners… they never suffer defeat.

  10. I would not have taken a ride with Mahen, besides Pratiba owns half the house. Why did she have to leave? She should have brought to their attention about the fake injury the same time she saw it. One time it was the left leg another time it was the right. She never checked Pihu’s phone for anything. She picked it up and put it back down….. Why is the writer making her out to be so stupid I do not know. Why is Mahen behaving the way he does with his wife.. I do not know.. Why is Pratiba telling that witch that she wants to go back home? She should drive her a slap that started since yesterday and ends tomorrow. Give her something to go and complain to her husband about… Who are these writers??????

  11. As usual the writers think we are stupid – then again the main characters always let us down. In qubool Hi the real Sanam is being dumb, and so is Siddarth In Jamai Raja and Pragya in Kum Kum Bhagya,

  12. Sunidhi needs to get a thrashing of her life then she will learn where her place is! I dont get why these writers are punishing Prathiba so much?? Didnt she suffer enough already? And BTW why does she have to leave Her home? And to top it all off, they have her begging that witch to let her go home. Im done with this crap! Its drama, i get it but come on, only Prathiba has to suffer. Smh!

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