Hello Pratibha 16th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Hello Pratibha 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the night Partibha is standing in the hall and thinking how Sunidhi challenged her that she will not be able to tell anything that she was the one who was blackmailing Pihu and then Partibha calls her mother to whom Partibha tells that the one behind Pihu’s incidents was Sunidhi and her mother is also shocked to hear this news and Partibha tells her that because of Sunidhi her Pihu suffered so much for so many days and she was not able to catch her even when she was in front of her eyes her mother tells her to tell everything to Mahen but Partibha asks how can she do it knowing that the most important thing to mahen is to keep the family united but her mother tells her that she cannot fight this war alone and she needs the support of the most important person in her life who is her support. Partibha tells that if she tells the truth she may not destroy bobo’s house by taking away his mother but her mother says that she will not be pulling him away from his mother but telling everyone the truth and by telling the truth she will make strong the bonds of relations in her family. Partibha’s mother tells her that how can anyone sleep well by snatching away the right to sleep from their niece. Partibha’s mother says that Sunidhi by doing this wrongful act shoed that the value of relationship does not mean anything to her and that the only relations which flourish are based upon trust and understanding. Partibha says that her mother is right and she will tell everything to Mahen meanwhile Sunidhi is crying and Sanjeev is trying to calm her and she tells him that he must promise not to tell the thing she is about to say to him. Partibha comes and Mahen asks about her father’s health and she says that the doctor has told for complete bedrest for him and Mahen thanks god that he is alright Mahen then sees Partibha worried and asks if she has anything to say as she looks worried and she then tells Mahen that Sunidhi is the one behind Pihu’s blackmailing Mahen gets angry .When Partibha tells Pihu she starts crying and says that why will she do this as she trusted Sunidhi more than her mother. Mahen tells that he will talk to Sanjeev and they will no longer have to worry about Sunidhi. Mahen tells to Sanjeev that he wants to talk to him about weather he knows what Sunidhi has done but Sanjeev says that weather Mahen knows what Partibha has done. Mahen gets angry and asks what but Sunidhi talks in the way and says that Partibha is making a false accusation against her about blackmailing Pihu but Mahen shouts and tells her that he knows the truth but Sunidhi says that if he knows the truth then why not ask Partibha why she went to visit the blackmailers. Partibha suddenly comes and says that she is here then Sunidhi says that Partibha wants to say that Sunidhi was working with the blackmailers and she says yes. Sunidhi says that they must call the blackmailers and ask who gave them money to blackmail sunidhi.Partibha says that she went to blackmailers to to make her tell the truth. Sunidhi says that they must call the blackmailers and tell them to come home and tell everyone the truth. Mahen says to Partibha to call the blackmailers but the number is not working and Sanjeev says to Mahen that instead of getting anxious and believing that a lie is the truth. Then Sanjeev tells Partibha that she must not blame anyone without a proof and what proof does she have if any then Partibha says she has a proof and brings a letter from the blackmailer and Sunidhi’s magzines and tells Mahen that the letters of the note were from Sunidhi’s magazines.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. How stupid can Pratiba be, she shud hav exposed Sunidhi when she met wit the Blackmailers, she shud realise dealing wit a snake like Sunidhi n now after they want to drag this stupid storyline wit Sunidhi further by making the 2 brothers fight wit each other, what stupid story, so fedup of these stupid writers. Wake up here, we watch these serials to realx an enjoy but u ppl stress us even more!!!!! NO NOT INtErested in watching this shot wit sunidhi anymore!!!!!!!

  2. I totally agree SA i haven’t watched most of these serials in awhile and it seems i’m not missing a thing

  3. pratibha too stupid wh she didnt expose sunidhi
    when she had the chance

  4. I think zee tv in general should stop show all these stupid things cuz after the first part of the show it start goin stupid and senseless

  5. You are all so right – the ZEE serials all seem to have lost the plot of good storylines – Do they only enjoy taking our money and given us rubbish

  6. I expect it is a dream

  7. I just watched today’s episode. Unbelievable what a stinking liar sunidhi’s character is. I really liked this program but now I think Indian writers favor only evil. It disgusting to continue feeding this rubbish to the public.

    1. Rightly said Deb.What kind of examples are really learned from this nasty ,lying wicked woman.

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