Hello Pratibha 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mahen was annoyed from Pratibha that she changed her decision to show her talent. Sunidhi says in front of Kaashi and Sanjeev that Pratibha is creating a more drama than any drama serial, she pities on Mahen that Pratibha annoys her even when he has come tired from shop. Kaashi says she is right, she thought Pratibha has changed.
Pratibha sits and cries saying I am sorry Mahen, I know I have hurt you a lot today but what I can do, I can’t bring about the courage to sing. She says she knows she has not been able to come upto his expectations today.
Mahen was driving in the car when a truck comes in front of him. Pratibha wakes up shouting Mahen’s name and realizes it was a night mare. She watches Mahen’s bed empty by her side, it was 6 o clock. She goes to check for him, and calls him in washroom. When he doesn’t reply, she wonders where he can go. She looks for him in the house calling his name; worried she goes to check out where Sanjeev was working out. He says good morning to her, Pratibha tells him that Mahen isn’t at home. Sanjeev gets worried at once and says he didn’t see him as well. Pratibha tells him she has checked in the whole house, in sheer wariness. Pratibha asks where can he go at 6 in the morning, without telling anyone.
Sanjeev says if he is out, he must have taken the mobile along. He comes inside, Pratibha runs behind him. His number was powered off. Pratibha is worried much. Sanjeev tries his number again. Kaashi comes and asks what happened, why they both are worried. She asks Pratibha to bring her tea and ask Mahen to drop her to temple. Sanjeev tells Kaashi that Mahen isn’t home, Kaashi looks at Pratibha. Sanjeev tells Kaashi the whole story. Kaashi says to Pratibha that she has been flying much high in quest of her freedom, her son went out of home only because of yesterday’s drama. She warns Pratibha that she won’t leave her if Mahen gets a single injury because of her.
Namrita cheers to see Pratibha’s call, she gets worried listening to Pratibha and tells her not to take tension. She promises to come home soon and asks her to keep informing her. Rishi comes out and asks what happened. Namrita tells him that Mahen is missing, they must go now.
Sanjeev asks Pratibha to call the shop, Mahen might be there. Pratibha asks Chotu if his boss is there at shop. He says no, he hasn’t. Sanjeev asks Pratibha not to worry, he will ask Ashvind. Ashvind says Mahen isn’t there. Pratibha was crying, saying Kaashi is right about her as she is the reason for hurting Mahen. She wonders where has Mahen gone, she says she didn’t care about him being lost in herself. She cries to forgive her.
Sunidhi says to Kaashi she is much tensed, they couldn’t know about Mahen. She says they must inform police. Pratibha was crying in a corner. Kaashi also says where did Mahen leave his mother, it was the worst time she brought Pratibha home. Sanjeev stops Kaashi. Sunidhi asks him to call police station. Sanjeev says Mahen can’t take any such step in anger. He might have gone somewhere for an important work. Namrita and Rishi come home, Namrita hugs Pratibha. Rishi asks Sanjeev what happened, Sanjeev says he is calling police. Sanjeev tells the police that his brother is missing. The inspector asks how old he might be. Sanjeev says around 40 years.
The inspector checks in his register and says there was a case registered today. Sanjeev asks accident? Everyone gets worried, Pratibha can’t take hold of herself. The inspector says the dead body of the man they found is also around 40. They are even shocked. The inspector asks them to come to police station with id proof for recognizing the body. Pratibha cries, disbelievingly. Sanjeev holds Kaashi and asks Rishi to go with him. In the police station, the inspector tells Sanjeev he is lucky it isn’t his brother. Sanjeev says thanks God, still if they get any information they must inform him. Pratibha blames herself saying if she hadn’t fought with Mahen, he wouldn’t go out. She shouldn’t have argued with him, she was worried what to tell the kids about him. Namrita asks her not to blame herself. They don’t think she has any mistake in all this. Sanjeev says Mahen said in front of everyone that she is his identity. He must be doing something good, wherever he is. Pratibha says wherever you are, Mahen please come home.
Pratibha comes to the temple, Namrita comes behind her. She prays for Mahen’s safety and return.
There Mahen reaches a temple and prostates there. He takes his thaal and begin climbing the stairs of the temple that were hundreds in count. He remembers about his lady customer’s words that if it is one of your owns he won’t let you do it, but it is only one’s heart’s thing and isn’t told to anyone. Mahen prays to Goddess to return Pratibha’s self-confidence. He begin climbing the stairs bare-feet. It was a difficult prayer which he was doing as the sun shone on head, a lady offers him water but he says he will drink water after his prayer has ended. He finally reaches upstairs and prays. He prays for the self-confidence and courage for Pratibha to prove herself.
He says she has done a lot for them all, now she must get that courage to fulfil her dreams, may she be gifted with the wings to fly in air.
At home, Namrita brings food for Pratibha while she sat lost. Anmol cheers seeing Mahen and runs to him. They all go to him, Mahen hugs his children. Kaashi comes and hugs him too, Sanjeev and Sunidhi are also relaxed. Pratibha starts crying again watching Mahen, calls his name aloud and runs to him. Mahen hugs her, not understanding, as she cries hard.

PRECAP: Pratibha promises to Mahen that she will go to auditions for sure. Ranchi auditions begin, Mahen and Pratibha come there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Lots of drama today.This show starts banging,Good

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