Hello Pratibha 14th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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In the morning Pratibha brings tea for Kaashi. Kaashi says if she had less responsibilities that now she is going to teach children as well. She asks Pratibha not to overlook anything, but she won’t be able to fulfil all the responsibilities. She says she doesn’t want anything neglected in her household. Pratibha tells Kaashi she will have to take the class only for two hours, she will manage. Mahen stood aside and smiles at Pratibha.
Pratibha bids bye to kids, she comes to her mother and says she is nervous. Sushma says she is a mother of two children. She blesses Pratibha and Pratibha leaves. Sunidhi hears this all and comes to Sanjeev saying only this was left to happen in this house. Sanjeev asks what such is happening. Sunidhi says Pratibha and Mahen already own half of the property, he must ask Mahen that he needs an equal share in the property. Sanjeev says they will never have to beg in front of Mahen or Pratibha, she must not think negative else this will affect the health of their child. Sanjeev leaves, but Sunidhi says she will take her share by hook or by crook.
In the class, Shubda ji thanks Pratibha for accepting her offer. She says Pratibha’s nervousness will end in a day or two. She introduces Pratibha to the class and tells she is leaving her class onto Pratibha. Pratibha takes the seat, Shubda ji leaves the class blessing Pratibha. Pratibha begins the class. The students hear her keenly. She takes up the responsibility of the house as well as the academy. After first month, Shubda ji hands Pratibha her cheque.
It was night, Mahen was sitting with a magazine when Pratibha shuts his eyes from behind, she was excited and shows him her first cheque. He hugs her. They hear Kaashi saying that they must reduce the expenses of house, if they can’t shut the fan off they must light the candle. She switches the lights of the rooms off. Pratibha and Mahen come to see Sushma struggling to read in candle light about the medicines. Mahen shouts at Kaashi and switch the lights on. He asks what she is saying. Kaashi asks him not to interfere. Kaashi says this is her house, only what she is saying will happen. She says their house expenses are increasing, they can’t take money from guests but the guests must share the expenses in house. Pratibha questions Sushma why they suffered this all. Sushma says Kaashi is right, it isn’t even this hot to use AC or fan, and they must share Kaashi’s expenses with her. Kaashi says to Pratibha even Sushma knows this, but Mahen tells her that she left him with no respect in front of his parents in law. How bad they must be feeling about a son in law who brought them here on insistence. Kaashi says it is Pratibha who has been unable to take care of her parents well here.
Pratibha says to Kaashi she is right, she has been unsuccessful. Kaashi says when she accepts her defeat she must agree that she can’t be a daughter and a daughter in law together. Mahen stops his mother saying she must never forgive he was the one to bring Pratibha’s parents here. He says Kaashi made this a game only to defeat Pratibha. Kaashi says he must not forget what was the bet between them, he must not forget she is only doing this for the betterment of this house. Mahen says he won’t argue her as it is useless. He is ready to shift Pratibha’s parents into a new house, but only on one condition that she won’t stop Pratibha from meeting them. Kaashi says she will accept his condition only if they leave the house tomorrow morning.
In her room, Pratibha says to Mahen that Kaashi is right. She could neither be a good daughter nor a good daughter in law. Mahen says she would have defeated only if Papa had been unwell. He says he considers this a victory of hers. Pratibha says the parents who brought her up and whom she brought with so much force into her house; she won’t be able to meet them if they don’t leave the house tomorrow. Mahen says it was decided they aren’t going to stay here forever, it is good Papa is leaving healthy. Mahen assures Pratibha he will find a house for them tomorrow. Pratibha asks him not to say no that she will also pay for their rent, only then she would be peaceful that she fulfilled the rights of a daughter as well. Mahen holds Pratibha’s hand and says he will bring Peehu up in a way that she becomes a daughter like her only.

PRECAP: Pratibha calls Mahen to ask if the house was arranged. Mahen says he is here at the property dealer, it would be done soon. Kids and Pratibha come to Sushma who asks that it is about evening, didn’t Mahen call.

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  1. ‘BABY’ stop listening to your MAD wife, she truly needs to b put ine a mad house wit ur mother!!!!!!!! PRATIBA u ar a ROCKSTAR Bahu!!!!! And daughter , ur parents brought up the BEST daughter inlaw in the whole world, if any 1 has a daughter/ inlaw like her, they ar truly blessed. Hope the daughterinlaws of 2day learn frm Pratiban she is a true inspiration to all woman!!!! Well done Pratiba an Mahen ‘ Best Jodi of 2015

    1. Oh yes Pratibha is the best daughter in law in these serials.Urmi ia also a good daughter in law.

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