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The girls thanks Peehu for the party in the restaurant, Peehu was flattered and says it was all her pleasure. She is shocked to get the bill worth Rs. 3800, and thinks she only has Rs. 2000, how will she fill this bill. Sunita asks the receptionist about Pratibha showing her picture on mobile. She asks her to check in her register, but the nurse says she isn’t here. Pratibha walks in the corridor when suddenly she hits Pushpa, Pushpa is shocked to see her. Pushpa says her bag has fallen, her associate picks the bag for Pratibha. Sunita watches this and takes the photo of her and leaves. Pratibha asks Pushpa how she came here, Pushpa says that is her age one must get her check up done sometime. Pratibha says she also came for her mother’s checkup here. Pushpa asks if she got her answer, Pratibha

was quiet. The associate tells Pushpa that he will wait for her outside and leaves. Pratibha says that she is sure that Mahen loves her and values her as well. She just want him to learn to express his love, she isn’t sure how it will happen. Pushpa says that if needed, she may call her. Pratibha tells her to take care of herself and leaves. Pushpa is relieved.
Peehu counts money in her purse and is worried. She smiles and asks one of the girl to get the driver bring the car while she pays the bill. The girls leave, while Peehu is worried and goes to the counter. She asks the manager to help her, as she has some less money. The manager says he isn’t interested in her please, she says she will pay her rest amount in an hour. The manager looks at her watch and asks her to leave it here. Peehu denies saying she is sorry, but the manager says he can’t let her go without the payment.
He warns her that he will call her father then. Peehu thinks about Sunita’s possessiveness about the watch, then hands it to the manager.
Pratibha comes to hospital room where her papa fed sweet to her maa. Her maa asks had he made her eat sweet with such love. Pratibha smiles looking at them. He maa thanks Pratibha at the hospital door, Pratibha instructs the vendor for two lemonade glasses. Her papa denies her as she is allergic to lemon only. She remembers when she had pox and Mahen sat with her.
At home, Pratibha was in the kitchen worried, thinking about her parent’s conversation. She thinks about taking lemon, as it can make her ill within half an hour. She makes lemonade for herself.
Sunita says to her mother that when she will show her the photo of them both they will be shocked. Her mother says he is really hot. Sunita says she will show it to her mother in law, but her mother asks her not to be silly and shares a plan with her.
Pratibha is worried if she is doing it right to do so. Anmol comes to kitchen and take lemon from fridge, he hides them in pocket and leave. Pratibha comes and opens the fridge finding the lemon. She wonders who could take all the lemons.
Mahen asks the lawyer to come home for dinner. He assures him that his wife cooks really good. Pratibha was sitting on the bed, taking temperature of hers. She was frustrated why is she still normal, and thinks about bathing with icy cold water. She goes to washroom, Peehu comes calling her and finds her purse lying there. She was about to opens it and takes money from it, Pratibha’s cell phone rings. Mahen asks for Pratibha and tells Peehu to give her the message that there are some guests at home. Peehu takes the money and leaves. She comes across Sunita, Sunita asks Peehu for her watch. Peehu says she didn’t wear it as it was really expensive, she has something important to do right now and will return her when back. She gives Mahen’s message to Sunita, Sunita says she will give her message to Pratibha. Now it depends on her what she hears and what not.
Anmol was again found it kitchen by Pratibha, he was taking onions this time. Pratibha checks her nerves, then takes ice from fridge. Her phone rings, she goes to take the call. She hears from Anmol’s friend that he has to make a science project. Pratibha was going with the bucket to her room, Sunita asks what she will do to ice. She asks why is she being so mysterious these days. Pratibha says she had injury in hand, Sunita asks if someone held her wrist with much force. She tells Pratibha that Peehu said she will come a bit late today. Sunita asks if she heard the message. Pratibha says she did.
Anmol was eating lemon, keeping onion in arm-pit and bathing with ice to fall ill, because he hasn’t done his project. She makes him wear the shirt, and dries his hair thinking how childish she was thinking.

PRECAP: Peehu comes home and gives the message to Pratibha about dinner. Sunita poses that Pratibha didn’t hear her message. Pratibha was making dinner when she fells ill suddenly and faints in the kitchen.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hey sona nice update… just wanted to correct you, Pratiba’s SIL’s name is sunidhi, not sunita….

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