Hello Pratibha 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

At night, Anmol asks Pratibha did she like papa’s surprise. Mahen says he thought he would tell it after they all finish dinner. He tells Kaashi he got Pratibha admitted in music academy. Kaashi says it is great. Mahen says Pratibha is worried but he said it is a matter of a few hours. Mahen asks Sunidhi to take care of everything in morning. Sunidhi smiles forcefully and says she is ready to take care of all the responsibility. Pratibha notices her vigorously breaking roti in hand, but Sunidhi said she wants Pratibha to win. Mahen tells Pratibha that all matters solved, they are all with Pratibha now to support her. Pratibha and Mahen smile at each other.
Rishi kisses Namrita’s hand and says kheer was really tasty and sweet. Namrita was worried and wishes maa had tasted it. Rishi says the way Sumitra talked to her he watched this, he must talk to her and everything will get fine. Namrita says she will try by herself, she knows one day or other she will forgive her. Rishi tells her it isn’t that easy. Namrita says it’s not that difficult either, she will win her trust.
Next morning, Pratibha wakes up and notices Mahen laying on her hand. She removes her hand from beneath his head, he wakes up and smiles. She shys away and says she is going to wake the kids and bring tea for him. Pratibha wakes the kids up, kisses Peehu on head and asks her to get up. Anmol wasn’t in his bed, Pratibha hears guitar from outside. Anmol was playing it there. He wishes Pratibha Happy Mother’s day to her. Pratibha hugs him and says thankyou, but where he learned to play it. Kaashi says her child is very intelligent. Sanjeev says he will just break his secret up and plays the recording. They all laugh. Anmol says now it is their turn, and Mahen and Sanjeev to wish their mother on mother’s day. Kaashi gets tear eyed, Mahen says they are only successful because of her blessings. Kaashi blesses them more for being successful. Mahen asks Pratibha to get ready for music class.
Mahen brings Pratibha to the training centre. Pratibha asks if he won’t come with her. Mahen says it is her singing journey, he will be there when she needs him but she must take the first stop. He smiles at her, nervous she goes inside. There was no one at the reception, she reads the note ‘not to use mobile phone’ and switches her phone off. She wonders what to do. It was one minute past eight. Pratibha thinks she is getting late.
The teacher says those who want to learn the music must learn to respect the art. She goes to pray for Sarasvati maa who gives them voice for singing. Pratibha waits outside in the lounge, then thinks about going into the class. She takes her steps into the class. The teacher asks them all to abide by rules here, if anyone breaks the rules they will all have to go back. The first rule here is to be punctual. Pratibha just enters the class. Everyone turns to see her, the teacher turns to see her. She looks at the clock, it was four minutes late. The teacher says she has lost her time, there is no place for her likes in the class, please get out of the class. Aparna was also among students of the class and wonders what is Peehu’s mom doing here. Pratibha asks to explain, the teacher says no excuses after mistakes, she must leave. Pratibha leaves the classroom.
Outside, Pratibha walks heavily. She turns back to listen to the practice that had begun. She looks at the receptionist on her counter and takes the seat with a heavy heart. It was 45 minutes past 8 now. Pratibha sat worried. The practice went on. It was 9:30 now. Worried, Pratibha calls Mahen from her cell phone. The receptionist whispers into the teacher’s ears about something.
Mahen asks Pratibha if her class ended. Pratibha stops telling him about what she went through and recalls he said that her future and his happiness all are in her hands now. She says she is fine and the class was also good. She tells him all the students were of Peehu’s age. Mahen asks her not to concentrate. He asks what everyone said. She was quiet. He asks if class is remaining. Pratibha says yes. Mahen says it is 2 hours, when will it end.
The teacher says the girl who can wait outside for two hours must get another chance.
Pratibha says the class might end in a while. The receptionist tells Pratibha she is being called inside by Shubdha. Mahen asks where is she. Pratibha says it is nothing, she wants to talk to her and will call Mahen sometime later. She goes inside into the class. The teacher tells Pratibha Agarwal that she is being allowed inside only on a condition that she won’t break any discipline again here. Pratibha nods.

PRECAP: Mahen asks Pratibha how was her class, was she appreciated. Pratibha was silent and remembers her teacher’s words. She says to Mahen that she asked Pratibha to prove herself. Mahen asks her to sit here, she has a good voice, and knowhow of music, then what she needs to prove. The teacher had said to Pratibha it seems she has got bored of her daily housewife routine that is why she is here.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Stupid precap what wrong with that teacher is she mad a women is not create to only be a houseful her whole life she have every rights to be want she to be to be in her life dont know why other women out there does try to rule other ppls life for and tell ppls whats to do n whats not to do every bodies have they own life’s out there what other do or don’t shouldn’t be any bodies business there are plenty ppls out there who love to rule n tell ppls how to run there life’s but no1 cannot tell them how to run there lifes cuz hell will broke loss there love to talk n talk like same machine

    1. Sometimes people say harsh words to see if you are serious about what you say you want do. Maybe this is what’s happening here too.

  2. Sunidhi u Snake, can see right thru ur devious way!!!!! Love the romance chemistry between Pratiba an Mahen Mwahhhh!!!! Happy Mothers day to Motherinlaw ur being a darling.Love u, sweet!!!! This Rishi needs a lesson or 2 , he causes the problem but afraid to tell his mom. Want Namrita to take the blame “” what crap of a man or shud I call him a woman”””” not fair as Riishi wanted his wife to use westernised clothes an wen the shit hits the fan, he stand bac an allow his wife to take the Blame!!!!!!! Shame on U Rishi!!!!!

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