Hello Pratibha 10th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaashi tells Pratibha never to go behind the goons, she only cares about herself and Peehu. Kaashi says to Mahen that she has heard him enough, now no drama. Bubu comes there and asks what happened to his mama, Pratibha says mama will be fine. Mahen asks Sanjeev to take Sunidhi inside. Bubu asks Pratibha what happened to his mama. Sanjeev asks Sunidhi to lay down, Sunidhi says she wants to leave Bubu to her mama for a few days, she says she will support Pratibha even today. Sanjeev heads to leave silently, Sunidhi tells him she loves him so much and nothing is there for her more that him and Bubu. Sanjeev hugs her telling nothing will happen.
Pratibha gets a laip (traditional ointment) to Sanjeev. Sanjeev says he has to talk to her, she is right in her stance, but what happened today with Sundihi, they must leave the blackmailers search. Mahen says what is he saying? Sanjeev says Peehu is fine, and there can be another attack on anyone from family. If she stops the search might stops the blackmailers. Pratibha says like him, she is also thinking about the family. What is the guarantee they will stop teasing Peehu. She says she is now determined even more to search for them. Sanjeev says he just doesn’t want an accident that will cost them an unrecoverable loss. Mahen says nothing will happen, they just have to be a bit more determined.
Sunidhi comes out and asks Sanjeev not to stop Pratibha. Sanjeev says it is being practical now, they must call Police. Kaashi comes and asks why anyone isn’t stopping this Pratibha. She asks Pratibha if she wants restlessness in home, will she sit behind or not. Anmol and Peehu hear this, Anmol wonders why they attacked Sunidhi only, and why not him or papa. The phone rings, Sunidhi picks it before Anmol. She is shocked to hear, then says they were blackmailers, who said now she just reached home, next time she will reach the skies.
Kaashi was doing her packings, Mahen stood beside her. She says she doesn’t want to stay at the home where she has no respect and obedience from children. She sarcastically calls his wife as a great educated person, he will not stop her but his mother. Mahen asks her not to distract the talk, Kaashi says she won’t stay at home until his wife doesn’t stop her search.
Pratibha was in her room worried, Peehu comes to her and asks her to stop her search please. She says she is fine, she isn’t afraid now. She doesn’t has nightmares now, she can’t put her in more problem because of herself. Pratibha says kids never put parents in problem, and she isn’t in problem because of Peehu. Peehu says though not because of her, but she is in problem. She says she will be normal from tomorrow, but like the situation going on at home, she won’t be able to recover. She requests Pratibha to stop her search. Pratibha thinks for a while indecisively.
Mahen and Sanjeev stops Kaashi but she jerks them and says if they try to stop her, they will have to see her dead face. She heads out of the home, but before she could stop out Pratibha stops her. She says she will stop looking for backmailers from today. Sunidhi is relieved.
Next morning, Pratibha was in the kitchen. Sunidhi comes doing oohs and aashs because of her injuries and offers to help Pratibha. Pratibha asks her to take rest. Sunidhi says she wants to say her that she feels bad, Pratibha had to give up on her search for blackmailers. Pratibha says she wanted to catch the blackmailers and take revenge from them, but she is happy today that from now on her Peehu won’t hide anything from her. Sunidhi goes to put on medicine.
In the room, Sunidhi tries to put on medicine with much pain, then smiles evily and stretches her arms saying red-handed-my foot. She has broken Pratibha’s back. Her phone rings, it were the blackmailers. Sunidhi shouts why they called her, hadn’t she told them not to call her and she will call them herself? The boy tell her that this is their new number, they are leaving the city today. Sunidhi asks why they didn’t leave the city yesterday. They say there was no reservations. Sunidhi says they couldn’t have gone standing in the train, she saved them from jail. She asks where they are right now, he says near the station. She tells them to call her as soon as they get into the train.
At the table, Pratibha was serving when Mahen holds her hand and asks her to sit down. Pratibha says she will eat later on. Mahen says she always tells Peehu to be courageous. Pratibha says she isn’t hungry. Sunidhi says she really feels bad that it is because of her Pratibha had to drop her search, she says she is so guilty that she came into her way. Sanjeev says these were the situations, they would have attacked someone else if not her. Kaashi says for the first time since her marriage, she has said something sensible. Kaashi wishes the attack would have been on someone else. Sunidhi again starts her oohs and aahs taking her injuries, she tells Sanjeev to take her to doctor. Pratibha watches her go with him, and observes her for a while thinking yesterday she was bending her left leg while walking and today she is doing it with her right leg. Sundihi looks back to see Pratibha lost and smiles.

PRECAP: Pratibha watches a fashion magazine at home with it’s writings torn. She tries to match the cuttings with those on the note they had got with stone and is shocked to see them match perfectly.

Update Credit to: Sona

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