Heartily Connection (A TWINJ FF): Chapter-3

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White Lotus Mall , 7 : 00 PM


Twinkle : Dadu! Please! How many more?! I have tried about a dozen of dresses. I’m really happy with these chosen ones . I don’t want more .These are enough.

Dadu : Oh come on. What are you saying?! Now I can’t even buy a dress for my doll ?!

Twinkle(Whines) : Dadu! I’m a big girl now. At least don’t call me doll in front of so many people.

Dadu(Laughing) : You know when you were born ; you just looked like a doll with these pretty eyes and those little fingers! I was the first one to pick you up in my arms and the way you smiled after that gave me a feeling that god has blessed me with his brightest star!

Twinkle : Dadu, You are just too sweet ! But wait you were trying your writer skills on me ?! Okay , okay I get that. You just want me to try this dress , right ? Fine then if that’s what you want .

Dadu gave me the dress which he was carrying in his hand . We were heading towards the changing rooms area when we saw a guy being pulled inside one of the rooms.

Dadu(Laughing) : Kids these days! Doll tell me something ; do you also find these changing rooms romantic ?

Twinkle(Whines) : Dadu!

Dadu : I’m just curious what my doll thinks about this. Will you also pull the guy inside the changing room if you ever come on a date ?

Twinkle : Why would I do something like that Dadu ? Of course not.

Dadu : And if he wishes to be there with you ?

Twinkle : Why would I date a guy like that ?

Dadu : Exactly! What I wanted to say is whenever you choose him , choose wisely. It isn’t like I’m not cool with these things but you need to know what are your priorities for a relationship. Don’t worry I’m not going to give you a lecture about relationships.

Twinkle : Don’t worry Dadu , if a guy ever comes in my life you will be the first one to know. I don’t think it needs trial after all it’s your choice! (I said looking at the dress in my hands.)

Dadu : Okay then , let’s leave.And trust me sweetie , things will be fine between you and Kunj.

Twinkle : What…What do you mean ?

Damn. Did Dadu come to know that the guy near the changing room was Kunj only ? I just hope that’s not the case.

Dadu : Nothing. I just said that everything will be fine .

Monday , Elite High School 2 : 00 PM

Drama Club ,


“Guys and girls I hope that I made myself clear . We happen to be performing a drama based on ‘Pride And Prejudice’ in intercollegiate competition ‘SPECTACLE’ . And according to the auditions you people gave last week I have decided that the roles will be like –

Mr.Bingley : Neil Khanna

Ms.Jane : Aditi Rathore

Mr.Darcy : Kunj Sarna

Ms.Elizabeth : Twinkle Taneja

The list of other roles has been put on the notice board. All the other works will be assigned shortly . We’ll be starting with rehearsals after two days . Everyone be ready with your dialogues. You can collect the scripts from me today or tomorrow. ” , Krissann Mam announced.

As soon as the announcement was over someone hugged me tightly from back.

Aditi : Oh my god! Twinkle ! Wow! This is just amazing! We will be a part of drama club that too in lead roles!

Twinkle : Are you crazy Aditi? I gave the audition because you forced me. I don’t want to be a part of this.

Aditi : What is this Twinkle ? You got selected! Do you understand what it takes to be here?

Twinkle : It’s not like I don’t respect this but..

Aditi : But what Twinkle ? I mean ‘Pride and Prejudice’ is one of your favorite novels , right?

Twinkle : I know Aditi . But see, you are performing with Neil . He is your boyfriend and that’s really amazing that you both are being leads of this drama but I have Kunj Sarna as my co-actor. It’s really difficult for me to perform with someone I don’t know. I mean we never talked , like not even for once.

Aditi : Twinkle . I understand but you are letting it go just like that? Well, you know what , most of the girls of Elite might be jealous of you cause you get to perform with Kunj.

Twinkle(Sighs) : Yeah. That’s the biggest issue. Kunj and Girls. You understand ? I saw him yesterday going inside a changing room with Alisha.

Aditi : You what?

Twinkle : Damn. I shouldn’t have said this.

Aditi : No No No. Wait. How ? When? Where? Why I don’t know?

Twinkle : Aditi. Calm down. I get that your curiosity alarms are on but I’m not the one to gossip with , you know me right?

Aditi : Twinkle , Is that the reason why you don’t want to be a part of this drama ?

Twinkle : Actually, I..I don’t know. I mean Kunj….He’s just not-

Kunj : I’m just not what?

I turned around to see Kunj standing behind me. Damn Aditi. Why didn’t she tell me about Kunj being here?! How much has he heard?

Kunj : Aditi , Neil wants to talk to you.

Aditi no. Please don’t leave me alone with this guy. Oh god, she is leaving. Why me?

Kunj : So Twinkle , I guess we need an introduction. I’m Kunj. Kunj Sarna.

Twinkle : Thanks. But no thanks. Cause we don’t need any introduction. Perhaps you have no interest in knowing me. Same applies to me.

Kunj : Why would you say that?

Twinkle : Just in case you don’t remember , we have been introduced by Neil earlier too. On that day you skillfully ignored me , as if I don’t even exist.

Kunj : Whoa! Whoa!Whoa! You don’t need to be that rude.

Twinkle : Excuse me! Rude and me? It was you who was rude .

Kunj(Sighs) : Okay. On that day , I was in a hurry for the basketball practice. And about the Alisha thing ; it wasn’t me. She pulled me.

The devil is trying to explain his deeds. I don’t want to know what he has to say. I started walking towards parking in order to get to home in my car leaving a confused Kunj behind.

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