Hey Guys , Hope you all are fine and safe , as I will always write fanfics and OS on TV Serials , I wanted to share this time a message to all , who are in depression and fallen weak , when they break-up with their partners , or else they got betrayed , hope you guys enjoy this OS , and let me know it in the comments section , whether you like to have a second Version of this OS .


And here it starts ........................


A beautiful girl in kurti , was sitting in a cafe , she was happy , and her happineshas no boundaries , but a little nervous too she calls a person , but the person doesn’answer her calls , she messages the person to meet her , but the person doesn’see it ,she is now angry , and leaves to meet the person .


She goes to his / her house and the door of the entrance is open , she enters the house , it was totally silent , but she hears a voice , not a voice , but voices , she leaves to the side , from where the sounds are coming


Ajith !!! , Ajith are you there ??  , She goes shouting like this with nervousness that why he doesn’answer her calls , and didn’t gave reply to her messages .


She finally goes near the place , from where the sounds are coming


Oh my god !!! , What the heck !!?? , This is ajith  s room , but what are these voices , and why doesn’he answer my calls ?? , Let me check once that if he is in?? , if he is , then he will not be spared  She said those words and then she opened the door , only to get a biggest shock of her life .


She was in shock , that she kept staring at the scenario , what she is seeing , she can’believe her eyes , her love , her LifeLine , her ajith , is kissing a random girl , he is kissing with utmost passion . A tear rolled down from her eyes , yet , tears are flowing continuosly like rainfall , she can’bear anymore , she turned another side , she took her phone , and dialed his number ,

The kiss broke off between him and the random girl ,


 Baby !! , Who is the idiot who called?? , which broke our romance!! , who is that fuck ??  The random said to ajith , who is checking , who the caller is .


 Oh shit , this Prashanti called me 20 times , and gave 7 messages , to visit her at a cafe , but I didn‘t , now what to do anitha ??  He said holding his head and was literally tensed , to how to manage and make her forgive him


 Oh baby !! , Still she is your girlfriend ?? , That stupid girl doesn’deserve you , you said , what you want from her , you have taken it before , but don’you leave her Anitha said while folding her hands ,and giving a look of anger , annoyance and irritation .


 Darling , I too want to leave her , or get freed from her , but how could I ?? , As I have to get a correct time and opportunity , isn’it ?? , Or else , she could file a case against me Ajith said while cupping her face , he kissed her and then left from there , and anitha gave a flying kiss to him , while he is leaving


Prashanti , who is observing them and listenintheir conversationSecretly , broke down into a billions of pieces , she can’believe , that the person , whom she loved the most , and thought as her life,

Betrayed her , yet , was betraying her , since they met . But still she had some courage and stood on her feet and went to the same cafe , where she is waiting for him before . 


Ajith then arrived with a fake , innocent smile , with a flower bouqueand a sorry card , to make once again her a fool , by his fake words .


 Prashu darling !! , I missed you , I am sorry , I doesn’attend your calls or reply to your messages , as I was busy in a meeting  ajith said with a puppy face , hiding the actual truth .


 Huh , Darling , he is such a person , who can make everyone fall in his fake love , I am such a fool , that after ankita informed me to stay away frohim , still I believed him , now , no more  she thought in her mind , with anger sadness


 Darling !! , Where have you lost ??  Ajith said by snapping his finger, to make her come back from her dreamland .


 Ha......Ha...... ,Wh...... at........ Ha....... ppe........... ned........??  She said while coming out from her thoughts .


 Hmm , seems like , you are thinkinabout me ?  He said while giggling .


 Nah  she murmured


 Anyhow , why you called me here ??  

He said , with confused and questioning look .


 I wanna say that , I want to break-up with you !!  She said while controlling her tears ,which are at the edge to flow off .


Ajith is super happy , but got a doubt .


 But why yaar ?? , Is everything fine ??, Did anyonsaid badly about me ?? , Don’believe them , they are lying , as they can‘t see us together  he said with fake cry and she got more irritated


 No , anyone doesn’said anything , I only saw it with my own eyes  she said wita fierce and angry look .


He got scared and tensed , he didn’t understand , what she is saying and gave a confused look to her 

He then got a jolt , yet , huge jolt of his life , Prashanti is holding the phone , in which , anitha and ajith are kissing each other .

She is bitterly crying , as whom she loved to the core of her heart , pierced her heart .

” I thought you as my life ajith , I thought you as my everything , I thought you as my world , but you betrayed me very easily , you killed my feelings , you broken me into pieces , you gave your fake love and huge bundle of pain , I still believed you , when even my friends warned me to stay away from you , you are a betrayer , a blo*dy , cruel , selfish cheater , I asked you to visit the cafe , so that I can reveal a good news to you . That the symbol of our love is going to born very soon . Yes ajith , I am pregnant with your child . I wanted to confess this to you . As I thought you will be happy .

Nah , how could you love me ?? , As you betrayed me . How could I be soo foolish , that I thought you as a gentleman , but you see , I can’t see your actual face . Don’t you think I will fall weak , as a mother , I will always take my child’s side , and I will fulfil all the mother’s duties . ” She said without stopping a second and with complete fierce .

Before he speak anything , she left from there , not wanting to listen to his rubbish talks .

Later , for revenge and to save the other girl’s lives , she then contacted the girls , who got betrayed by ajith , and released it in the all over news channels. And he got imprisoned .

After 5 years leap  :

” Maa , be fast na , I have to go to the school ” A cute little girl , said to a woman who was in her late thirties .

” 5 more minutes , your breakfast will be ready , then you can go ” the woman said to the little girl .

” Uffo!! , Nanu and nani , how you both handled her these many years??, without any effort ?? ” The little girl said to the woman’s old parents duo , with irritated and annoying look .

Both parents duo laughed at her words

” When papa comes , I will see ” The little girl said in a angry and challenging look

” Vidya ! , How many times I should say you , that he is not your father ”

The woman aka the girl’s mother said with a warning expression .

” Vidya , my princess , I am here darling ” A man from back said with a wide smile and huge happiness in his face

Vidya turned back to see him

” Papa !!! ” Vidya spoke with excitement , clearly visible on her face .

” Ishaan !! , You ?? ” The young woman said to the man with a smile on her lips .

” Sorry , vidya once again called you ‘ Papa ‘ ” the young woman spoke to ishaan with a sorry face .

” It’s ok prashanti , and I really love her call me papa ” ishaan said to the woman , who is prashanti.

Later , ishaan took vidya to the school .

At Evening at Prashanti’s Residence :

” Prashanti , I loved you yaar , and I want vidya too , I want to make you mine forever yaar , when I am in the college first year , I loved you yaar , but when I saw you with that ajith , I was heartbroken , I tried to control my feelings , but I can’t , you see , now that ajith got jailed , now you have to forget him and start afresh , marry me prashanti , I promise , I will not leave your hand , in any circumstances .” Ishaan said to Prashanti in a requesting way .

” Say yes na mumma ” they heard a voice and turned to see vidya standing at the entrance door .

After a lot of efforts of prashanti’s parents , vidya and ishaan , she finally agreed for the marriage , and then they started a fresh chapter in their life .

………………..THE END…………………

Guys , everyone love in their life , but not all have a happy ending , some get rejected , some get betrayed , and with various issues , they have a love failure , and fall into depression , some move on from those , but some still live in those thoughts , and make their life a living hell , they destroy their life , thinking of it , their parents get worried for them , but they still think about it ,they will always be sad and upset thinking about their former partners , I know , no one can easily move on from them , but still you have to fight and move on from them , if they doesn’t think about you and enjoy their life , why you still care for them ?? , Just forget them , just forget past and target future , if past is haunting us, we have to leave it like a bad dream or nightmare , think about your future , think about your dreams , and think about them who loves you and cares for you , if you do or not , start your life with afresh and start your life with special hopes , lead your life , how you want , but one thing , if you failed in love , don’t think love is fake and never exists , I believe there will be a few people , who will reject you , betray you or leave you, like your ex-partners , but not all people be like them , so believe them who truly loves you .

Lots of love



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  1. Dear Aishu, your os was beautifully written. You are a very good writer. Keep.up the good work. 👌🥰🌹.
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    2. Aishuzz369

      Yaar , can you join telly updates and keep a account , as i want to talk with you di

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