My Heart beats for??? – Epi 1

Hi guys!!!! I am back with a new ff, with lot of surprises ahead, hope you will like it…. Story revolves around Ragini, and Swara will be playing a supporting character…. But even she will have importance. The story will have love, emotions, drama……. at the least it’s a kind of socio fantasy…….. I will try to give maximum entertainment……. Coming to pairs I had already decided and I can’t reveal the pairs… But one thing I will reveal is that, it’s a triangular love story…. The title of the story “My Heart beats for???” Is all about Ragini….. Hope u guys will like it….. I would love your feedback and suggestions…….

Mumbai :

Ragini was enjoying being on the bench for past 15days as she was not yet mapped into any project after completing her training … She got selected into one of the MNC as software engineer through campus after her pg….. It’s evening 5pm and she was at marine drive looking at the waves with one hand on her chest feeling her heart beat with a tear rolling down from her left eye and thanking God for everything in her life and praying him to keep the family of that person happy because of whom she is alive today….. a sudden ring to her phone made her feel that yes God listened my prayers and he will fulfil my wish…. It was a phone call from RMG department that she got mapped into a project and she has to join the team from Monday and gave her the contact details of one of the team member(TM) and the team leader(TL), she noted down the details and hanged up the call………

On Monday
Being very religious she went to temple early in the morning and prayed to lord for good luck… She called up her parents who live in Kolkata and told them that she will call back after reaching home from office…… She headed towards the office and she took out the contact details which she has noted down and dialled the number of her TL but there was no response, the number is saved as “Sanskar Maheshwari TL”. Now she rang to TM her name was Siya, she spoke to her and she got a reply that she will take care of all the proceedings…. After reaching office, Siya introduced Ragini to all her team mates and assigned a desk to her and gave her some task with a bit of training…. She got a mail from Sanskar copying all the team members, “Welcome to the team” and “Help her if she needs anything, I will be late”…… Ragini got comfortable with all her team mates..,. It was around 2pm, after lunch break Ragini was back to her desk and was working on something, suddenly her heart beat was racing, she turned around and tried to grab water bottle, she saw a young handsome man entering into the office, she was flattered with his looks, any girl would fall for him, what is happening to me??? Meanwhile he passed away from beside her and she was looking at him without blinking her eyes, she saw a girl running behind him and calling him “Sanskar listen to me once, how could you leave like that, the girl broke down and left from there hurriedly”……. Everyone around were busy with their works and no one has bothered about the girl, may be this is the culture over here!!!!!!! Ragini was not able to see her face, but her second impression on Sanskar went wrong as he is not at all bothering about the girl who is behind him….. What kind of guy is he???? Who doesn’t care about the people around him…. May be you are handsome Mr. Sanskar but I don’t think so you have got any heart…….

After sometime Siya came to her, and both of them went to Sanskar….. She saw a pleasant smile on his face, He introduced himself to her and explained her role and responsibilities in the team and asked her to feel free to contact anyone in the team and told her to take help of Ram and Siya for any assistance as they are seniors in the team…… She nodded with a smile and left from there… While she was going back to her desk, she collided with a guy, who is very dashing, and soon he said sorry to her and introduced himself as Laksh and forwarded his hand
Ragini shook her hand and introduced herself
Laksh: Ragini!!!!! Nice name…. Reminds me about someone…. r u a new joinee ???
Ragini: Yes Laksh, I am new here, my first day
Laksh: Who is your TL??
Ragini: Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari
Laksh: Ohh!!! That’s cool… He is my brother… Don’t worry you are in a very good team…. He is best TL by the way
Ragini: Ohh is it!!! So u r in which team??
Laksh: I am TL of other project….. If you need any help feel free to contact me
Ragini: Thanks Laksh ( and she left from there)
Laksh went to Sanskar, both of them went to corridor, Ragini can clearly look at them from her desk, some heated argument is going on between the brothers….. Sanskar left from there angrily and came to his desk and left from office……. Ragini was all confused looking at them……
In the evening Ragini left from office and reached home, she dialled to her father
Ragini : hello Papa…..
Sekhar : Ladoo… How was your day???
Ragini : It was good papa…. What is maa doing???
Sekhar: Wat els she will do???? Just eating my brain….. Ha ha ha
Ragini : Stop it papa…. U r always behind my maa……. If di was with us she would have fought with you
Sekhar gave the phone to Sumi
Sumi: Ladoo…. How was your office… R u eating properly????
Ragini: Maa I am fine…. Why can’t papa forgive di??? Till when he will be angry on her
Sumi : No Ladoo… Papa is not angry
Ragini: Did you people come to know anything about di????
Sumi : No Ladoo… I will talk to you later and she cut the call
Sumi : Sekhar till when we have to hide about Swara to Ragini
Sekhar: Mishti don’t you remember what doctor told us about Ladoo…….. When time comes we can tell everything to her.

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    1. Thanks Ragsan…. I will post the next update in another hr

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