~Healing Her With Love…~ |Part 7

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It’s been a month since she came back. Shivaay didn’t talk to her in the usual way. He tried to keep his cold attitude towards her, but it ends up to being soft. He didn’t like it when she played with his emotions or his family’s emotions.

Maybe she is used to get attention in her house, but that doesn’t mean she should do like this. He should take revenge on her for doing this.

Meanwhile, Annika was busy preparing the decorations in the house, as today is Karwachauth. He has told her not to keep the fast as he knew she never had hopes on spiritual beliefs. But he didn’t knew was that she had belief on him and his family. She believed in others beliefs. It’s a psychological thing.

Annika had to go around the house to make sure that everything is set. This is the first time, she is keeping Karwachauth fast and also, witnessing one. In her house, her mom used to keep, but at this time, she used to be busy with some other functions related to her job.

That literally, reminded me to tell you our Annika, is an event manager with the qualifications. It was her dream to achieve it and she did achieve it.

Annika had to escape from Shivaay by hiding the tablets in her hand as she was sure that he will check her tablets, at least, as she is sure that he still cares about her. While she was looking through the key hole of the door, Pinky and Jhanvi caught her keeping the fast.

They were about to tell Shivaay about this, but then Annika restrained them from doing it as she told that he doesn’t like it, as she doesn’t have any hopes on spiritual beliefs. That’s when she came to know about Sargi, which has to be taken before sunrise and she didn’t have it!

But Pinky and Jhanvi ensured her that if she has any problems, then they will help her. She was happy, as she got two mothers as her mother-in-laws. Usually, people say only mother cares a lot, but for her mother-in-laws care for her as her mother does. She has been missing this mother’s care since years.

She was busy with the preparations when Pinky and Jhanvi gifted her a red dress. She was happy with her dress as this is the first time someone gifted her something. She immediately went to wear it and got ready within 5 minutes.

She sat inside her room till Jhanvi called her as she was feeling dizzy in between. She saw Shivaay standing watching other couples there. Annika started walking to his side, as she moved, she felt darkness around her for few seconds and stumbles but he catches her and helps her stand properly.

She stands beside him. He looks straight and says, “What are you doing here?”

She says, “Because I should be here. But why I are you here?”

He being sarcastic due to his anger on her, says,  “Just to see, till last year I used to fast for karwachauth as a practice. But it was of no use, you’re not even fasting, right?”

She turns her head to the other side. He then turns his face to her and says in surprise,  “You’re fasting??!”

She looks at him and says, “Then what did you think I can’t live one day without food? Just because I don’t have faith in God, doesn’t mean that I don’t have faith in you and our family.”

He glares at her in suspicious way, seeing that, she says, “If you doubt me even now, then no need to break my fast!”

He then says, “I don’t know whether you are doing it or not, but I have to act along.”

Suddenly, everyone started standing at their positions, the moon has come. You can see Annika in her Red dress, lighting the wick of the lamp and praying to the moon.Suddenly, she felt like her body feeling light and darkness started taking over.  But she somehow takes the sieve and looked at the moon through it. Then she looked at Shivaay through the sieve and then darkness took over her.

Shivaay was lost in his thoughts, he has been developing a soft corner towards her, nowadays

Shivaay was lost in his thoughts, he has been developing a soft corner towards her, nowadays. He was in a dilemma whether to believe her or not. His heart was telling him, to believe her, while his brain was telling him not to. He didn’t want to cheat himself again, even though he is doing it even now, unknowingly. He looked at her, she was looking gorgeous.

As she does the rituals, he starred at her shamelessly. He didn’t want to do it, but you know when it is her matter, it affects him a lot. “Wait, why are her eyes drooping?, Is she not well? Did she really keep her fast? Is she going to faint? “, were the thoughts flowing in his head.

He caught her before she fell down. He pats her cheeks to wake her up. He made her drink the water and but she wasn’t waking up. He screamed, “Someone call the doctor..”

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