Swaragini~HEAL MY WOUNDS(epi30) maha episode part 1

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Hiii guyzz fizoo is back i m overwhelmed after seeing ur response seriously i thought it was boring but u all loved it thankss alot guyz for ur support n yeah sorry guyz i try my best to give both swalak ragsan equal imp but i think i cant but in today epi i surely give them scenes plz bear me n thnkx to silent readers alsoo guyz love u finally its 30 n maha episode enjoy…..

Episode 30:

The episode starts with sanlak reaching MM n sees whole MM is decorated with flowers n lights its parish SANGEET afterall… Gadodia is already present there sanlak goes n takes blessings from elders n stands nxt to adarsh

Sanky is wearing orange sherwani n Laksh blue n adarsh black trio are looking handsome uttara comes wearing pink lehenga n hugs adarsh

Utt:bhaiya congo finally 1 day to go for ur marriage

San:marriage nai barbadi(not marriage its destruction)

UttLak chukkles while adarsh glares

San:uffu bhai atleast today smile dnt make this look otherwise our sweet bhabhi will run

Lak:yes n our respect will b smashed all people will say sanlak brother one look make his bride run n then no one will give their girls to us as well (sad)

San: lucky for u i have seen one girl n i knw that u will like her (teases)

Ada: really in that case tell me who is the girl cuz i have also find a girl for lucky n winks at sanky

Lak:ooo really to to girls who is it

San:first tell whose choice u will like

Lak:hnnn thats the tuff question but ofcourse urs sanky cuz i dnt trust adarsh bhai what if he choose some fatty ugly girl for me i cant take chance yr u tell

San:oo in that case i choose rita for u

Lak shocked:whatt rita that ugly fatty dumbo witch

San smiles:yesss

Adrutt chukkles

Ada: in that case my choice is best

Utt:n whats ur choice

Ada: i thought that swara will perfect for laksh but he dnt trust mee then….

Lak:no no i trust u (instantly)

Ada:really laksh noww u trustt (teases)

San:wooow i said rita u bcm shocked n when bhai tell its swara u hurriedly changed the party han lucky (teases)

Lak bcm embarrassed: vo… Vo i mean

Sanadautt laughs seeing his face

Lak: i think maa is calling i check

Utt:bhai maa calling or u r trying to change the topic han

Lak glares n leaves while trio laughs

After sometime swaragpari enter MM
Adalak are mesmerized to see swapari

Parineeta wears a baby pink n yellow color lehenga with curls looking pretty while swara wears orange color lehenga which laksh likes for her with her open hair and ragini wears a green and golden red mix color front open suit with a puff n some hair strands on her face both looking beautiful as always

Swarag makes pari sit beside adarsh

Adarsh whispers: look like day by day my love making u more n more beautiful

Pari blushes

Swa: ehmm ehmm bhai just w8 for one more day then u can say all cheesy lines to di

Laksh is staring swara

All laughs while parish blushes

Rags goes to sanky

Rag:Arayy wah sansku looking cute han n winks

San glares: Ginuuuu

Rag:ooppps i mean looking beautiful

San again glares: GinUuu

Rag hits her head slightly: uffuuu again slip of tongue u r looking sweet oppps ……..

San:again slip of tongue haina(glaring)

Rags sheepishly smiles: yesss

San: u knw what??


San: u r looking like a Bhenjii

Rag:ooo thnkx…….. N realizes what he said n turns to shout at him but finds no one

Someone taps her shoulders she turns
San:bhenjjiiii(sanky shouts in her ears n runs)

Rags makes a angry pout n shut her ears n then murmurs’ u r gone’ n goes after him

Laksh is still staring swara…. Swara is talking wid ap dp…. Swara notice laksh n goes to him

SWa:ehmm ehmmm

No response

She slightly says’beautiful’



Lak:sh….. N then looks at her glaring

Swa: what

Lak:what was that


Lak: what did u ask

Swa:ohhh that u r continuously seeing that side soo just ask whom u watching

Lak:y u r jealous(teasingly)

Swa: jealous n with neverrr (she said folding her arms)

Lak:ok then lets see u r or not

Swa:means (confused)

Lak:just w8 n watch honey n winks

Swa shocked: honey n then smiles

Light goes off

Spot light falls on laksh

Tune plays

Lak:Most wanted!
Most wanted!

Lak:Most wanted munda
Most wanted munda

Lak:Mujhme hai hazaar khubiyan
Koi ni hega like him
Mile na mere jaisa koi
Smile teri kardi hai kill
(Laksh comes in style some girls gathered her n all dances)

Lak:Saare shehar mein dhoonde
Toh ik bas main hoon only
Oh sohni kehndi meet me just let me know
Baby when you are lonely
(Lak comes to swara n puts his collars up in style n winks at swara who fumes)

Lak:Har ladki soche kaash ye life mein
Ye hunda, hunda, hunda ae
( laksh twirls swara n leaves with girl)

Lak:Main hoon most wanted munda
Kehti hai har kudi
Haan main hoon most wanted munda
Kehti hai har kudi
Yo I’m most wanted munda
Kehti hai har kudi
(He dances on hip hop style n goes near dp n show him off n goes from their by side hugging by girls )

Scene shift

Rag is searching for sanky when someone pulls her she is about to shout when someone put her hand on her mouth…. Rags open her eyes n sees some familiar eyes staring she is just lost in that eyes for her the world stopped n her heart starts beating fast its something new for her she kept lost in it when music sound make her to come in reality n as soon as she come in reality she bite his hands

Per:aahhhhhhhh devil ginuu are u mad wanna eat me ( said sanky holding his hand n glaring her)

Rags fakes smile n squeeze his cheek in irritating manner

Rag:nooo my sweet bachha u knw na its ur presence effect i cant do anything n twinkle her eyes

San(irritate): ahh leave me n takes off her hand from her cheeks

San points his index finger: dont u dare to call me bacha u dayannn ki atma

Rags widen her eyes: sanskarrrrrr

San innocently smiles: yesss raagiinnnniiiiiiiiii

Rag: what did u say to me (she said keeping her hands on her waist n glaring her)

San does the same: dont u have any other work angry women duck rather then getting angry huh (he said shaking his head)

Rag mouths form n ‘O’: what did u sayyyyyyy uuuuuuu n looks here n there to find something n picks up a vase near her n point towards sanky who look at her in shock

San(moving back): nooo ginu put it down u r sweet ginuuu na put it down
Rag smirking n coming near him:awww solllyyyyy sansku i m devil ginuuu no no dayannn ragini no yarrr i m angry duck naaa (she said with fake smile)

San(scared): no noooo u r not u r beautiful not beautiful u r angel n u r beautiful Unicron no no u r fairy n more then that u r the most beauty in universe (stammer)… (he hits with the pillar n ragini comes near him n blocks him n smirk at him)

Rags swing the vase infront of him n acts like beating him…. Sanky hurriedly closes his eyes

San(inocently): sorry ginuuu pakka i will not tease u plzzz dont hit me plzz plzzz plzz

Rags smile seeing his cute face but hides

Rag:on 1 condition


Rag:say 10 best things in me (she said folding her arms n turns her face in attitude)

San thinks:best huhh their is no 1 best quality in u which i can tell dumboo

Rag:i heard that

San(shock):what…. Whatt u heard

Rag: u r sayinggg (raising her eyebrow)

San:whattt i was saying(coming near her face)





Rag:that u r no 1 nikamma nikara(useless dumb) n biggest idiot of the world n shows toungue at him

San sighs of relief n says’oohh’

Rag laughs: u r such a dumboooo

San realized n shouts’Ginuuu’ n about ro step forward but bcz of curtains he is about to fall when rags hold him by his shoulders (heheheh vise versa ?)
Both again bcm lost sanky is admiring rags beautiful eyes n smiles n then realizes n coughs which make rags come out of her dreamworld

San:if someone sees us like this then i dont knw urs but mine repo will definitely b ruined (pout face)

Rags chukkles n realizes their position n makea him stand

San: if ur today fight session is over then can we go

Rag:n about 10 best things

San:i will tell later

Rag:pakkka (she said forwarding her hand)

San:han baba pakka n holds her hands n drag her

Scene shift


Lak:Munda can shop, munda can chop
Kehndi bargaining mein hai top
Munda hega smart, master of the art
Iske toh seene mein kudiyon wala heart
(Laksh drags swara n walks infront of him putting on shades n make heart on his heart with his hands swara smiles but hides…. Ragsan comes)

Sanky comes n join laksh

San:He doesn’t need to make any money shoney
Money shoney, money shoney
But he feels on top like a honey bunny
Honey bunny, honey bunny
You won’t fall in love with him the chances are slim
There’s nobody hega like him
( sanky comes n dances with girls making them twirl n turns n round n leaves winking at rags n pointing towards laksh )

Rag:Munda yeh perfect hai
Charcha hai iske naam ka
Special Rabb ne banaya hai
Bas yehi toh hai ik kaam ka
( rags comes n holds laksh n dances with him n drags swara n winks at sanky who makes faces )

Lak:Mere hi naam se haseeno ki
Chalti hai heartbeat
Mere hi vaaste kudiyon mein
Hoti hai maar-peet
Laakhon mein se hai yaar mujhko
Dhoonda, dhoonda, dhoonda
( laksh dances with rags n then dances funnily with some girls which makes swara jealous n she stamps laksh foot)

Lak:Main hoon most wanted
Sabse zyada
Most wanted munda
Kehti hai har kudi
( he drags swara n twirls her n leaves her n then goes to rags n does the same while rags n he matches some steps )

Lak:Haan main hoon most wanted munda
Kehti hai har kudi
Yo I’m most wanted munda
Kehti hai har kudi
Most wanted munda……..
(All girls gathered n makes round around RagLak n swara standing aside laksh dances n do steps of arjun kapoor n holds both swaragini hands at same tym n twirls her both n winks at everyone in such a style in btwn laksh n either sides its swarag)

Songs ends

All claps while dp n swara makes faces

Sanky comes to ragswalak

San:wahh bro u rockeddd (he hugs laksh )

Lak smiling widely n looks at swara n says: yeah bhai i knw rocked cuz afterall u knw my charm always work wid girls

Swara ignore while ragsan understand

Rag:laksh seems like shona did not like ur performance

San:y ginuu

Rag:ask swara u idiot she is standing infront of u (glaring him)

San(pout):dnt scold mee now

Rag gives him impossible look while laksh smiles

LAK: i think shona is jelaous

Swa turns : swara gadodia never b jealous of anyone mr maheshwari got that

RagSanLak makes a scary look n says at union:ohooooo really

Swa glares trio

Trio laughs

Uttara comes

Utt:bhai di u all are here now who will dance nxt

Swarag(smiling): we knwww n goes from there leaving sanlakutt confused
Light goes off n spot light falls on (have a look heheheh)
Background music plays

Dhoop se nikal ke
Chhaanv se phisal ke
Hum mile jahaan par
Lamha tham gaya
Aasmaan pighal ke
Sheeshe mein dhal ke
Jam gaya to tera
Chehra ban gaya
( Dp is shown politely asking hand for dance with Ap…. Ap shies n put her hand on his n slightly dances n dp twirls Ap while winking naughtily who shies)

Sanlakutt looks at them amused

Duniya bhula ke tumse mila hoon
Nikli hai dil se ye duaa
Rang de tu mohe Gerua
Ranjhe ki dil se hai duaa
Rang de tu mohe gerua
Haan nikli hai dil se ye duaa
Ho.. Rang de tu mohe gerua
(Shehkar is shown dancing around sumi n slightly takes her hand n kisses her she blushes n lower her gaze while shehkar make her look up n smiles naaughtily n dances )

Swarag smiles seeing them while sanlak whistle

Ho tumse se shuru.. tumpe fanaa
Hai Sufiyana yeh dastaan
Main kaarwaan manzil ho tum
Jaata jahaan ko har raasta
Tumse juda jo
Dil zara sambhal ke
Dard ka wo saara
Kohra chhan gaya
( rp twirls sujata who acts like blushes rp fakes smiles n glares her while she makes a pout n then dances with her while sujata felt tickling so she laughs n rp glares but then she incntly smiles n dances)

Swarag sanlakutt n parish laughs seeing their cute dance
Duniya bhula ke tumse mila hoon
Nikli hai dil se yeh duaa
Rang de tu mohe gerua
Ho.. Ranjhe ki dil se hai duaa
Rang de tu mohe gerua
O.. veeraan tha, dil ka jahaan
Jis din se tu daakhil huaa
Ik jism se.. ik jaan ka..
Darza mujhe haasil huaa
( Dp, Rp, Shehkar twirls Ap, Suji, sumi at a same time n hold n then keep their hands on their waist n ladies on gents shoulder n slightly dances )

Swarag took parish hands n drag on stage

Haan.. pheeke hain saare
Naate jahaan ke
Tere saath rishta gehra ban gaya
(Adarsh forward his hand n pari smiles n gives her hand to his adarsh holds pari by her waist who blushes n keep her hand on his shoulder n dances along with others)

Duniya bhula ke tumse mila hoon
Nikli hai dil se yeh duaa
Rang de tu mohe gerua
Ranjhe ki dil se hai duaa
Rang de tu mohe gerua
Haan nikli hai dil se ye duaa
Ho.. Rang de tu mohe gerua
( parish, DpAp, SujRam, ShekSum four dances along with their better halves n do same steps n make them twirls n then make them slightly down n make them up n make them round n in the end four end on DpAp by keeping their hands in both shoulders, Parish n Sheksum back hugging their wives and SujRam on back facing style)

All clapsss while sanlak swarag whistless n hoots n shouts

All ladies comes blushing

Swa:ohooo today everyone is looking red tomato haan not bad han marriage of pari di but romancing all haan n giggles along with others

All mens comes to their respective partners

Dp:what can i do fairy ur kaki is looking so beautiful that i cant stop my self

Ap shies n hides her face

Laksh laughs: now i got to knw that i m ur son only

All who is laughing look at him

Shek:what do u mean champ

Lak:guru now i got to knw how can i flirt wid girls by birth its inherit in me by papa only

Sanlak swarag all burst into laughter while Dp glares

Dp: u will never change useless(annoy)

Lak:ofcourse afterall i m ur son na n winks

Sumi comes n squeeze his ears

Sum:badmashh dnt tease my brother

San:uffuu GF u r looking soo hot today that’s y guru cant stop himself infront of everyone haan n winks

Sanlak hifi

Shek:yupp champ i want to dance in ‘chura k dil mera goria chali n winks at sumi who blushes

Swa:baba u can flirt wid maa but not these idiots

Dp:fairy thank God atleast u see them wid my eyes

San:which of no use n chukkles with uttlak

Swarag glares

Rp: sanskar b in limit infront of bhaisaa u both are useless

Suj:naa jii my chora is bot useless u both(to dp n rp…. Dp glares she point at rp) u r uhsalass(useless.) N folds. Her arms in anger

Sanlak winks at dp n rp n comes to sujata

San:yess maa u said correct

Rp:what i have done

Suj:everyone praises their wife but u did not say anything too me (angry)

Sanlak makes shok faces

Lak:hawww chotii maa he did not praise u thats means he surely praise someone else

San:han maa i heard man praise else wives not hims to others thats mean

Both sanlak put their hands on shock on mouth

Sujata sees towards rp with angry sad face

Suj:naa aj today u will tell me who is my sautan

Sanlak hifi while rp dp looks at them glaring

Rp:arayy sujata ur children ia joking haina laksh sanskar

Sanlak nods no

Suj:naa today u will sleep outside n goea from there

Rp gives death glares to sanlak n goes after her

All laughs while ap sqeeze their ears

Ap:u both are bcming naughty day by day haan

Sanlak:maa leave us

Dp murmurs: useless huhh

Salak:like father like son

Shek laughs

Swarag goes n stand with pari n adarsh respectively who is talking through eyes n forget their surrounding

Swarag winks and at a same tyn hit parish with their elbow n coughs

Rag:bhaiyaa if u are so impatient to talk wid pari dii then marry here itself

Swa:yess only we need mandap everything is ready n winks

Parish blushes n lower their head

Rag:ohoooo bhaiya u tooo look like a girl while blushing haan n laughs


Rag:oooh sorry sorry i cant tease my jeeju also huh

Swa:bhaiya i can tease bhabhi naa

Ada:yes u can tease ur jethani jii shona i have no problem

Swa jumps in excitement n then realize what adarsh means she makes a pout

Parishrag laughs

Rag:ooo so behind my back this is going shona haan n u did not tell me also huhh

Swa glares: Raguuu u too

Parish laughs

Swa:huhhhh i m going no need to talk to meee n starts to go

Rag starts singing: Pholon ka taaro ka sabka kehna hai ek hazaroooon mai meri behna hai ( swara stops n turns n smile at rags who comes n hugs her all smiles)

Swa:sari umar hamein sang rehna haiii pholon ka taaro ka sabka kehna hai ek hazaroooooon mao meri behna hai ( swara back hugs ragini n both smiles )

Swaragini plays in bg

All smiles

Sanlak comes

San:excuse me u can do ur sismance(sister +romance) on home its our brother sangeet han not raksha bandhan

Rag:dont b soo jealous mr. Sadu that u n ur brother dnt have this much kove btwn huhh

Lak:achaaa bachhooo hamein challenge


Sanlak:accepted n goes on stage n smirks seeing eo n claps their hands

Spot light falls on sanky n laksh

Music plays n sanlak walks with attitide

Assi vele sab vele aa vela ho ja re…….

San:O o motoron mein dhik-chik dhik-chik gedi-shedi maare hai
Fursaton ko dhuaan dhuaan kar ke shaam udaa de
Kar rahe badmashiyan bole Uncle-Auntiyan
Apni asi yaariyaan duniya pe mukti paaye
Saanu vele kehnde.. saanu vi
Assi kehnde kehnde.. saanu vi
Inna shining shining future bright si
Saanu vele kehnde.. saanu vi
Bas kehnde hi rehnde.. saanu vi
Oye mitran de sang sab kuch all right si
(Sanskar dances hip hop style n goes towards swarag n dp n shows them off n drags laksh n both do signature steps of vd n sm of film )

Lak:Tadi tadi apni aisi hai ki kit-pit saare dekhenge
Badi badi aankhein kholege deewana humko bolenge
Yaar hai apne favour mein
Ghoome hai phir toh tevar mein
Changi saariyaan apni yaariyan hai forever hoye
Bottlon mein * dale karobar banate
Vekhne hum totta shotta peeke do Patiyale
(Laksh does some break dances steps n both sanlak does same steps like film)

Sanlak:Saanu vele kehnde.. saanu vi
Bas kehnde hi rehnde.. saanu vi
In a shining shining future bright si
Saanu vele kehnde.. saanu vi
Bas kehnde hi rehnde.. saanu vi
Oye mitran de sang sab kuch all right si
( they go towards dp n shrugged their shoulders n give him i dont care look n do signature step)

San:Dil mein boatein chalti hain
O dhadkan gote khati hai
O waare nyare hote hain
Jo humse ankh lad jaati hai
Karti hai kissy wissy oye
Kehti hai miss you miss u oye
Dil ki haarti jaan saarti
Sab mutiyare hoye
Ladkiyon ke nede tedhe
Gaddi tez chala ke
Karte hain hum hello bye bye po po horn baja ke
(Sanlak comes in centre on stage n shake hands n hugs eo n girls come n gathered them n all dances while swarag gives what the hell look)

Lak:Saanu vele kehnde.. saanu vi
Bas kehnde hi rehnde.. saanu vi
In a shining shining future bright si
Saanu vele kehnde.. saanu vi
Bas kehnde hi rehnde.. saanu vi
Oye mitran de sang sab kuch all right si
Assi vele sab vele aa vela ho ja re…
( they dances with girls on full swing and swings their hands in air making some same stepz n goes towrds swarag n push them n dances with girls there swarag makes angry faces while in the end they comes to swarag n winks n smirks at them n go on stage n do some steps n song end on their back facing eo n folding arms)

All claps n cheers

Sanlak comes n laugh at swarag making them annoy

Uttara comes

Utt:dii show them girls power n winks

Swarag smirks n goes on stage spot light falls

Tune plays

Swarag:Gopiyon sang ghoome Kanhaiya
Raas rachaiya Ragha na jaaye re
Abb saanwra na bhaaye
(Swarag puts veil on their faces n turns n pull their veils from their faces n smile)
Sanlak makes faces

Girls:Radha on the dance floor
Radha likes to party
Radha likes to move that s*xy Radha body (x2)
(Swarag along with girls dances)

Rag:Panghat pe aake saiyyan marode baiyaan
And everybody crazy on Radha
Chhedde hai humka daiyaan bairi Kanhaiya
And everybody crazy on Radha
Hoga woh lakhon dil ka chor
Humka toh laage woh
Hua hai aise baawla jo kehta jaaye:
(Rags goes near sanky n dances like alia infront of him n then point towrds his brain n push him)

San:”O Radha teri Chunri
O Radha tera Jhalla
O Radha teri natkhat najariya
O Radha tera jhumka
O Radha tera thumka
O peechhe peechhe saari nagariya” (x2)
( sanky comes following rags holding her stole n dances like sid )

Girls:Radha on the dance floor
Radha likes to party
Radha likes to move that s*xy Radha body (x2)
(Swarag dances along with girls)

Swa:O o…
Maathe pe pankh more
Kehte hain makhan-chor
Bajaye bansuri
Bada aaya chitt-chor
(But Radha wants more)
Dhoondungi charon aur milega koi aur
Dungi main haathon me mere dil ki ye dor
(Cuz Radha wants more)
( swara dances some dhumka style n like alia n comes near laksh n ignores him n gives her hand to sanky n dances )

Lak:O Radha Radha bholi deewani hai
O Radha Radha do pal jawani hai
O Radha ko sambhalo koi isey bata do
Ki milega na koi Sanwariya
( laksh comes near swara n points towards her n dances like varun)

Sanlak:O Radha teri Chunri
O Radha tera Jhalla
O Radha teri natkhat najariya
O Radha tera jhumka
O Radha tera thumka
O peechhe peechhe saari nagariya
(Sanlak holds swarag hands n drags them n four dances )

San:Hey Radha Radha kaahe itna guroor bhala
Chhodo bhi nakhre ye kaisi ada
Tune kya socha ek tu hi mash.hoor yahaan
Laakhon hain Gopiyan bhi humpe fida
Ho saari hi duniya ye naari hai
Shuru humse teri kahaani hai
( san holds rags hands for which she hit his chest n makes her look into his eyes she starts to leave when san holds her second hand n twirls her n winks )

Rag:O rehne de re Kanha
Bhoolega tu sataana
Jo girungi main ban ke Bijuria
(Rags push sanky n he falls n mouth above lines n dances n starts to leave)

San:O Radha teri Chunri
O Radha tera Jhalla
O Radha teri natkhat najariya
O Radha tera jhumka
O Radha tera thumka
O peechhe peechhe saari nagariya
(San stands n dances at her back like film)

Girls:Radha on the dance floor
Radha likes to party
Radha likes to move that s*xy Radha body (x2)
(Swarag both dances with eo)

Swa:O panghat pe aake saiyyan marode baiyaan
And everybody crazy on Radha
Chhedde hai humka daiyaan bairi Kanhaiya
Rag:And everybody crazy on Radha
Hoga woh lakhon dil ka chor
Humka toh laage woh
Hua hai aise baawla jo kehta jaaye:
( swara dances round of laksh n rags dances infront of sanky )

Sanlak: Radha teri Chunri
O Radha tera Jhalla
O Radha teri natkhat najariya
O Radha tera jhumka
O Radha tera thumka
O peechhe peechhe saari nagariya” (x2)
(Swarag n sanlak dances same steps n swarag push sanlak n then dances with girls)

Girls:Radha on the dance floor
Radha likes to party
Radha likes to move that s*xy Radha body (x2)
( swarag dances n in the end…. End dance in their style)

Song ends n all claps while uttara whistles n swarag smirks at sanlak who turns their faces wid attitudes

Uttara comes near sanlakada n claps her hands spot light falls on her

Mmmm… tune plays

Uttara:Munda thoda.. offbeat hai
Par kudiya de naal.. bohat sweet hai (x2)
(Uttara comes n pulls trio cheeks )

Utt:Dhongi sa ye bada dheeth hai
Viral hogya ye Tweet
( she holds sanlak hands n goes on stage )

Sanlak:Par phool wool karne mein cool
Tu badi tezz katari hai
Shagan teri ki, lagan teri ki
Humne kardi taiyari hai
( sanlak do steps along with uttara)

Utt:Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke
Aaj hil-dul ke
Le saare ke saare nazare (x2)
( uttara goes n drags swarag n all 5 dances )

Khasma nu khaane!(utt)
Hadipa… Hadipa…

Ap:Hallu bade karaar
Karam na laalu bade karaar (aa ha!)
Chadh chadh ke chaubaar
Karam naal sweetu aaja maar (aa ha!)
( ap comes n says keeping hand on adarsh cheeks who smiles )

Chak De!

Rag:Munde plenty mere layi hogaye senti
O tere layi hogaye senti
Tere layi hogaye senti
( rags does steps like katrina n drags ap )

Swa:Tere liye main set hoon
Iss baat ki guarantee
(Swa says n holds both sanlak ears)

Sanlak:Par phool wool karne mein cool
Tu badi tezz katari hai
Shagan teri ki, lagan teri ki
Humne kardi tayaari hai
( sanlak drags parish n sheksum on stage n dances)

Ada:Sehra baandh, tujhe kood-faand
Tujhe le jaana iss baari hai
(Adarsh says n holds pari hand)

Uttswarag:Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke
Aaj hil-dul ke
Le saare ke saare nazaare (x2)
( uttswarag dances wid sanlak)

Swa:Zor-zor se shor-wor kar
DJ gaan bajaane aa
Ruthde ruthde jija fuffad
Humne saare manane haan (x2)
( swara dances at centre of all n drags Dp Suji and Rp)

Sheksanlak:Par phool wool karne mein cool
Tu badi tezz katari hai
Shagan teri ki
Lagan teri ki
Humne kardi taiyari hai
( shekhr n sanlak says n holds swaragsum hands n drags to them n dances )

Utt:Nachde ne saare..
Nachde ne saare..

Swa:Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke
Aaj hil-dul ke
Le saare ke saare nazare (x2)

Rag:Nachde ne saare..
Nachde ne saare..

Sumi:Khasma nu khaane!
( all dances n in centre its parish n all dances around them all are happy n jumping widout any steps n at the end all ladies push their partners with their dhumka n laughs)

Sangeet ends n pari leaves bidding bye …….. . All are sitting at hall after a hectic function except swaragutt n sanlak who R sitting on table like they done sooo much work

Shek:must say the functions goes so well

Dp:yeah sheko i cant believe i can dance too

Swaragutt n sanlak comes n sits wid a thud while sanlak laughs at Dp

Swa:y r u both laughing

San:he till now cant believe that he can dance then

Lak:think how can we believe that mr. Sadu can dances tooo

Both laughs while all gives them impossible look

Rag:heheheh lame joke

San:did anyone ask ur opinion

Rag:did anyones talk wid u huh n turns her face

San:huhh dumbo n also turns his face

Shek smiles seeing them: chlo duggu annu its tym to leave get up shona lado

All stands up

Utt:uncle plzz let shona n ragu didi stay here plz they will help me in mehndi function plz


Dp:uffuu let them stay na tmrw morning u both will have to come here only faires do u have any prblm staying here

Swarag:noooo sweety

Shek:ok then bye we should leave n takcr of urself n dnt trouble anyone ok princesses

Swarag nods

Lak:finally guru u accepted that they both are trouble maker only

Sanlak laughs

Dp:u both useless shut up n faires u both goes to uttara room they always talk nonsense

Swarag laughs n goes smirking while sanlak glares Dp

Sheksum bids them bye n leaves all goes to their respective rooms


Swaragutt is talking n laughing when sanlak comes their

Utt:dnt u have manners bhaiya cant u knock before coming

Sanlak sees eo n says: manners haan n comes near uttara n mess her hair

San:now its perfect our choti churail
Lak:now its called perfect manners han

Sanlak laughs while uttara fakes cries

Swa:oye u both dumboos how dare u too spoil my sis hairs

Rag: i think shona we should teach them lesson n both smirks

Sanlak sees eo n them at them…. Swarag stands from their places wid a smirks n comes towards sanlak…. Sanlak gets scared seeing their smirk n runs outside shouting’bachaoo’….. Swarag runs n closes door n laughs… Uttara looks at them confused

Utt:u said u will teach them a lesson but y did u closed the door

Swarag laughs n comes n sits near uttara

Rag:aray tube light dnt u see how ur brother got scared seeing us n runs outside

Swa:hahah look at their faces both gives eo hifi
Trio laughs

Utt:ok lets watch a horror movie whats say

Swarag:gud idea but it should b horror haan

Utt smiles:ofcourse

Rag:dnt u get scared seeing horror films

Utt nods no

Swa laughs:ur brother are no 1 cowards they both got n tells their incident when they stay at GM

Trio laughs

Outside uttara rooms

Sanlak hears this n gets angry n thinks of a plan to make them scared n smirks

@utt room

Swaragutt are watching horror film they are totally engrossed in it that they forget their surroudings….. Sanlak silently jumps at their balcony from their room n peeps at look at them so immersed in film n smirks

San:bro look how they all are seeing film

Lak:yeah lets go n scare them

San (sweating): no no i m not they are watching very horror one

Lak sarcastically laughs:The great SR is scared of horror film

Sanky also laughs: cockroache

Laksh shouts n jump on sanky

San:ssshhhhhh they will hear us then we will gone n get down from meee idiot

Lak:first say there is no cockroach na

San(annoy): han there is no cockroach

Lak still on sanky: pakka na

San:if u dont get off from me then i will through u from here (angry)

Laksh sacred n gets down suddenly both hears trio girls scream they also shouts n fell on vase n all mud fall on them n paint also

Swarag utt hears there screams

Utt:who is there

Rag:i think cat

Swa:it can b bat also

Utt:lets check what if it will b ghost (scared)

Rag:being sister of that 2 useless u r getting scared of ghost

Swa:ragu that is the point only

Swarag laughs while they again heard the sound trio looks at eo n goes towards balcony

Here in balcony sanlak are in black coat n there face is also black n brown bcz of mud n paint they tried to get up n again falls

Swaragutt comes n open the door n sees no one n then looks downward n gets shocked ????

Sanlak gets up n look at them

Swaragutt:bhoooooooooooooootttt triooo shouts n runs hurriedly from there n kept shouting

Sanlak stays there confused n then looks at eachother n shouts

Sanlak:aaahhhhhhhh bhoooot n also runs outside seeing eo faces

(Guyz imagine the situation ?)


All gathered hearing girls scream

Swaragutt comes hurriedly from stairs n breathing heavily n stands infront of Dp

Dp(worriedly): what happened



All hears scream of sanlak aka bhoot running n coming downstairs shouting save me save me

All bcms scared n holds eo hands SujRam, ApDpswaragutt eo n chants mantras

Sanlak comes near Dp n holds him

San:bhoot baba if u want u can take bade papa i dont mind plz leave us (eyes closed)

Lak:yess yess plz u can take this karela along with his faires plzz leave us (eyes closed)

All opens there eyes realizing they are sanlak swaraguttDp glares them n Dp jerk both them hands n sanlak opens there eyes n again shouts n hold dp

Dp:uselesssssss leave me (dp roar)

Sanlak bcm scared n leave dp hands n looks down

Dp:what the hell u both are doing in night like beggars

Sanlak looks up n finds everyone glaring n again looks at eo n about ro shout when rp says

Rp: kahabrdar chora if u both shout looking at ur face

Ap:sanskar laksh what r u doing in this look

Sanlak:ask him at union n says pointing towards eo

Lak:no bro u tell

San:no lucky u tell

Lak:no bro u

San:lucky u r small u

Lak: n u r big na u


Swarag bcms fed up n says

Swarag:shut up u idiots

Utt:i think they come to scare us haina bhai (folding her arms)

Sanlak looks down n nods

All frowns while swaragutt glares them

Dp:is this ur age to do pranks u usless sons cant even let me sleep peacfully

Sanlak looks at sujata n pleads through eyes

Suj:bhaisaa forgive them they are child na

Rp:sujata u keep quite bhaisa is talking naa

Sujsanlak galres rp while he smirks seeing sanlak

Swa:sweety let them leave today u can talk to them tommorw as well look at bhaiya he is looking tired naa let everyone goes n sleepp

Dp nods while sanlak says thanks through eyes

Dp: just bcz fairy says i m leaving u otherwiseee he glares

Sanlak makes faces n all starts to leave

Rag smirks:aray sweety how can we let them go widout taking selfies from todays ghost n winks at sanlak who shot draggers to rags

All comes n hurriedly pose while sanlak keep a angry face all takes selfie n goes to their n sleep
@morning 6 pm

#swaragutt room

Rag is sleepin on edge n swara in middle n on swara left its uttara trio is sleeping peacefully when someone silently enters in n goes towards rag n silently shakes her (the person is sanky )

Rag turns her side: shona let me sleep she murmurs in her sleep

Sanky give her impossible look n again tries to wake her up…. She again turns her side n bcz of sleeping at a edge of bed her face is about to fall when sanky holds her head with his hands placing under her head… Bcz of this rag sleep got disturbed n she opens her eyes n is shocked to see sanky staring her n is about to shout when sanky closes her mouth with his another hands n says

San:sshhhhh slowly dnt shout

Rags felt goosebumps on her stomach n she bcm numb for moment n kept staring him

San: lets leave

Sanky voice make her come to reality n she ask through eyes ‘where’ he replied ‘just come’ n slowly remove his hands

Rag:are u mad its 5 am i m not coming
San: u r coming or not (sternly)

Rags nods no n again about to lie when sanky takes her in a bridal style n comes out of room n makes her stand n looks at her she is about to shout when he says

San:now do fight wid me later now go n get fresh n up in 5 mins we r going to park for jogging (sheeplisly smiles)

Rags give what the hell look n goes n comes out getting ready in track suite in angry mood 

San:now dnt keep ur angry young women mood atleast smile haan its a start of a day (he said keeping his hand on her face indicating to smile)

Rag fakes smile:really first u distrb my peacefull sleep n then saying me to smile haan

San(sad): if u dont wanna come then go n sleep I will go alone huhh (child)

Rag: yayy bcz u can come n distrb mee na (foldings her arms)

San(annoy):look if u dont wanna come then go n sleep i will not distrb u i can go alone huhh ( goes from there stamping his foot) 

Rags smiles n follows him


Sanky is walking infront n rags is following him

San turns: y r following me go n sleep na (cute angry face n folds her arms)

Rags pout: now u dont keep angry young man face…. If i will not come then u will b angry bird whole day n i dnt want to spoil function

San:ooo so u come here just bcz u dont want function haan huh(irritated)

Rag  nods no : for u n smiles

San sees her with anger n then smiles n hit her head with his hands


Rags pout

San smiles n holds her hand:now lets leave 

They do jogging for some time n after getting tired sanky makes rags sits on bench

San:u stay here i will come after taking 1 round

Rags nods n starts roaming here there suddenly she bumps into someone


Girl smiles:its ok

Rag:did u get hurt

Girl:no no i m perfectly fine


Girl:yaa dont need to worry


Rags turns n find sanky coming

San comes n ask: lets leave

Rag:no i want ro apologize

San:to whom

Rag:to n turns n find no one

San:what happened

Rag:no i think the girl left btw u only takes 5 round na today y did u take 6 rounds haaan (doubt)

San:vo…. Voo for being fitted i starts taking 6 rounds

Rags nods her head: oooo thats y u came in half way na now tell y did u bring me wid u here

San smiles:vo i thought that girl will come today also soooo

Rags:hawwww soo tahts y u brought me here cheap huhhh ( she feels bad n turns her face)

San smiles n kisses on her cheeks…. Rags widen her eyes n looks at him shocked

San:vo i want u to ask her to tell that i m not that type of boy thats y sorry ( he holds his ears)

Rags is still in a shocked n her whole body is numb due to current passing

San(holding his ears):Ginuu sorry na now forgive mee how long i have to hold my ears (pout)

Rags come out of reality n looks at him n then glare him for a min n then smiles

Rag:this is ur last chance mr. SR warnaaaaa(she warns)

San:yes yes my lord next tym i will not give u any chance for complain (he said bowing his head)

Rag(sternly):Good boy n caresses his hairs

Both laughs

Rag:now lets leave u idiot

San:ok u dum

Rags look at him

San:ginuu n smiles

Both leaves at MM

@mm nearly 11 pm

Mm Is asual decorated beautifully with yellow n white decorations afterall its haldi function all are busy doing preparation sanlakada comes wearing white suite n make adarsh sits…. Gadodias also arrives with mehta’s(pari family)…. Pari is wearing white n yellow sari looking beautiful just then swaragutt comes wearing yellow suites trio looks beautiful Laksh is awstruck to see swara while sanky compliments rags in sign language she smiles n says thanks blinking her eyes n makes pari sit besides adarsh but make a wall of chunri btwn them first all elders apply haldi now its turn of our youngsters who are fighting

Swa:no first I will apply haldi to bhai

Rag:noo i will apply

Lak:no i m his younger brother i will apply

San: n i m big from u so i will apply

Four are fighting when shekar shouts


Four look at shekar n huffs

Shek:first champs u go n apply adarsh haldi while princesses u apply on pari then vise versa

All nods ok n applies while swarag slightly applies on pari but our sanlak plays holi

Sanlak:bura na mano haldi haiiii n applies half haldi bowl on adarsh n laughs

Adar:sanky lucky u r gone… Adarsh takes bowl n runs after them n applies haldi sanlak throughs haldi at adarsh which goes directly on swarag faces they look at sanlak at shocked n anger

Swarag:sanskarrr lakkssshhhhh n runs after them

To b continued


I knw guyz u r w8ing for me to update i will update this on friday but bcz of whether changed i got ill n hospitalized for 3 days i cant write due to some idiots doc n test but now as i m f9 i write part 1 of my maha episode n part 2 will b the real boom i will upload it within 12 hours pakka sorry for this much late forgive me n hope u liked my maha epi lov u tc n do comnts n silent readers today is my maha episode plzz today atleast comnt for meeee plzzz love u all n big hug to u all for making me feel on cloud 9 n thnkx alot for supporting me on other 2 ffs tooooooo tackr keep smiling

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