HE IS DANGEROUS – ONCE AGAIN (SwaSan SS) Chapter 1 by Marsuu

(SwaSan SS)
Chapter 1:

” swaraaaaa” a heavy voice shouted and the next moment swara came running down the stairs wearing black frock with her hairs waving in the air. ” yuppp poppy” she sequealed coming close to a man who is in his fifties. ” today you are not going anywhere” he told her. ” why” she pouted. ” because your bodygaurd quited suddenly as he was not able to handle your tantrums” shekar, swara’s father said signing heavily. Swara smile sheepishly. ” even that oldie was so strict and dominating ” swara complains. ” but that is for your safety” shekar told strictly. ” poppy i don’t want bodygaurd, nothing will happen to me and i can take care of myself” swara said getting irritated. ” it is needed and no arguments on this topic ” shekar said with finality.

Shekar is the richest business in the state and he has so many enemies. He lost his wife 15 years ago and since then swara is his only family. She is his life. Swara is now 23 and she completed her graduation this year. Swara will join shekar’s business in few months. Now she is enjoying to the fullest. She is simple and cheerful girl. Shekar is always worried for swara as his enemies attack her and use his weakness.

” that oldie left the job??” Swara asked about her previous bodygaurd who was in his late fifties. ” yes” shekar answered. They are having their breakfast. ” it means everyday i can’t go out” swara widen her eyes in shock. ” no tomorrow a new bodygaurd is coming so relax” he said. ” thank god” swara signed in relief. ” even he will run after few weeks” swara chuckle while mumbling. ” swara don’t do anything mischievous ” shekar warned her. Swara nodded obediently.

At midnight, the light of a garage is on and a man in his mid twenties enter inside. ” come my son” the other man sitting on the chair said who is in his early fifties. ” hello sir” he smiles at him. ” well i just called you to say all the best” old man said. ” thank you sir, your work will be done in a month” the young man assured him. ” good!! I want her dead at the end, now which way you follow i don’t care” old man said professionally. ” okay sir” the young man said hesitately. Anyone can say from his face that he is nervous. ” good now you can leave” man said. The young man left and he heard the old man said to himself with evilness in his voice ” let’s see after his daughter’s death how shekar gododia can focus on his business”.

Next Morning, swara got ready and came downstairs. She heard shekar talking to someone. His back was on her side. ” good morning poppy” swara shouted. Her voice echoed in the almost silent hall. ” morning baby, come meet sanskar he is your new bodygaurd” he said pointing towards sanskar. ” hello” swara said giving him her best smile. ” hi” he replied hardly. ” how rude” she mumble. ” he will come with you whereever you want to go” shekar said.
” okay ” swara said. Swara and shekar had their breakfast while sanskar was outside. He has his office outside the mansion near the garden.

Swara came outside and looked around for sanskar. She saw him standing under a tree talking on the phone. ” ohyee Mr Sanskari Bodyguard ” she shouted for him. Sanskar look at her and came close to her after cutting the call. ” yes mam” he said. ” don’t say mam i feel as if I’m aunty, say swara” swara roll her eyes. Sanskar stare her blankly. ” got it??” She raised her eyebrow and sanskar nodded his head. ” i want to go to mall now and in the evening i will go to party of my friend’s birthday” swara told him. ” okay” he said. Sanskar sat on the front seat while swara at the back seat. They reached at the mall. Before Sanskar could open the door, swara came out quickly. She don’t like vip treatment.

” suggest me what should i get for my friend??” Swara asked. ” how would i know?” Sanskar give her unbelievable look. ” you should know” swara said. Swara looked for watches and at the end she bought one and then she purchases bouquet. All the time swara was speaking non stop and sanskar’s ears were bleeding. Neither he speaks a lot nor he listen but being on duty he can’t say anything.

” I’m ready” swara shouted coming down. It’s evening and they are going to party. Sanskar forgot to breathe when he saw her in black one piece. She is beautiful and cute to extreme level. He nodded and they headed to the car bidding bye to sanskar. ” swara don’t drink much” shekar shouted from back. ” i will try” swara stuck her tongue. Sanskar was shocked to know that this little girl drink.

SwaSan enter inside the party. Swara went to her friends while sanskar followed her.
” hey swara ” all greeted her. Kavita, laksh, kavya and sahil are her friends. Laksh came forward and kiss swara’s cheeks ” hello sweety” he said. ” hi” swara said. Laksh like swara but he never said to her. Sanskar felt his blood boiled when laksh kissed swara. He wanted to punch laksh badly. He ignored his feeling and looked around.

” your new bodygaurd is so hot” kavita whisper to swara. ” yeah he is hot” swara giggles looking at sanskar. Though sanskar was not looking at them but he can clearly listen what they were saying. He felt embarrass the way swara agreed he is hot.
” did you heard what we said?” Swara asked from sanskar. ” no” he instantly said. He don’t want to feel uncomfortable. ” thank god” swara mumble then smile sheepishly. Sanskar was not able to digest that someone can be so innocent. Later swara went with his friends on the dance floor. Sanskar was not able to take his eyes away, the way she was moving her body and her laugh was driving him crazy. Swara drink little and then they came back when the party ended.
To be continued…..

Precap: swara got attacked and sanskar save her.

  • How’s it??? I know it’s crazy to write new story when i have several to complete but all are out of my mind. I want to ask how many are still wishing to read my very old stories which i had not posted since months??? I will try to end them in one or two parts if you all want.
    Share your views about this.
    Thank you
    Take care.
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