hatred turned into love first episode

Hello everyone sriya here. I am back with the first episode of hatred turn into love. Thank u everyone for u comments. I hope I won’t let u down. And sindhu rm are u writer of all alone Ragini then please let me know because I love that ff to the core of my heart I have read ur ff all episodes till the end and dear if u are writer of that ff please start ur season2 also if u are free only. So no more nonsense.
So here we go with first episode: –
(Guys one thing I want to clear that swaragsanlak are neighbours and they always go to each other house.)
Scene 1
We see a girl sleeping lazily and another boys shouts on her saying sleepy head. And he thinks of an idea and smirks. He goes near her and shouts saying Ragini ur are here. Listening that the girl gets up and says di I am going to freshen up and is very much scared.(guys the girl who was sleeping was none other than our swara and the boy who was shouting was our handsome Sanskar. And swara is scared of Ragini.) and she sees there is no one and turns and finds that sanky was laughing on swara and teases her. They both start chasing each other in whole house. Swara finally catches sanskar and beats him playfully. There one person was watching this and is fuming in anger. Guys it was Ragini. Ragini goes there and laksh also reaches there for watching ragsan fight.
Swasan notices Ragini and laksh coming towards there and Sanskar is getting angry seeing Ragini there. They both start fighting.
Ragini: – you idiot you stupid man stay away from my sis understand. U have no mind and manners and trying to make sis also like u. Always making reasons for meeting me and ya I don’t have interest in u big flirt and don’t ever think I will fall for ur stupid tricks. Don’t try to mess with Ragini.
Sanskar: – you rude arrogant and heartless girl u stay away from my bro. Maybe I have no brain but I have heart unlike u and ya don’t make my day bad by showing ur face and ya I am not dying to meet u and ya I have no interest in u miss. And ya u also never dare to mess with me.
They both leave from there in anger. There two people were enjoying watching as if it was a movie going on there. The two people were swalak.
Scene 3
All swaragsanlak race to the college in their sports car. Ragsan reaches at same time. they all get down from the car. Ragsan each other and go in different ways swara goes beside Sanskar and laksh goes beside Ragini. They all go to class and swaragsanlak gets to know that they all are in same band. Ragsan are in same class and swalak are in same class.
@ Ragsan class
The teacher announces everyone’s sitting partner. And ragsan were partner. They unwillingly sit with each other. Ragini stamps Sanskar foot and Sanskar also stamps Ragini’s foot. They both shout in pain and they both start fighting.
Sanskar : – u mad dumb heartless girl why are u stamping my foot can’t u behave properly u say me that I have no manners now where u are manners gone tell me want to create scene here also it was not enough for u after what happened in ur home? And ya behave properly. I don’t want to create a scene here because of u understand miss Ragini.
Ragini: – how dare u say me mad dumb and heartless girl ha tell me and ya ur telling that I have no manners u have no manners u also stamped my foot. Ur no one to teach me manners understand u brainless good for nothing boy u know what u don’t know anything except flirting and ya I also don’t want to create scene because of u okay .
Their whole class was laughing seeing their fighting. Teacher gets angry and says to them to get out of the class and tells them they are getting detention for sometime so they both have to stay in detention room. They both angrily go to detention room ad they both bear the punishment. After the college gets over they tell whole incident and swalak laughs listening this and say to ragsan there very upset as they are not able to watch their fight. Ragsan angrily leaves from their in their own cars.
Precap: – swaragsanlak to go to their frnds party and swalak ragsan dance.
Guys so how was the episode. Let me know through ur comments. Wait for next episode. Till then bye.
Love u all
Keep smiling always

  1. Yes dear i was that sindhu rm
    Who wrote all alone ragini..
    I have not thought about season 2 but i will think i need a lot of time because right now i am handling 3 ff

    1. What’s the name of ur ff

    2. Family bonding
      My army officer
      Her director his designer

  2. Nice…. nd fights lol..

  3. Cool

  4. nice.ragsan silly fighting

  5. ragsan scenes are Funny

  6. funny fight between ragsan.

  7. Ha ha ….ragsan lol …..their fight was so funny dear …ha ha …..thanks for making me laugh whole heartedly after an long time …..
    I love their bonding …thanks for an amazing update ….love u loads sriya…. plz keep continuing ….I am really looking forward …..
    Hats off ….u really deserve it ….
    Keep smiling …..

  8. Awesome….can u just plz have gap between paragraphs…because i got confused…sorry if my comment hurt u

  9. Nice episode.

  10. really nice sriya. It’s so superbbbb

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