Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 40

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Hey tweeple
Ok so now next epi is last epi
I know you are sad but as i say every story has to end someday and 41 episodes are not less
I promised to keep it till 25th epi but your love made me write till 41 episode
Next part will be posted soon and keep commenting
Plz comment its very important for me

Suhani’s words were playing in yuvraj’s head

After sometime he called birla house and called everyone to london
All first denied but yuvraj forced them by saying that he wants to marry barbie here in 2 days
Everyone were shocked but dadi happily agreed
Saurab,ragini,menka and anuj decided to be at home as menka was pregnent and aananya was very small to handle by ragini
Yuvraj called mr.mark and told them to arrange a party after 2 days
Mr. Mark agreed and a party was arranged after two days

Pratima, dadi and ShaWana came london and met yuvraj and barbie

In hotel room
Only ShaWana and yuvraj were present
Sharad – think once yuvraj no one is happy with this relationship
Yuvraj – i dont care
Bhawana – yuvraj not because she is my sister but dont you think she is right
Yuvraj – she is right thats why i m leaving her life
Sharad – do whatever you want to do
( sorry guys i didnt told gauri also came )
Gauri – bhaiya plz do things which makes you happy you are not forced to get married
Yuvraj – i know gauri

After 2 days
Dadi decided to keep party for barbie and yuvraj
Barbie was very happy that now finally yuvraj is away from suhani

Suhani entered the party with mr.mark
She was shocked to see Shawana , gauri , pratima and dadi
Gauri sees suhani and hugged her tightly
Suhani was happy to see everyone after a long time
She met everyone except dadi

Suhani observed that it was not an party actually only all family members were gathered
After some time mr.mark left for some important work
Suhani was left alone and felt to go back as it was a family party
She went to yuvraj
Suhani – mr.birla i m leaving coz i think its your family function
Yuvraj – your life do whatever you want to do
Suhani – see you tommorow
She was about to leave when dadi looked at her and called her
Dadi – you murderer still you didnt left my yuvraj
Suhani looked at dadi with anger
Dadi – how cheap you are
Suhani just listened it

But she heard a shout
It was yuvraj
Yuvraj – dadi dont you dare tell her a murderer
Dadi was shocked to see yuvraj like this
Even everyone were shocked

Yuvraj holded suhani’s hand and looked in her eyes
Yuvraj – dadi that day i didnt trusted her and believed you but now not . She did everything for me though we never liked each other since childhood . She always helped me and she is not the reason of her parents death . I even did engagement for your sake but (he takes out the ring and throws ) now i dont want you are this attitude in my life . You always tried to bring barbie in my life forcefully but suhani never argued . She took care of all of you still you dont like her .
Suhani never thought that yuvraj will say all this

Yuvraj – i say you today that suhani is right and you are wrong totaly wrong
Yuvraj looked at suhani
Yuvraj – i m sorry suhani i m not a perfect husband plz forgive me i dont deserve you
He left her hand and left from there
All the family members were happy except dadi
and barbie bcoz they were shocked to see yuvraj standing for suhani like this
Suhani left from there quickly

After few days
Yuvraj went india with everyone
Suhani again started her work and became quite

One day
Rhea came to suhani
Rhea – massi plz drop me to aarav’s home plz
Suhani – ok come i will drop you baby
Rhea guided suhani and they reached aarav’s home
Swati (aarav’s mom ) opened the door
Swati welcomed suhani and rhea

Rhea went to aarav
Swati went to bring water for suhani
Suhani saw a golden cover on drawing room table
She saw it was written yuvraj wedding
She was shocked

Swati came with glass of water
Swati – suhani drink water
Suhani – no plz i have a urgent work i m leaving olz drop rhea home back
Suhani ran from there
Suhani reached her home
Suhani’s pov…
How could you marry mr.birla huh how mean now wait and watch i will show you what i m
End of pov…

Precap – last part

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  1. Nice to see yuvi scolds dadi…… Waiting for yuvani reunion………. Start another ff dear……… Waiting for next part…..

  2. Yuvani_saraj

    superb episode…..but excited to see what suhani does….

  3. Hehe finally yuvraj bashed dadi…waiting for yuvani cute fight

  4. Yuvani

    Loved Yuvi…amazing……I will really miss this ff…….but it is fine.can’t wait for the next part………

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you and you can read this ff by opening my account anytime

  5. Woooow superb episode and best was Yuvraj’s reply to dadi waiting for the next but very sad to know that next will be the last but I will wait for ur next ff

  6. Woo superb amazing…best part yuvi shout dadi wo hum hamesha dehkna chathithi serial me bt kabi nahi dehka bt yaha tho wo bi milgaya miss u ur ff

    1. Avanikamdar

      Miss mat karna mere ff ko kyunki aap mera account khol ke padh sakte hoon mera ff aur thank you

  7. Soooooo nice dear.today yuvis confrontation was highlight.i like it very much whenver yuvi scolds dadi.i hope he would have slaped her hard.ending part was very nice.i am excited to know what will suhani do in yuvis marriage.

  8. awesome episode…

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