I hate you swara ff story ep 27

I am sorry for not uploading for the last to weeks I had to undergo an eye operation therefore I could not upload but I am better with many plots and twists

Swasan room
Swara is crying on the bed and Sanskaar is on the sofa with a stern face
Sanskaar:what do you want to kill me now
Swara:it’s not like that I j-just wanted to bec recognised
Sanskaar:really do you know how long parineeta has been living here and when you came into the house did she try and throw you out no so there is no excuse
Swara: please Sanskaar I did not mean it
Sanskaar:do you have any idea of what you caused your sister was disowned by her parents and she was alone for 9 months I am so glad that we have no child or I would have regret it leave me alone you should not even be asking for forgiveness you almost killed parineeta child God will never bless us with a child
Swara goes silent
Raglak room
Laksh Is in the shower and forgets his towel
Laksh:ragini could you get me my towel
Ragini:okay Laksh where did you put it
Laksh:I left it in the cupboard
Ragini finds it and closes her eyes and tries to give it to laksh
Laksh:why are you closing your eyes I am your husband you can look at me
Ragini does not open them
Laksh pulls her arms and slips she opens them
Ragini:Laksh was this a excuse for you to romance with me
Laksh:no but I can if you want to
Ragini beats Laksh
Ragini: only in the night
She winks and he smiles she stands up now I need to go make breakfast for you and you fat tummy and she runs off
Laksh: my wife she is so crazy

Main hall

Swara comes down looking pale and miserable with dark circles and ragini gets a bit concerned
Ragini:swara are you okay
She goes down the stairs and ragini follows her
Swara:I need to make food now today is my day
Everyone comes and sits and swara brings food
Sanskaar:I have to go I am going to be late
Annapurana:SANSKAAR sit down
He sits down
Swara serves the food
Sujata tries it and she throws it  at swara’s face
Sujata:are you trying to poison me why is there so much salt in the Lentils
Sujata:stop it if you do this one more time you will be out the house before you can even blink
Swara: please listen to me
Swara:sorry ma
Swara runs off crying to her room and everyone goes silent
Ragini in head: please God show me what to do should I trust Swara or should listen to my family member I think that she is doing drama I should not forgive her she did bad stuff to me

Ragini:I will clean this up
Laksh:ragini I am going work now okay I will see you later
Sanskaar:mom I am going now okay
Annapurana:Sujata I think you over reacted
Sujata:no jiji do you want her to kill us just like she almost killed ragini
Annapurana:your right we should be carefull very carefull
Ragini:should I see swara
Sujata:no she needs to learn the meaning of alone
Later on in the day
Someone sneaks  into the house through the window and looks at the picture of ragini
Person:me and you are going to be reunited very soon my love


  1. Awesome

  2. Fairy

    so so soooo awesomeee…awww!!!loved raglak scene!!heheh :p …bechari swara,i know she had done really wrong bt now shez repenting for it!!hope soon everyone forgve her!!.n whoz dat person???omg!!waitng eagerly for nxt part..misssed u dr..post nxt part soon.kkeeeep rockng n stay blessed 😉 😉 😉

  3. Asra

    awesome dear….ragini plz give one chance to swara….who’s thz new guy….interesting dear….
    now how r u dear? ….takecare of urself dear…

  4. Jazzy

    now hw r u??? and todays part was nice
    i think ragini should forgive her

  5. Awesome episode

  6. Awesome

  7. A.xx

    nice but i think swara deserves it and i wonder who the man was?? i have a feeling it’ll bring a giant storm in raaglak’s lives
    loved it and post soon.xx

  8. IQRA222

    awesome and superb

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