Hate or Love? – Part 27 – First words and steps

Om and Shivay were playing with Geetu and Ansh, they looked happy but deep inside they were guilty, angry and upset with themselves.

Shivay in mind: if I didn’t sleep with ragini, if I didn’t slap anika and if I didn’t drink that day, none of this would have happened. Anika wouldn’t have gotten engaged to that good for nothing advay. If anika marries advay, I will lose her and my son forever and ever.

Om in mind: if I didn’t listen to svetlana, If I didn’t insult gauri that day and if I didn’t slap her then she wold have never gotten engaged to that useless and donkey Neil. We could have raised geetu together. If gauri marries Neil then I will lose my queen and my princess.

Ansh and geetu noticed Shivom upset and looked at each other blabbering in their baby language.

Ansh: dmjdbdj msjsns msdjdbd ehhrhehebr  sjeshdbrhrbr  ejbdhr (these two are being no fun, just being so sad and gloomy)

Geetu: dudhdh misbhehe djebd mejdw disband (grown ups are really really weird)

Om: oh hello you two! Always speaking glibberish.

Geetu: bejdbe queondn (be quiet)

Shivay: I wish I could understand them.

Om: both babies and ladies are difficult to understand.

Shivay: I am going to get their milk.

Om: I’ll come with you. These two can entertain themselves.

They stand up and they go outside. Little did they know what was going to happen next.

As they were walking in the hallway, Aniri came to find Shivay and Om or diljeet and dilpreet walking.

Anika: umm where are the babies?

Shivay: entertaining  themselves.

Gauri: but why did you leave them alone?

Om: the elders are busy and those kids always love entertaining themselves.

Shivay: also we need to give them milk.

Gauri: oh ok.

Anika: we’ll go and play with them whilst you get milk.

Shivom nods.

Before they could walk, something was stopping them from taking a step.

Gauri: what happened diljeet ji and dilpreet ji?

Om: it’s like our legs stopped working.

They all look down to see Ansh on his feet and clutching shivay’s leg and geetu on her feet grabbing hold of om’s leg. Aniri’s eyes has tears in them and Shivom were smiling.

Anika: hamari ansh and geetu are finally walking.

Gauri: finally di.

The two munchkins let go of shivom’s Legs and start toddling without falling or stumbling.

Gauri: tej papa, jhanvi mama, pinky aunty, shakti uncle, dadi  come quick!

The elders came and saw ansh and Geetu toddling.

Tej: oh my gosh finally!

Pinky: our babies are finally walking.

Later that day:

Shivom were sleeping because They were tired of chasing after two little kids. Geetu was next to Om and Ansh was next to Shivay. Both were trying to wake them up.

Ansh: djdbdh ishebs (wake up)

Geetu: vshwvd labsjjdjdjd (very lazy)

Ansh and geetu: pa…pa..da….pa…

Shivom’s eyes started to flicker and they saw the two munchkins opening their mouths and when aniri entered with a plate of food.

Ansh: dad!

Geetu: daddy!

Aniri were happy but shocked whereas Shivom were smiling.

Gauri: finally they have started speaking.

Anika: how sweet! But sorry if they called you their dad.

Gauri: yes sorry about that.

Shivay: it’s fine.

Om: yes we don’t mind.

Aniri put the plates away and they go out of the room.

Gauri’s room:

Gauri’s POV:

Why did geetu call dilpreet ji daddy? Dilpreet ji is not even related to her. Relax gauri, I think she mistook dilpreet ji as Neil. Yes gauri, I think she did mistook him as Neil. Besides Mr oso has no rights to be called her dad.

Her POV ends.

Anika’s room:

Anika’s POV:

Why did Ansh decide to call diljeet dad? There is no relation between them at all. Anika, chill! He must have thought of diljeet as advay? Yes he must have. Mr sso has no rights to be known as ansh’s dad.

Precap: last chapter — 1


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