Hate or Love? – Part 26 – Engagement Part 2

Just then adneil came in light blue kurtas and hidden smirks. they stared at aniri and then looked at each other evilly.

neil: after this engagement, those two are stuck.

advay: exactly! and who is to be blamed?

adneil: their mother.

neil: that woman who rejected our dad.

advay: that woman who never gave our dad a second thought.

neil: that woman who turned our dad into a drunkard.

advay: and that woman who made our dad marry our so called mother. that woman who didn’t realized that her two daughters are in danger now.

they smirk and goes to the middle of the room, waiting for the ceremony to start.


om: shivay, have you noticed how those two idiots are smirking at our wives?

shivay: yes I have.

om: I am scared. those two look as if they are about to do something to anika Bhabhi and gauri.

shivay: same here. it’s as if a big storm is heading their way.

and then two old ladies entered the buildings. smirks on their faces and their dangerous eyes. adneil looked at them smiling evilly.

shivay: om! those two lady stealers are smiling at those old ladies.

om: and?

shivay: and notice the smiles, evil like.

om: yeah you’re right.

shivay was about to say something when aniri came with ansh and geetu.

anika: we have to check on something.

gauri: so please look after these two.

shivom: sure! no problem.

anika places ansh in shivay’s arms and gauri places geetu in om’s arms. then they both go.

shivay: and I also fear for ansh and geetu.

om: same here. I don’t care what anika Bhabhi and gauri say but advay and neil are not ideal fathers for our kids.

shivay: exactly!


(this conversation is in whispers)
the old ladies went a bit closer to adneil and smiles laughing a bit.

advay: Svetlana, ragini, is it really you two?

Svetlana: yes obviously. makeup and its magic.

neil: so see those two?

he points to shivom.

ragini: who are these?

neil: those sisters told us that those are dilpreet and diljeet. the mayor’s sons.

Svetlana: and why are you telling us this?

advay: we are curious about them. they look familiar and they must be planning something, notice how they are whispering every five seconds to each other?

ragini: then that is something but what?

neil: that’s what we need to know. lock them in a room and take the turbans off.

the evil sisters nods and smirks. just then tej and Shakti announced that the engagement was starting.

aniri came back and went in the middle where adneil were standing. the old ladies went from the middle and stood next to shivom. jhanvi and pinky brings four ringboxes and hands one each to adneil and aniri.

advay carefully held anika’s hand towards him and slowly places the diamond ring on her ring finger with a evil smirk. anika then keeps the gold ring on his ring finger as fast as she could. since she wasn’t the slightest interested in the relationship.

anika in mind: remember mr advay that I am becoming your wife for my son’s future only. I don’t wish for any physical moves in this marriage.

advay in mind: remember miss anika that I am only marrying you for revenge. your mother rejected my father ruining our childhood. one nightstand and then your heart will be broken.

after adika, neil held gauri’s hand slowly placing the emerald ring on her ring finger, smiling evilly. gauri as fast as the wind kept the golden ring on his finger as she was very much not interested in this relationship.

gauri in mind: mr neil, I can even get this written in a will that I am only marrying you for my daughter’s wellbeing. I am not interested in any physical contact in this marriage.

neil in mind: miss gauri, now you are trapped. you have to suffer for my father being rejected by your mother. his last words were ahana and then he left us. one nightstand and then your heart, pieces!

shivom watched this engagement with the pain slowly bubbling up in their hearts. their only loves are now engaged but not to them, to two idiots who were certainly going to ruin their lives. the old ladies looked at each other and winked, then winked at adneil who smiled back.

Svetlana: we need some water, mind getting us some?

om: sure. just one minute.

shivom quickly gives ansh-geetu to aniri and then goes into the kitchen.

the old ladies take this opportunity and go in the kitchen, locking the door. as soon as shivom turned, the door was locked and there was just the old ladies.

shivay: please explain why the door is lock.

ragini went towards shivay and Svetlana om. they reach for their turbans. shivom got scared and quickly kept the glasses aside and manage to open the kitchen door.

shivay: what were they trying to do?

om: trap us.

shivay: what?

om: trap us shivay. they must know we are anika Bhabhi’s and gauri’s husbands.

shivay: oh no!

the scene ends on their nervous faces.

precap: ansh and geetu’s first steps and walks+hints of feelings?

so what is the secret of aniri’s mum and adneil’s dad exactly?

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