Hate love story episode 1

A lady is cutting vegetables with a young girl G- maa how can you make so tasty dishes

Lady smiles suddenly a man came and sit in chair behind girl

M- you know mishti when avni first time cooked that time

He started laughing

A- niel!

Than neela came

A- maa

They hug each other

N- avni bacha kavya kaha hain

Nie- apne ghar main

A- but wo udhar kaam kar rahi thi isliye wahi so gayi

Nie- please avni don’t save her yaar

A- niel

Nie- mishthi let me drop you to cafe

M- haa Papa

Other side a flat is shown with k written in it i  which a girl was sleeping she woke up she was too beautiful she went to kitchen and made her coffee she was doing how niel used to do that she went to get fresh when neela came

N- ufff ye ladki ka kya hoga

She was setting her room

N- dono baap beti poore ek jaise lekin koi kise se baat nahi karega azeeb hain in ka rishta

Suddenly a boy came

B- aunty aap

N- haa use uska breakfast dene aaye thi veer

V- kya ye abhi fresh ho rahi hain

N- yes I have to leave so please give it to her

V- okk bye

N- Bye

She leaves

V- kya hoga iska

She comes out in her bathrobe

G- veer! What’ your problem

V- kya


He turns to her

V- okk I am sorry I am out you can get ready

He goes out

She shakes her head

She chose a beautiful floral print frock and wore it she dried her hair

K- veer you can come now

Now she was putting her mascara and lip balm veer was mesmerised

V- kavya

Now her whole face is shown

K- hmm

V- is your file ready

K- haa here is it

He sees

V- acha a ell me till when I have to pick up you

K- ohh hello you only come i never told you I know how to drive

V- fine let’ go

K- wait

She goes and takes her bag

K- let’ go In cafeteria

Niel drop mishti

M- Bye Papa

N- Bye

He leaves

From back a boy comes

B- so you came DCP niel khanna daughter and DR Kavya khanna sister came a huge round of applause

M- please adi

So he is aditya alis son

A- okk now lets go

In police head quarers

Niel reached

A young boy was interroating

He comes out

B- sir he had revealed his partner name

N- that’ great now

B- trace the location and send the force behind him already done sir

N – okk now come

They were walking and talking

N- dev where is veer

So the boy is dev

D- bhai has gone to take kavya

N- is she 2 years baby that she can not come alone

From back kavya came

K- I can come sir but veer came

D- kavya

N- dev it’ wastage of time to make her understand some people can not change veer why you went

V- sir actually I thought mishti would be there and she was tensed

K- why your girlfriend would be in my house and I think so you both brothers love her what this is a head quater not a romantic place

N- kavya shut up right now and give me the files

K- sure sir

She hands him she was going when dev stopped

D- kavya where are you going

K- in lab

D- ok

He leaves her hand she goes

They dicuss about the case

(Dev is of 20 years )

N- well done dev in fact you are so young

D- thanks sir but kavya is also of same age why don’t you appreciate her

He went but suddenly a lil girls come running

G- uncle that….

She was panting

(Here is the list of officers

  1. DCP niel most senior
  2. ACP dev malhotra
  3. Senior officer veer malhotra
  4. Senior officer ranveer Rainhand
  5. Senior officer jayvant
  6. Senior officer mayank desai
  7. Senior officer lara
  8. Senior officer kashish 18.senior kavi
  9. Officer abhi
  10. Officer jogi
  11. Officer jaulaa
  12. Officer hetonita
  13. Officer Abha
  14. Sub officer asho
  15. Sub officer abha
  16. Dr kavya best forensic expert as well as a nucroelogist

Dr sanjana assistant of kavya)


N- mayank bring water

M- yes sir

Kavya comes

She goes to her

K- what happened beta

G- Didi my mama

Dev- what happened

G- they took her

K- who

G- I don’t know

K- okk stop crying

She hugs her

Kavya whispers- guys we should not ask her now let her rest abha take her

A- yes kavya

She takes her

K- is he again behind it dev

D- thank it is really dangerous

Ranveer- sir we should interrogate that girl

K- no ranveer

She sits

K- her fear could be seen in her face

Her phone was ringing the caller I’d was Maa

K- maa ka phone


She picks

K- maa

A- kavya actually mishti is coming there so just inform niel

K- okk anything else

A- no

She cuts the call

K- sir mishti Di will come

N- why

From back mishti tells

M- because I want to talk about

Veer- mishti

They hug each other

Niels hand suddenly cuts from the corner of desk

M & K- papa

Niel sees towards kavya

Kavya comes with first aid

K- papa aap kya cote bache ho kya

N- it’ ok I can do this

He jerk his hand and somewhere kavya fell bad as he allowed mishti to do his first aid

M- papa let’ go home we will talk there

N- dev Veer take care of this case

D- okk sir

They both went kavya also went angrily to lab

Her pov

I wasn’t giving him poison

Soon it became night

Kavya was going she collided with dev

D- kavya are you okk

K- hmmm

She went but as she was driving her car she went into thoughts

Her pov

From my childhood I saw Papa taking care of her only don’t he love and I can not forget that day


Kavya was small when niel slapped her as mishti fell from stairs he thought this because kavya was playing with her

FB Ends

I hate you I just hate  you niel khanna

Suddenly a car crashed with a tree dev saw this as he already senses something wrong and was following her he as soon as possible reached to her car and found her un

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