I Hate You (Episode 29)

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Recap: Kunj and Twinkle sleep on the same bed together. Kabir comes back to college. It is revealed that in the past, Kabir harassed Twinkle and thus was expelled from the campus. Kabir tries to harass her again and Twinkle falls in the pool. Kunj vows to himself that he will protect Twinkle.


(At College…)

Classes had just ended. Chinki and Twinkle were walking together.
Chinki- Twinkle, U are coming tonight right?
Twinkle- Where?
Chinki- Omg u forgot? For four years, you have been waiting for this party. It’s the farewell gathering for the seniors.
Twinkle- Oh right.
Twinkle seemed to be not listening.
Chinki- Twinkle, are you ok? U don’t seem excited at all.
Twinkle’s gaze was fixed onto Alisha who was approaching her. Alisha walked up to Twinkle and smirked. Kunj was passing by and saw the two.
Kunj- Oh no. These two will start again.
Alisha- So, are you coming to the party?
Twinkle- Why won’t I?
Alisha- No I mean, who will u come with because Kunj is coming with me.
Twinkle- Hawww. U thought! He is coming with me.
Alisha- He is coming with me!

Twinkle- He is coming with me! U are crazy!
Alisha- Crazy? Tu pagal hai!
Twinkle- Tu paagal, tera pura kandan paagal!
Kunj’s jaw drops. (Funny tune plays). Twinkle and Alisha start arguing in super speed.
Kunj somehow pulls Twinkle away. Twinkle was still boiling.
Kunj- Calm down meri sherni.
Twinkle calms down a little.
Kunj- Wow!
Twinkle- What?
Kunj- U were being so possessive of me.
Kunj raises his eyebrows.
Kunj- What’s going on?
Twinkle blushes- Voh…nothing.
Twinkle walks away, leaving a huge smile on Kunj’s face.

(Twinj’s flat…)

Kunj was pacing back and forth in the living room. He looked at his watch.
Kunj- Twinkle, how much longer will you take? The party already started. I don’t know why u are taking so long. It’s a casual gathering, u have to dress casual.
Kunj was wearing jeans, a grey t-shirt with a burgundy coat.

( https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xfp1/t51.2885-15/s320x320/e35/12362054_468679803338760_158905209_n.jpg )

Twinkle walked out of the room. Kunj stopped pacing as his eyes fell on Twinkle. She was wearing something so simple, yet looked so breathtaking. Twinkle was wearing jeans, a black t-shirt and a long black cardigan with floral designs. She completed her outfit with heels and a purse hanging off her shoulder.

( https://www.instagram.com/p/BMlC5EuBNFs/?taken-by=jasminbhasin2806 )

Kunj was still staring at Twinkle. Twinkle waved her hand in front of Kunj’s face. Kunj snapped back into reality.
Kunj- Let’s go.
Twinkle and Kunj arrived at the party. As they entered, they saw everyone enjoying their drinks, talking, and dancing.
DJ- Ok guys and girls, now time for a romantic vibe. Everyone grab ur partners and please shuffle over to the dance floor.
Couples started going to the dance floor. Kunj held out his hand to Twinkle.
Kunj- Can I have this dance?
Twinkle smiled and put her hand in his. The song started. (Jab Tak from M.S Dhoni).

Jab tak tujhe pyar se
Beinteha main bhar na dun
Jab tak main duaaoon sa
Sau dafa tujhe pad na loon

Kunj looked into Twinkle’s eyes as he remembered all their fights. He smiled faintly thinking of Twinkle’s fight with Alisha.

Haan mere paas tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Mere sath tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Twinkle remembered all the times Kunj had cared for her. He remembered him fighting with Kabir. The song ended and the couple were still lost in each other’s eyes. Everyone clapped and Twinj came back to their senses. Twinkle left to Chinki and Kunj went to Rishi. Kunj picked up a cup and was taking sips of the juice while taking glances of Twinkle.
Rishi- Bro?
Kunj (still looking at Twinkle)- Ha?
Rishi- Are you ok?
Kunj- Yea why?
Rishi- Are you sure ur not lost?
Kunj- What do you mean? Why would I be lost?
Rishi- It looks like u are lost in Twinkle bhabhi, that’s why u are drinking out of an empty cup.
Kunj looks down at his cup, which was empty. (Funny tune).
Rishi- Did you tell her yet?
Kunj- What?
Rishi- How much u love her?
Kunj remains silent.
DJ- I’ve got a special announcement for tonight. As you may have found out, our Kunj has won the Jhalak competition.
Everyone claps and cheers.
DJ- Now hold on hold on. We all now Kunj is the best singer in this college. So on that note, Kunj will be singing the last song for tonight.
Everyone cheers again.
Kunj- No..are…
The crowd cheers Kunj’s name. Kunj looks over at Twinkle, who was busy on her phone. He smiles. Twinkle was busy on her phone. Suddenly, she hears piano music and looks up to see Kunj playing the piano. (Many of you were confused at the precap so maybe now it ill make sense. If you have not already heard this song, please listen to All of Me by John Legend. It truly is a beautiful song. Without listening to the song, reading this just won’t be the same). Kunj starts singing.

What would I do without your smart mouth?
Drawing me in, and you kicking me out
You’ve got my head spinning, no kidding, I can’t pin you down…

Kunj looks at Twinkle while singing.

What’s going on in that beautiful mind
I’m on your magical mystery ride
And I’m so dizzy, don’t know what hit me, but I’ll be alright…

Twinkle was speechless. Kunj got up and took a mike.

My head’s under water
But I’m breathing fine
You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind…

Kunj slowly walked up to Twinkle.

‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections…

They were now facing each other as Kunj stepped closer to Twinkle, still singing.

Give your all to me
I’ll give my all to you
You’re my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I’m winning…

Twinkle’s eyes became moist as a smile curved onto her face. Kunj stopped singing and silently spoke those last lines.

Kunj- All of me…loves all of you….

Silence filled the room for a few seconds until it was filled by applause. Twinkle turned away and wiped her tear.
Kunj thinks- Tonight I will tell u how I feel Twinkle. Tonight, I will tell you everything.

Precap: Indirect confession toh hua. Confession part 1 complete…now part 2?

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  1. So sweet sara dii

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  5. Ayu

    Wow!!!! That was so cool! ???
    I loved it to the core!!! N i am so excited for confession part 2❤️❤️?

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    Sara scene was cute and waiting for their confessions part 2 and as usual wow moment and I was always waiting to read your ff. And try to post ASAP AND PLZ POST LITTLE LONGER SCENE FOR TOMORROW. ???? overal brilint.

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  9. that song is really really really old.
    John legend will not be happy.
    Adding silly songs

    1. Adya

      Oh hello madam !!!!! Kindly…
      If u don’t know how to appreciate then pls don’t comment.
      Get that !!!???
      Nd yeah don’t make our TU family be upset with u…
      Old or new…we love our Sara di’s writing style…
      So plsss….idiot..

      1. Sara28

        Thank you Adya ❤️

    2. Sara28

      Old is Gold ❤️?

      1. Adya

        Hey dI…!!!!!!!
        Point ???

  10. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….Sara….episode was awesome…. Lovely it was…..indirect confession was amazing

  11. Sohi

    Ahan the episode was soo good really jasmin was looking gorgeous in that outfit keep writing waiting eagerly for confession part 2

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    awesome amazing fabulous cute lovely epi….

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    Okay, firstly ignore silly comments, okay? You must be knowing which one I’m talking about so, IGNORE!!

    Coming to this episode, it was majestic!! I loved it all. Twinkle fighting to go with Kunj and being over possessive, Kunj knowing Twinkle loves him, that romantic dance ?, Kunj drinking from the empty cup ? being mesmerized over Twinkle ?, Kunj singing a song for Twinkle and finally decision about the confession.❣ I so loved this episode. So many adorable scenes in one.. I can’t even imagine.

    I am already waiting for the next update.?? Please, try updating soon.

    Loads of love❤

  19. Kritika14

    Hey Sara,
    See, I had guessed it right! You meant the song for precap and surely this is a very beautiful song! I love it too! But I am so excited for the confession now! Please try posting soon! I’ll be waiting!

    Lovess! xx

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    Hey Naina di…
    Hope u r doing well nd yeah that was lovely….it was just wooooww…well loved that song nd kindly don’t be bothered about such idiots..they just love to gain attentions…so plss just don’t give them what the want…blo*dy HELL!!!!!
    Well I’m soo sry di for replying to that idiot in ur comment box coz I’m not a girl of such type who’ll tolerate anything about anyone close to me..
    Well let’s cut the crap…!!!!!
    Coming to the episode woahhh….that was damn gud…I mean if the first part is soo lovely I’m just imagining the 2nd part of it….can’t wait more….just can’t wait more…
    So plss Naina di….post soonest yrrr…
    Love u

  23. dreamer...arundhati

    Sara…. ?…. Superb…. Lovely

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    Loved it too good and possessive Twinkle was awesome 🙂 And waiting for confession part 2 🙂

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    Sara am waiting for ur update everyday nd pls keep on updating yaar nd i wish u should soon reach 100 episode of i hate you nd am mad about your ff nd try updating everyday yaar nd am happy to get a fnd like you through tei nd can I consider u my fnd?

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    Too gud.As usual speechless n the all of me song was a woow…..N just ignore the nonsense cmt.Yese cmt ko dil pay maat lena.Tum bahat achi writer ho.U r just too gud.The song was superb…their dance part luved it.N the precap was ufff uski toh baat he maat karo.Confession part 2 yippi…Confession part 1 itna acha tha aab confession part 2 toh of course kamaal ka hoga.Waiting eagerly.Pls post asap.

    Lots of luv,

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    Heyaa Sara❤ first of all,i am sorry couldn’t comment on the previous episode was busy somewhere,but I have readed that and that was awesome as usual?
    Coming to this episode
    it was fabulous?
    Youh always come up to my expections?
    Loved each and every twinj scenes, but the possessive side of twinkle was my favorite!??
    I wish ur ff story would happend in the show as the story line?
    loving ur writing day by day❤
    Do continue next one asap?

  28. Loveleen

    Ohhh confession part 1 kitna acha tha ..waiting fr 2…..must b a romntc one Haan…

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  30. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Sara,
    Sorry for being late, was a bit busy. Anyways firstly I scrolled down to see the comments and came across someone’s comment (You better know!!) So just ignore such cheap comments…And I know you will 🙂

    Coming to the episode…you rocked it once again , and I am eagerly waiting for the 2nd part of the confession, so post ASAP!!

    Loads of love and support ♡♡♡

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  31. Baby

    hayeeee my multicolour queen…..i mean laddoo ki but meri bhi bann gyi thi naa…..
    sch mein d fight of alisha n twinkle srsly god dammit it was fabulous hey bhagwaan
    wen twinkle said tera pura khaandaan pagal hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa☻☻☻☻☻☻
    i was srsly laughing like maniacs yr ohhhh god it was amazing episode indirect confession by kunj n now direct soooooooo sweet yr speechless again………♥♥♥♥
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    osm dear loved it……………..
    love u lods♥♥♥
    post nxt asap dear queen♥♥♥

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